Pavitra Nakshatra, Every Astral Constellation of the Cosmic Stars Plays a Vital Role in our Lives Sanskaras Bhava-Attitude of Our Psychological Imprint; Well-However-Strive “True BE” the Core Essence of thy Divine Light With-in its/their Role Playing Through thy Ingenious/Anant “Gene’s”Realization of the Infinite Vision/Wisd’om’ oft thy Immaculate Wealth of Priceless Virtues….

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The cosmos does not wait for the astral stars to shine; it enshrines the ever graceful/glowing radiance of what’s enshrined t’here’ light/right across; as well as so very amazingly/remarkably within each and every one of us true/through the auspices of our pure divine will.

When we realize the pure divine essence of our being’s sacredness and thereby strive to/true fulfill our respective duties/due ties/pure divine potential along with meticulous observance of our being’s/our life’s disciplines true their fullest potentialities ever sow pure divine conscientiously, meritoriously, moral principles/values/virtues orientatedly; talentedly, tenaciously, vigilantly, wisely and worthily; then each and every m’om’ent of our being/lives will ever gloriously resonate the pure divine symphony of the purposeful evolution for which we have incarnated; for its enshrined well within our worth and not just words alone; indeed, even in the s”peak”ing that ensues within the consonance of our being/lives emanates with its sacredest worthiness of each and every one of its tattvas-elements-principles-values-virtues… and likewise orientated disciplines for a specific reason, that we strive true grow and constructively invest each and every m’om’ent of our lives meaningfully/purposefully/virtuously/wisely and worthiestly-for the astral stars that are all across the cosmos as well as within our highest consciousness are witnessing the pure divine essence of our shuddh bhavana=pure divine intentionality that’s emanating from our soulful consciousness echelons and then-to/true what context/extent we engage with our “pure awareness/mindfulness/heart worthiness”potential in wisely determining what’s “true be done” and not just exclaiming what through being tonne? for the more we add to the tonnage, the more it keeps on accumulating and intensifying with its mysterious sets of sanskaras bhavas-the attitude of our psychological imprints… the point being that we have been bestowed/endowed with the infinite sets of priceless virtues which have been transcending across millions of eons and its our great fortune that we have been “entrusted” with their immaculate custodianship to/true ensure that we are optimally utilizing each and every faculty that we have enshrined within us very most intelligently/responsibly/wisely and worthiestly please.

In the captioned title it has been prominently attributed to the astral constellation of the cosmic stars and then in some segments of this post, it has also been referenced as the cosmos/the astral stars.. the point being is that with whatever name you call it, the core/pure good willed purposefulness of thy “aims”-the pure motives/intentionalities-bhavana’s with which each and every one of us corelate-coordinate-codefine is precisely what degree of outcomes/results will thereby unfold in our lives; some of us get carried away so much with certain forecasts that even if were not so, we elusively knot-granthi orientate it to blossom? But why please? The cosmos/the astral plane/the nakshtras/the pure divine planets/ the spatial constellations….. and astral bodies are each and ever precious embodiment that being so very far away are able to in some amazing/remarkable way affect/influence and cohesively gyrate in a precisely well defined/uniformed manner true its/their worthiest potential=however=however and however….. we each have true take equal charge, meaning we have to avoid the fallacious notions of pretending to be doing something while having millions and millions of our concentric visions focus devoted to something elsew’here’? But why please? Just imagine, the astral bodies with their sacred embodiment’s c’om’e to/true be an integral part/path of marching with-in us/thus true provide us with the immaculately perceptible vision of our exponential envisioning intelligent wisd’om’s highest potentiality in all that we ever seek to believe, do, emote, express, feel, imagine, think.. envision….. the point being that w’here’ is our accentuated emphasized attentiveness of our DNA=Divine Nature’s Awareness please? For everything cannot be orchestrated for us just like that please; we have true earnestly strive with utmost pure devotional discipline/prudence/vigilance …and we have the greater of the ever greatest/gracious sets of intellectual/physical/mental capabilities to/true make ourselves ever graciously/ever gloriously “worthy/worthiest” of this ever precious being/life that we have been entrusted ever sow miraculously please; learn true respect/ reverentially honor and reciprocate the ever wonderful wonderfulness of each and every tattva-element/cell/particle/neuron and ……c’om’pleteness/totality of your being as well as all that you’re bec’om’ing true its entrusted vision that’s envisioned together with your higher consciousness/your true nature and your true self’s wisd’om’ ever sow vigilantly/wisely and worthiestly; don’t leave h’om’e without yourself as well as don’t leave yourself without your h’om’e; here h’om’e is not implying the physical domicile/residence/habituation, but rather its humbly exemplifying the embodiment of our being/yes our very own being/we are going and keep on going round/around so very much without realizing where’s our pure awareness focused upon after all? Some of us are trying to be too very much everywhere….? whereby we keep on intensively dividing our very own selves to the minutest bit? byte? but we are not computers please; rather, we are the ever gracious symphony of “calm pure “”ether”‘-the akasha tattva-space element and how much are we truly with ourselves at any given point in time please…..????????

Its not about what the astral stars with the cosmos can forecast in your lives, but what degree of the pure divine light you can forth catalyse/potentialize true its ever greatest pure divine worthiness and its not any abracadabra – khul jao sim sim or any magical mantra/tantra/spell/exclamation/and so on and sow forth illusive/mysterious… notions please; for your life is not a fantasy please; it is the pure divine essence of the ever greatest realities that fantastically seek your ever creative/fabulous/talented participation within as well as across each and every m’om’ent of its ever gracious/glorious evolution… ever sow pure divine conscientiously, meritoriously, moral principles-values-virtues and likewise disciplines orientatedly; vigilantly, wisely and worthily; Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi