The Higher Degrees of Radiation Between the Celestial Bodies, Realize the Infinite Interconnectedness of Every Aspect of Creat’ion’…………….



On our ever glorious Planet Earth, we are either standing under or striving to establish bridges of a greater understanding that could help us achieve remarkable progress as we embark/set across on our ever ambitious spatial-asscoiated-related expeditions which is noteworthy and certainly well deserving and proudly commendable.

However, regardless of how many decades and diligent/prudent and ever meticulous sets of efforts/initiatives we may undertake, if we on one hand intend to overlook other pressing agendas-commitments that we need to earnestly fulfill on Mother Earth that likewise deserve a more c\om’passionate/considerate approach, then regardless of how many ever prestigious milestones we may achieve-keep adventing across, for sure we will always keep on experiencing some phenomenally challenging drawbacks/mysterious hindrances and confounding dilemmas in some other areas/spheres of our contentious agendas which may have been on the  to do list since several decades and always reversing back almost confoundingly/mysteriously?

Like on Mars, we are well aware that the levels of the cosmic rays/higher energy galactic cosmic radiation is well over ten fold……… than could ever be endured and then even across divergent frontiers in our spatial expeditions, we may invest phenomenal sums of money/resources but if we keep ignoring the essence of fostering a greater sense of universal good willed c’om’munion/harmoniousness/unanimous welfare and likewise meritorious orientated initiatives that provide an opportunity to preserve/establish a more peaceful universe, somehow/somewhere whatever progress is made in one sector-is and becomes undone altogether in another area/sphere altogether?-not just due to someone’s intending-but out of natural consequence as the laws of nature deem/redeem.

There’s no convenience or quick fix or one for all or a rapid pretentious facade attitude or just make believe misleading types of scenarios please- for what authentic, genuine, legitimate, realistic and   needs true be done will remain interconnected in its similar way=weigh=proportionality to what\s being done elsewhere as well; so while millions and maybe billions of dollars maybe invested in some distant sets of projects while unknowingly ignoring/neglecting what’s been impending since time immemorial? Well, then that which is incomplete will likewise affect/influence the trajectory of that and all else that\s being sought to be completed incessantly.

The captioned title attributing the importance of the higher degree of radiation in outer spaces integrally exemplifies in essence the decrees of radiance-immaculate benevolence’s pristine orderliness that amazingly prevails all across-light/right true and through; whether we maybe in one part of the Universe or even orbiting across and beyond the spatial frontiers, there was-there is and there will always be the imperative need that will keep emerging -whereby its evoking/invoking the ever conscientious visions of our pure divine natures awareness\s consciousness\s wisdom true realize what it was-true realize what it is and true as/has well realize what it will be that we “will=be=doing/intending” at any given m’om’ment of our lives, for we like the celestial bodies are the sacred embodiment’s of the pure divine virtuousness of God\s infinite graciousness  ever sow pure divine c’om’passionately, conscientiously, meritoriously, vigilantly, wisely and worthily; Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi