Algorithms? Encryption? Quantum Computing? Life’s Encryption/Secrets? Its “Pure Sacredness”- Consciousness Encoding in Our DNA – Indeed Consciousness Re essences All of Life, the Database of Evolution Meritoriously Confers True its Self Worthiness’s Engendering=In-Gene-Endearing! Cherish/Realize the C’om’passionate Essence of All of God’s Creations Greater Purposeful Orientation…………..

Encryption of Consciousness? How Come? Are Some of Us Actually Locking-Blocking our Inner Formation? Because Humanity Being Made in the Image of God Means We Have True Live in Pure Divine Conformance/Orderliness – Realizing that We Have True Pure Fill Our Paths in Order True Experience/Attain the Primordial Fulfillment As Well As Awaken To/True the Pure Purposefulness of Making Ourselves Worthy of God’s Pure Divine Graciousness, Ever Sow Pure Divine Conscientiously, Meritoriously, Vigilantly, Wisely and Worthiestly…….





Everything is precisely right in our being/lives as we have written; remember, “writ” in!

Sow in order to re write our beings/life’s script, we will need to earnestly deploy the instrumental virtue of pure divine righteousnesss wisd’om’ embodied/encapsulated/ensconced/enshrined within the pure divine essence of our pure divine nature\s “awareness” consciousness- for it is “purely” one of the most effective secret of secrets=namely seek thy pure greatness=true nature=true self.

It is the sacred code that can decipher and translate; transform and recreate s’om’e the most magnificent destinies ever known to humankind.

Deciphering the database of evolution is through the pure divine goodwill of God’s light insight; for goodwill is God’s will and when we align/live in pure divine conformance/c’om’munion-pure divine union with the c’om’mandment’s ordinance’s of the ever greatest creator of the Universe; our holy unification becomes the infinite legacy of the Universe’s evolution-its the entwining-whereby we emerge fr’om’ the one true merge with its pure divine oneness as/has itself=namely, our ever greatest yearning, realization of our pure divine consciousness’s vision that\s precariously enshrined well within the sacred echelons/realms of our pure divine insightful wisd’om”s immaculate envisioning potential’s virtue’s exalted c’om’munion’s pure divine good willed envisioning.

We are all privileged explorers treading on the pathways of our being’s/life’s greatness’s and experience our evolutionary growth in pure divine graciousness/pure divine virtuousness as we ever sow conscientiously live in meticulous conformance with our dharma-duties in order true fulfill our karma-deeds’ namely fulfilling our duties/our due ties/our pure divine potential and likewise moral principles-values-virtues orientated c’om’mitments; ever sow pure divine conscientiously, meritoriously, vigilantly, wisely and worthiestly; Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi

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