Defining M’om’ents – Pointing to God? Wh@t As/Has God Got to Do With it? Since Y/Our Ap’point’ments Are Go(o)d Willed Virtues Worthiness Orientated…….One M’om’ent? Each/Every M’om’ent’s Immaculate Oneness…………


The good in us, the Godliness within thus; Some of us don’t look with/in good enough and then-thereby we are apparently due to our mis perception/misconception determining that we aren’t good en-ough(t)-what is this please?

Meaning, any and everything-we hasten and rapidly keep on accentuating/accelerating and intending to precisely seek only based upon our emotional tendencies without giving heed to our immaculate wisd’om’ at all? How c’om’e?

By all means, we have to ensure observance of due diligence, prudence, tenacity and utmost vigilance along with various other likewise characteristics/disciplines-elements meticulously-but if we get sow  very engrossed with  only seeing the bigger picture? the larger aspects? and all that’s appearing grandness, then when will we ever accord our pure divine/defined devotional glimpse/glances of our pineal gland true the littlest of details as ell, for sometimes in the pursuance of all the magnanimity and glamour as well as scintillating opulence and dazzling self inducted bewilderment? where do we actually intend to reach and attain what in its truest essence please?

In summarizing the above, it can include various other examples, whereby when we introspectively contemplate, we will each be able to realize the various aspects/scenarios that we are each facing and then whether we are faithfully reciprocating them with the intended reverentiality that embodies its pure divine worthiness or just phasing them all along until one m’om’ent in time, the alarm bells start ringing and then its time up and then all the riches/all the wealth and whatever has been so painstakingly amassed and whether through legitimate or illegitimate means, the time comes, when its time for karma to take over and then we have to be accountable for our respective deeds not just as some fairly tale but absolutely being accountable for each and every details completeness/totality/entirety… its not about any passing fads, trends, what’s cool and oh we will see later, no time now? and various pretexts… but why please? In essence, we are truly authentic, genuine, legitimate, realistic and pure divine worthiness, then why do some of us think that by misleading someone else, we will ever be able to just get away with it/anything at all-after all/call please?

The all is about the immaculate authenticity and the call is about the virtue of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness; some of us realize and are able to amazingly establish an remarkable balance, whereby we honor/fulfill our respective agendas/assignments/duties/due ties/pure divine potential ….. and likewise orientated characteristics/disciplines/ordinances true the fullest and utmost promising potentialities, sow that when the day comes or the night dawns, we remain forever immersed and keep emerging fr’om’ the pure divine good willingness that’s always integrally the very defining essence of our divya prana shakti’s shuddh bhavana ekagrata chitta’s sat chit ananda anantaa paramanand…our pure divine life force energies pristine breath’s one pointedness’s bliss orientated immaculate vision’s good willed intentionalities c’om’munion…

The looking in is not merely trying to delve through just like that, for its venturing well within the sacred realms of our soulful consciousness whereby when we realize the c’om’pleteness/the totality of our soulful consciousness’s pure divine vision’s envisioning potential, we realize that its not about one m’om’ent alone, rather its integrally about each m’om’ent’s oneness, whereby we are forever avoiding the delusion/illusion of that separateness of under-looking/overlooking or underlying or creeping beneath here/there and anywhere/everywhere trying to find? define our true nature’s perception? How come?

We have true live in pristine conformance with the pure divine immaculate disciplines that we have incarnated with and its not about this world, that world or the world beyond-and neither is it about this/that or more words-it was=it is and = it will always be this/that and always only and only “worth”=thy “pure divine worthiness” which remains as the most priceless treasure embodied/encapsulated/ensconced and enshrined within thy pure divine consciousness’s sacred echelons/realms ever sow pure divine conscientiously, meritoriously, moral principles-values-virtues and likewise characteristics/disciplines orientatedly; tenaciously, vigilantly, wisely and “worthiestly”; Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi