Born to God, Sown To-Light/Right True and Through thy Pure Divine Light Insight; In-vest-ments? En Vastra Meritorious Virtues!


The translational definition of Vastra from Sanskrit refers to “Cloth”-in these/captioned contexts, to Ang Vastra=namely “Body Cloth” and to c’om’pliment this, it would be appropriate to further define it as/has Umang Vastra which means “Enthusiasm/Happiness” cloth-here respectively the ever gracious adornment of our pure divine embodiment of priceless principles, values, virtues and likewise orientated characteristics/disciplines respectively.

The essence of these few words-actually not words,but the pivotal consonance of these few worthy stateme(a)nts humbly seek to elucidate/exemplify the enormous/immensely magnanimous investments that we keep on making fr’om’ lifetime across lifetimes.

We spend lots of time/invest in so many resources and keep on fervently aspiring for penchant desires fruition and keep striving diligently, prudently and tenaciously to be able to reach yet another milestone and to be able to gloriously keep adventing ahead; however with all due respect and admiration for each and every living being’s remarkably constructive/meaningful endeavors/initiatives-why is it that only a handful-yes, barely a few noble souls from the ever gracious noblest multitude of the c’om’plete world’s soulful consciousness authentically, genuinely, legitimately, realistically and faithfully/truthfully seek true accord greater importance to the pure divine embodiment of their being/their soulful consciousness/their true nature/their true self/their higher consciousness-in a way/inner weight, they do all that is abiding/conformance with the pure divine ordinance inscribed/etched across their soulful consciousness’s realms by embracing their pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s  visioning immaculate envisioning potential not to prove or to flaunt or announce or egoistically boast or in any way to make others feel inferior or any such illusive/mysterious escapades-but rather, they well within themselves good willingly keep striving, for its between them and God, they know that very well and there is no settlement- there is no score/there is no encore/there is no any words spoken/no glances/no acknowledgement/no reciprocation/no interpretation/no connotation/no transcendence/no relegation/no vacillating/no imagination/no day dreaming please/no, no and no…. absolutely nothing at all that is deviating from the |pure consciousness awareness” state of being at all; every m’om;ment of their lives is an ever gracious pure divine symphony that keeps on ever graciously bloss’om’ing and unveiling to them the realization of their ever greatest investment that words cannot describe, for its pure divine worthiness is not about convocating or merely describing, its the most significant exaltation ever known to humankind.

Those noble souls live amongst us all across the world, they maybe practicing different religions but in heart and by heart they always conform true the pure divine oneness of God’s pure divine graciousness in fulfilling their respective duties/due ties/pure divine potential and likewise orientated characteristics/disciplines very most conscientiously, meritoriously, moral principles-values-virtues and likewise orientated characteristics/disciplines orientatedly; tenaciously, vigilantly, wisely and worthiestly; sow, when will we imbue their noteworthy practices and likewise treat/entreat the sacred graciousness of the pure divine graciousness of God enshrined within our higher consciousness as well as of each and every living being’s higher consciousness by being true to our nature and investing in the vastra that’s leading to/true/drew our infinitely immaculate c’om;munion with the ever cherished oneness of God’s pure divine graciousness/virtuousness/worthiness please? When please…….; Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2017 Vashi Chand