Athva Tattva, The Niyam of Kriyam; The Journey to Heaven is Not in Akasha-Space/its Granthi=Knot=Nautical Consonance is Enshrined Good Willingly Within Our Immaculate Infinite Pure Divine Cosmic Grace/Virtues/Worthiness……….


The translational definitions from Sanskrit to English of the following are being briefly referenced.

Athva referring to else/besides-here with all due respectfulness its evoking our conscientious awareness true “be sight=the pure divine insightfulness” of our being’s pure divine vision’s exalted envisioning; Tattva in the captioned contexts humbly exemplifying the celestial elements; while niyam attributing itself true the sacred covenants nobility; kriyam emanating from the austere/pristine/pure divine intentionality kriya/karya=action/deed.


Well to summarize the above/captioned, it would  be impossible since each and every pure divine principle/values/virtues and likewise characteristics/disciplines are emanating from the sacred echelons of our pure divine consciousness whose wisd\om’ is embodied within the humility and modesty of elucidating the gloriousness of God’s pure divine graciousness within as well as all around us; with each and every divya prana shakti’s ekagrata chitta ananta satchitanand shuddh bhavana param anant vaibhav swabhav-the one pointedness immaculate blissful communion’s pure divine intentionality beej tattva=seed element’s infinite bloss’om’ing-yearning for us true realize our primordial heritage/pure divine essence and purposefulness in being the pure divine evolutionary immaculate renaissance’s exalted infinitude potentialities……

To simplify this and seek the purposefulness of precipitating the process-well, its all about y/our higher calling-our purposeful being/living; we accord tremendous importance/priorities and keep on strategizing as well as devoting tremendous energy towards various agendas/assignments/duties/due ties/pure divine potential and so on and sow forth, all/call that’s likewise well disciplined/characteristically orientated… however, in all/call that we ever heed and tend to attend true, the primordial essence of our soulful consciousness’s convocation needs true be well deservingly/reverentially/conscientiously/meritoriously/tenaciously/vigilantly/wisely and worthiestly eavesdropped upon as well-meaning, that if we pay attention and prioritize any and everything ”else” in our lives, when actually its the pure divine light/essence insight us that’s amazingly providing us with the remarkable sustenance, so that means if we keep on ignoring and postponing and deferring to listening to our soulful consciousness’s convocations until say after 70 to 80+ years of age? and the n if at that stage, if we are afflicted by weaker capabilities or fraught with other ailments? or challenges, we cannot dictate/state or give the pretext that when we recover and fully recuperate that we will earnestly devote and pledge out c’om’plete/total adherence and conformance to/true our pure divine essence’s calling and glance heavenwards ?

Why not follow and imbue the pure divine disciplined process by initiating the well defined process of being good willed disciplined in allocating a few minutes everyday early in the morning towards the practice of our mediation consciousness please? Why does it have to be that only when something actually happens that we rush and panic and make all kinds/types of promises and earnestly pledge then to make amends? Why not when everything is progressing well in its orderliness-meaning, not being selfish or ordinately being stubborn/vehemently arguing that only when i get something? what’s in it for me? Show me the benefits? Why should I meditate-that what benefit it will bring to me? and so on and sow forth….trying to technologically and scientifically or negligently seeking to always associate/attach and affiliate the reward/the award and the benefit and price and the tendencies of more and more and more…… when will it be all the/call the moor-the mooring that’s not entwined for a selfish motive, but purely for the goodness of being able to maturely and more disciplinedly/well organized manner orientatedly facing each and every aspect of our being/our life/our commitments/our evolution/our totality/our c’om’pleteness/our very pure divine essence….. and so on and sow forth with utmost reverential defined mannerisms that are not having any habitual, any emotional or typical tendencies, but rather purely our soulful incantation/intentionality in all that we strive true be/do right/light true and through.. let’s even make it more simplified, its about you-not about these words, yes about you and your pure divine “worthiness”, for when you realize-cherish the pure divine essence of your true nature’s pure self divine acceptance/acceptation and where the realization dawns and not about experiences or divergent interpretations/connotations coming in between at all-for when the pure divine immaculate realization dawns-then you will unfold at your solar/soul heart’s level of pure divine good willingness in being able to remarkably bloss’om’ and transcend other states of thy pure divine being in pure divine disciplined conformance/ordinance orientated manner-not by going here, there, anywhere or everywhere and neither about chanting/enchanting or going on announcing and reverberating certain sacred hymns/mantras or other devotional renditions…. without even knowing the essence/the meaning of what is being convocated and thereby elucidated through thyself; the point integrally seeks for you true realize what it is that your soulful consciousness seeks, its not some fancy statement/trend or passing fad or some miracle or get rich quick or get wiser or surpass others or any such or other process… rather its humbly about you and your immaculate self/your true nature where its not about sitting in meditation to impress others or your ownself, for those five to ten minutes will also be adequate enough when whatever you do/true is being/emanating from your soulful consciousness’s exalted c’om’munion’s infinite potential’s exalted envisioning.

Let’s put it this way, no matter what has been humbly sought true be conveyed, what your soulful consciousness will be able to elucidate-when you are in c’om’munion with your true nature/your true self will be what you will need true know; it will not be about going out into the streets or shouting from roof tops or propagating or fervently spreading across the social media channels or everyone you meet and neither will it be about exclaiming/proclaiming or acclaiming and also neither about any religion/caste/creed/nationality/culture….or any such process…. absolutely nothing that’s about internal/external or beyond or for that matter;nothing  else other than “being the one true thy oneness”- it was always between you and God and it will always continue true be precisely between God in you as the pure divine immaculate wisd’om’ of your being’s true nature; ever sow pure divine conscientiously, devotionally, moral principles/values/virtues and likewise characteristics/disciplines c’om’munion orientatedly; meritoriously, tenaciously, vigilantly, wisely and worthiestly; Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi