W’here’ God Wants Us…………….


Well its obvious=opt+be+we+yes+y/ours; Meaning that God integrally wants us “true be well within ourselves”.(whether that’s about the principled observance of living

-well within our means=well within our means; well within the parameters of/oft our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s wisd’om’s vision’s immaculately exalted envisioning potential

– well within the defined and not defying boundaries of reverentiality/respectfulness for our very ownselves as well as all of God’s creations

– well within the covenant’s/scriptures/sacred fgranth/hymns/psalms; the pristine holy stanzas/the shabd/the most reverential khudah ka ehsaas which also integrally exemplifies the khudh ka ehsaas please; the divine benediction and pure divine essence of God’s graciousness enshrined within our being

– well within our pure divine sight-insight; well within the pure devotional disciplined good willingness of conforming/c’om’plying with the respective guidelines, rules, laws and regulations governing global/worldly/cosmic/universal tenets jurisdictions/realms

– well within the sensibility of realizing what we are being at any given moment=meaning not being aloof/detached or deliberately errant in committing blunders/mistakes and then just saying sorry and trying to meekly or for that matter stealthily get away and when matters subside, yet again embark upon that comfort orientated posture/process of contradictory confrontationally treading in all devious mannerisms?

– well within the boundaries of disciplined etiquette/decency/respectfulness/dignified habits-mannerisms and likewise, this could go and keep growing on, where the well within is all about the pure divine good willingness that’s emanating from our soulful consciousness’s pure divine essence’s exalted potential’s immaculate envisioning/perception/being…..


IF we are vacillating and remaining in someone else’s being-here it means, covetously imagining, oh how i wish i was like that? like them? like him/her? like that? and so on and sow forth? But why please?

As God created them and all of the creative evolution of nature; so likewise, you and all of us were precisely molded with that very same c’om’passionate pure divine graciousness.

In “essence”, there is no one who has been bestowed/endowed – crafted more privilegedly; for when we are born, its the sacred heart along with the pure divine soulful consciousness that\s always been our faithful c’om’panion and continues true be;well and very much enshrined within our higher consciousness.

The one pivotal factor being our mind with its elements of th”oughts”; so wh-‘ether’ we intend to live with a fixed mindset-that’s egoistically static ruminated? a growth mindset that’s pure divine/as-has well as good willed defined/disciplined orientated of course and cultivating/developing  good natured habits/mannerisms/etiquette…. and so on and sow forth-all that’s emanating from the sacred echelons of our pure divine consciousness’s substratum’s immaculate c’om’munion’s exalted infinitude’s envisioning potential….

This, That and Whatever that was, is and could ever be-could and would not be possible to summarize and simply understate or overstate where it concerns the parameters of the human mind with its retinue of amazing as well as mysterious th’ought’ patterns; well, s’om’e of us practice pure awareness that’s embodying our pure mindfulness-meaning that its not just referring to any fancy statement or trying to put on an impression and elucidate, oh well, you know its my pure mindfulness? No/K’now’-that the mind by itself at any given time merits the essence of awareness;meaning, we got true know whatever it is that we are “being” before doing-since that state of being keeps on formenting and accumulating? accelerating? expanding? intensifying and going on growing what categories of beej tattva=seed elements please? So well that’s why the virtue of our pure awareness=actually its like this=DNA right/light=Pure “Divine Nature’s Awareness”-yes, the pure with its purity was, is and will always be t\here’, so its the divine nature’s awareness acc’om’panied along with its pure divine graciousness as/has well as its pure divine virtuousness and likewise characteristics/disciplines orientated priceless/wealthiest endowments that transcend any kind of richness’s wealthiestness ever known to humankind-what this exemplifies is the following=that with our sacred heart and soulful consciousness pristinely marching and matching/aligning and consolidating as well as emerging/immersing and merging with its pure divine c’om’munion in all that was-is and will ever be quite graciously/gloriously but always well definedly/divinely that’s embodying/encapsulating/ensconcing/enshrining the pure divine worthiness of our noble characteristics/disciplines of our pure divine moral principles/values and virtues….

Let’s make it very most simplified-the point of every appointment being that with an erring mindset, regardless of whatever goodwill/goodness and amazing remarkableness that stems from our primordial heritage-the intervention of specific mindset’s perception/envisioning could construe and intend to c’om’pletely transform as well as dilute and muddle-yes not only that it could err as in erroneous but also that it could well deservingly fulfill each and every errand provided-so which means, being in c’om’mand of our minds or being in pure mindfulness of our respective c;om;mitments, whereby, there will c’om’e a point in time that we will be having our sacred heart/our soulful consciousness as well as our pure mindfulness-all well good willingly aligned and sharing the very identical sets of principles/values/virtues and likewise characteristics/disciplines orientated perception/envisioning potentialities….

So its not just the confluent orderliness with its impeccable disciplined orientation by itself but also sow very much creative with its paradigms of the cosmic grace’s vision’s envisioning potential that’s emanating from its core envisioning that we we(a)re born/borne with; whether we define and refer to this as our solar plexus/our chakras/our soul heart’s plates or any reference of connotation/denotation-the salient factor would keep emerging true re remind us regarding the “worthiness” and not just the words by themselves please; meaning, not doing anything/s’om’ething just to impress others, but truing it all along integrally because its our soulful calling that’s intertwined with=in/all along width it right/light true and through; yet again, a considerate note reminding that its not about fancy words, eloquent grammatical phrasing or any lofty ideology or phraseology for our soulful consciousness k’now’s very well what’s embodying the essence of our pursuance right /light from the  very roots with which whatever it is that’s ever emanated, is emerging or will merge after all/call-the right referring to the pure divine virtue of the immaculate righteousness and the light true our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s wisd’om’/virtues….

S’om’e of us wonder, where God wants us… then there are s’om’e others who wonder, where God wanders? How could s’om’e of us ever think so please? This way, its all the mind and how our mindset if inclined and whereby we are either empowering it or we are aim powering it-the choice is ours and sow are its consequences/outcomes/results with utmost/total responsibility please.

Lets start again; S’om’e of us wonder, where God wants us… then there are s’om’e others who wonder, where God wanders? Well, the sum of our wonderfulness is we(a)re/w’here’ God want us true be! As mentioned at the c’om’mencement, God integrally wants us “true be well within ourselves”; which means, that we cannot be absent fr’om’ our very own selves and keep on illusively? elusively vacillating and when something happens, then rapidly rushing in an reactive manner?

Whereas when we had the opportunity of observing a well disciplined protocol of pro activeness, we sought to leave this, oh i will see later mode basis? and giving excuses? and pretexts? and reasons? and complaints? and any and every deviation other than being sow very much within our very own selves/our true nature/our trueselves as God always k’now’s us please.

So well, in essence-=there is no wandering or wanting with God’s being, for the pure divine essence of the cosmic grace is embodied within all of the creative evolution of nature and all of God’s creations as=”pure wonderfulness”=yes the sum of our pure wonderfulness is we(a)re/w’here’ God want us true be!

Well of course, there will be questions and concerns and curiosity and inquisitiveness and deep contemplation and wondering and figuring? configuring and trying to solve/resolve and  each meaningful conclusions and disciplined procedures that could be helpful in authentically, genuinely, legitimately, realistically and tenaciously pursue a well defined sets of disciplines whereby we are tread on the right/light path full of good willingness that’s immaculately well ordained as the pristine wonderfulness of our soulful consciousness’s infinite c’om’munion…. this could go on and keep growing on with some noble soul’s emerging with their own theories/perspectives and points of views-opinions and likewise characteristically disciplined orientated c’om’mantaries… however the yield of all will never ever be able to actually reach or realize the pure divine essence until or unless each and every one who aspires/cherishes true envision the sacred essence-until or unless they are c’om’pletely=totally=wholly; yes the pure divine c’om’pleteness of be”i”ng in all that was, is and will ever be; strive true realize that when we were born, its was pure divine c’om’pleteness that was with us=as we ever graciously were bestowed that ever worthiest privilege of being in our Divine Mother’s w’om’b and as we emerged and thereby merged as well as upon c’om’pletion of our earthly sojourn after c’om’pletion of our respective duties/due ties/pure divine potential and likewise characteristics orientated disciplines and so on and sow forth, it was, it is and it always will be=”c’om’pleteness”=the totality=the wholeness=the entirety of our being that’s being very much with us, its not that we focus our mind somewhere else and then we are thereby dividing and subtracting from our very own selves what we should integrally contract with our very own pure divine immaculate nature’s consciousness-the point yet being that some of us want to be everywhere else other than integrally being well within our very own selves, but why please?

For if we are all the while/time being elsewhere, that means we are taking away a part/path a way or completely away from our  very own selves;we must realize that we are the pure divine completeness of God’s ever worthiest graciousness which means=all of God’s creations as well, for when we say “i”, that embodies the ever gracious symposium of our pure divine collective consciousness and to make it more strongly and impact orientatedly true drive the point across-that when we can wonder, then why can’t we be the awes’om’e wonderfulness of our be’i’ng please?

Yes, yet again=so very well, in essence-=there is no wandering or wanting with God’s being, for the pure divine essence of the cosmic grace is embodied within all of the creative evolution of nature and all of God’s creations as=”pure wonderfulness”=yes the sum of our pure wonderfulness is we(a)re/w’here’ God want us true be! Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi