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Going further will make us feel better – however – bec’om’ing better aware will resourcefully fulfill/galvanize our well balanced/multi dimensional growth orientated paradigms/potentialities exponentially; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi

Aum, Amen, Ameen, InshaAllah, Tathastu, So Be it & Sow on & Sow Forth… With all Due Respectful Awareness Intends True Exemplify the Adorable Invocation of our Pure Divine Heart’s Wisd’om’ of its Cosmic Graciousness’s Infinitude True Creatively Sustain its Immaculate Visions that Belong True a Better/Greater/Grander & “Peaceful” World for All of Us…………….


With utmost respectfulness, i would wish to humbly elucidate the following; Aum/Amen/Ameen reverentially seeking to refer to the virtuousness of the following “Amman”-namely the calm-peaceful-serene-solitude orientation of our true nature’s tranquility-equipoise and calibrated precise stillness of the infinity of the immaculate oneness of being……….

With utmost respectfulness, i would wish to humbly elucidate the following; as well; InshaAllah seeking to refer to the to the virtuousness of the following-where Insh reverentially seeking to refer to the virtuousness of “Ansh”-namely exemplifying the essence/being the very most core/purest integral part/portion of -the ever worthiest emissaries; like Supreme Lord Allah being the ever gracious creator and Prophet Muhammad being his ever magnificent creation; which evokes our conscientious awareness that vein/when we are sow very fortunately privileged to be the integral part of God, where each and every breath that we take is God bestowed/endowed-sow the good deeds that we perform whether through spoken/unspoken words yearn for their pure divine goodwillingness/pure divine intentionality that’s enshrined within their pure divine worthiness of our immaculate beingfulness- then how could we ever hurt anyone, since that very same breath likewise emanates from each and every living being please; it is yearning for each and every living being true awaken true the c’om’passionate nature of their oneness of being true themselves as their nature has always bee; we are the integral part/path/state/statement and sow very much more of our divine nature-meaning that how much do we know in being our soul as our soulfulness yearns in being us true itself please?

We confer riches of words upon one another – well, the n how about our very own self-our pure divine self acknowledge/reciprocation-our pure divine self acceptance of our pure divine worthiness please? then we bestow prestigious awards; reach noteworthy milestones and keep on remarkably achieving and striving to acc’om’plish more and more … and so on and sow forth -by bolstering our financial portfolios and psychological well being; however w”here” is the pure divine essence oft our self realization of the pure divine wealthiness of our being please?

For our soulful consciousness that’s always been with us and will continue true be width thus-while inspiring us true lead a purposeful life always yearns for our light’s purposefulness-meaning its extolling the ever glorious divine light insight us that’s shining ever sow resplendently and  intending for us true acquaint ourselves with our pure divine vision for it cannot be acquired or required-its the pure divine awakening/that cardinal realization that needs no words; its the pure divine worthiness whose testament needs no proof or any evidence or any rewards or any riches other than first of all honoring and fulfilling our pure divine potential’s dutifulness/beatitudesness – meaning we should never ever deviate fr’om’ our soulful nature’s pure divine c’om’munion-for in that precinct of the sanctified realms the pure divine essence of God’s light insight convocates with us/thus……….

With utmost respectfulness, i would wish to humbly elucidate the following; as well; Tathastu seeking to refer to the virtue of as following-where Tat reverentially seeking to refer to the virtuousness of “Tattva”-namely the divine elements/principles/values/virtues and likewise characteristics/disciplines that is/are pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s wisd’om’ fulfillingly orientated; and Hastu to the virtuousness of “Hasthi-Hastakshar” namely connoting/denoting the essence of our divya chitta prana shakti’s ehsaas-the pure divine sigNature of our soulful consciousness which is invoked/evokes fr’om’ our pure divine self acceptance/our pure divine self respectfulness; our pure divine self esteem//worthiness; what it all essentially seeks to convocate is that as we strive worthily with our pure divine good willed intentionalities, then sow will nature and all/call of the creative evolutionary essence of nature march/match in unison with our immaculate aspirations that are bereft of any desires/of any wanting-there is only that pure seeking that’s emerging/merging and submerging as God’s breath of light, whereby with our self realization, we are sanctifying the very essential channelization of the pure divine harmonious frequencies/vibrations energetic envisioning potentialities swar/swaha’om’ to/true fulfill the emanation of our being’s pure divine essence with its pure divine infinitude\s oneness’s exalted c’om’munion of being………. ever sow pure divine authentically, benevolently, c’om’passionately, devotionally, diligently, determinably, efficaciously, faithfully,genuinely, legitimately, meritoriously, moral principles/values/virtues and likewise characteristics/disciplines orientatedly; radiantly, responsibly, tenaciously, truthfully, vigilantly, wisely and worthiestly; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi

Creation of Human Being – Beaming the Essence of Modest Humility; Evolving Consciousness of the Divinity’s Breath – Vein/When the First Breath that’s Inhaled by Our Embryonic Form-Nature is Not Air – Its Breathing the Divine Light Insight Upon Incarnation – Infusion of the Divine Breath’s At’om’ic Particles Synthesized Embodiment’s Cosmic Configuration’s Merit Orientated Karmic Evolutionary Renaissance……


May the word of God’s light as well as its insightfulness of God’s wisd’om’ fulfill us ever sow graciously; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi