W’here’ is God?


Well, our true nature k’now’eth-er; true/through the auspices of our pineal gland/akasha tattva-space element very well/will.

God is not somew’here’ there only, on the other side; but the pure divine essence of God permeates/suffuseth each and every c’om’pleteness/totality consciousness/wholeness immaculate essence of all-call that was, is and will ever be-sow light/right true and through.

We keep awaiting to avail a glimpse of God, while God is all/call along seeing/envisioning true/through us as well as-has all of the creative evolution of nature.

Sow well, when/vein we be/live each and every m’om’ent of our being/lives as God’s ever greatest/gracious testament-then the cosmic symphonies of the pure divine consciousness’s exalted graciousness will thereby confer us/thus with its pristine worthiness’s divine vision/wisdom/virtues cognizance that have all-call along been sow very much right/light here with us/thus.

Then, we will be/live and experience the pure divine essence of God’s light insight with each glance that emanates from the very essence of each and every gland of our being.\

We will then not need to ever be concerned about proving or ann”ounc(e)ing” or proclaiming, for when the divine light speaketh-er; then all the cosmic magnificence eavesdrops with utmost reverentiality.

Its our ever greatest privilege at having incarnated and then the ever more worthier realization all of the creative evolution nature/each and every living being has been able to likewise be born/being borne with s’om’e of the most amazing endowments of priceless virtues/creative faculties ever known to humankind, salient amongst which will be briefly yet succinctly emphasized further below.

Its the following; that God has/ God is and God will always create  human being(beam the pure divine essence of thy pure divine consciousness) in the image of Godliness.

Lets start again-it is the follow-in-g; God creates human beings as masterpieces-namely-“mast of peace/peacefulness”; sow well, vein/when we realize the pure divine peacefulness insight ourselves as well as contribute towards cultivating and sustaining the infinite visions that lead towards a more peaceful, good willed, harmonious, unanimous welfare orientated with observance of priceless characteristics/disciplines that are the embodiment of pure awareness disciplined regimen; progressive, prosperous, creatively intelligent-virtuous-wise and worthiest-which means the worthiness quotient is forever in its infinite quest of improvement and never of just proving and idly resting on previously attained credentials/laurels alone.

The list could go on and keep growing onwards-on worthiness and keep on primarily bringing forth the most contentious and ever cherished yearning-which is attributing to the pure divine oneness of being=namely-being the masterpiece of the mast of peace that we were/wear-that we’re and will always continue true be as-has we were always meant true be-for God is sow very much insight us right/light here vein/when we earnestly fulfill our respective duties/due ties/pure divine potential as well as observe the respective disciplines of our true nature’s evolutionary consciousness that defines the definitions of civilizations/eras/epochs/heritages/cultures/mythologies …….. in one single word-namely-worth/worthiness; it all begins and grows when you learn to cultivate self respect/self worthiness/cherish and realize your self esteem and thereby likewise reciprocate the ever divine essence of being able to breathe God’s light of life insight your true nature/true self; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi