Quality Time or e-Quality Thy Aeem-i a(i)m – Only IF We Could See-What’s Going? Its Worth’s-Noteworthiness Growing ON Within Our Totality Consciousness’s Realms…………….


If we don’t devote adequate time towards our respective duties,due ties, pure divine potential….. and so on and sow forth likewise orientated characteristics/disciplines-then its precisely to that very exact degree that we are either diminishing or replenishing and fulfilling ourselves quite amazingly.

Meaning, that if we deprive our very ownselves of even the scantest of time purely towards our self development on a daily basis, there will come forth/dawn a time-when we will be truly grateful for the meticulous investments that we made on behalf of our true nature towards our very own selves primordial development.

Its not just about one segment, but that oneness sequence that when precipitated-stimulated mushrooms and bloss’om’s and remarkably contributes and serves as an instrumental impetus/catalyst that could keep on infinitely enriching/empowering each and every area/sphere/tattva/element of our being-beaming-where even the passage of our every breath’s divya prana shakti=pure divine life force energies inhalation/exhalation would be very most uniquely distinctive and ever radiantly glowing.

Glowing since its about the pure awareness of our wisd’om’ that’s far greater than any knowledge; it helps us when we are sow very much here as well as here after all-call along.

Meaning that at any given time/instance, our higher consciousness relies upon the pure divine essence of our wisd’om’ with its priceless virtues.

What’s this devoting time all about someone may intend to know-well its about realization and greater degree of pure disciplined awareness -as/has to how we are actually spending our time slots/quotients.

There are millions of people who are able to find time towards entertainment-but in attainment keeps on remaining on a we will see later basis?

How would you like that upon c\om’pletion of your earthly sojourn, when your embodiment is transcending across to the higher realms of being, to be told to wait… to await…. and keep on indefinitely awaiting your turn?

So when will that turn eventually come? A few days, weeks, months, years. decades. centuries….

Its not that God wants us to invest and spend every m’om’ent of our lives in only spiritual awakening/realization, but true be devoted-true be true our nature-for when being true our nature, that’s when we will emerge forth far more self worthily in attending to each and every aspect/instance very most c’om’mendably.

Then it will not be about being selfish towards our very own self development and deferring it to a later-we will see basis; rather, then onwards-on worth’s-on pure divine worthiness; we will know-eth-er precisely what’s true be done and not just tonne when-meaning we will not keep carrying the tonnage of pending? to be done lists? on and on….

We will be able to more maturely interact and emerge not just with one of our dimensions, but multi dimensionally – since then we will be able to confer fair amount of time towards each and every aspect of our agendas in a well defined and never ever any more of that defiant manner.

Regarding the aspect of the c’om’pletion of our earthly sojourn and waiting to transcend across,well its far much more extensive, but to put it into a brief perspective, one of its aspects is the realization of our core values.

We have not just been born, but have been borne and if we just keep on lazing around and intending to wake up one fine day, the time in between when we did not be/did not true and did not realize anything at all, but just kept whiling our time-vacillating from one mundane task to another-then that quotient of our self development-namely realization of our true nature aspect would remain unfulfilled and due to this the incessant waiting………in the queue of queues of millions and billions… countless time spheres, for its not deemed or determined by us/thus-rather its the pure divine essence of each and every thought,deed, endeavor, initiative… and so  on and sow forth, since everything remains interconnected at source and demands firm accountability-indeed its our time and its our life, but then well who is sustaining the essence of our being please?

Have we ever introspectively contemplated and figured/configured or ascertained or for that mater ever authentically/genuinely paused and devoted a few minutes every day in our daily early morning meditation as well as self development disciplines/practices throughout each and every day please?

The choice is yours, be the chooser or be the chosen and you know very well, what a rejoicing esteemed privilege it is true be the chooser, whereby you c’om’mendaly striving with the pure divine essence of your pure divine consciousness’s meritoriousness true re acquaint/renew the pure divine essence of the oneness of your being/beaming; i dd not write bec’om’ing because this is an infinite process and then bec’om’ing might tend to be just a destination aspect, whereas this journey of self development is infinitely poised towards ensuring that you get true know yourself better as life does-as the divine light insight thyself thus; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi