#Toronto Not just another day; A Way in Which a Lot Remains to be Said, But those Who it Needs to be Said to Have Been Unfortunately Denied the Privilege to Live Sow Very Tragically, But Yet Again=WHY Please?………….


When will some of us wake up to life as/has its true divine light insight please?

While we seek answers, the infinity of the questions overwhelming swamp us with immensely poignant sets of anxieties and immense deliberation-that yet again, we have lost so many of our noble companions , that leaves us speechless and searching for words, for being able to search within ourselves as well as all around-that what did those noble souls do-that they had to be victims of such undefinable tragic outcomes please?

Why are some individuals so heartless and what do they achieve-for each and every living being is a sparkling testament of God’s light insight-so in inflicting harm and snatching away other’s lives does not ever, ever, ever……..help anyone in anyway whatsoever ….. then yet again why this profoundly shocking recurrence please?

We don’t have to keep deferring and looking away for answers, we have to really do some deep soul searching-introspective contemplate and emerge with meaningful resolutions that will adequately help protectively safeguard each and every citizen of our world to be able to lead their lives in a safe and noteworthy manner-without deviation from observance of good willed conduct and pure intentionality, for at the core even while we experience sadness-there is an equal quotient of immense concern that words cannot describe, that yearns for a better and safer world, for all of us.

We truly deserve a better world and to those who are absolutely misguided, please its not that the world has to change for us-we have true make ourselves worthy, for the world is worthy within itself, when will some of us likewise be true our pure divine worthiness insight as well as outside-redefining our perception in an meaningful manner that is bereft of any of the hatred orientated thoughts, feelings, negative emotional tendencies…. please; Peace, Love and Light; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi

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