Showcasing our Soul? Did God get to Know about it? Are We Sharing the Envisioning Bea(i)ms of God’s Perspective Enc’om’passing our Pure Divine/Defined Moral Principles/Values/Virtues & Likewise Characteristics/Disciplines?

Its=as/has we shone-sow our noteworthy causes-so well God know-eth-er light/right true and through.

The aspect of shining forth is not about wandering around curiously with the fervent anticipation of how famous our initiatives are being-but rather that we’re are being truest its essence of our oneness.

In God’s kingdom, its not about any concept of essentially going around in making others know that you have done so.. much… and sow … much…. more; but rather providentially about the integral focus being aimed upon fulfilling thy respective duties/due ties/pure divine potential and likewise characteristics/disciplines true their fullest potentialities bereft of any incentives/enticements seeking perspective.

Instead of spending enormous energies/resources in trying to ascertain-devote and channelize the focus on those very precise sets of energies true embodying the constancy of purpose principle in whatever-worth ever that’s being done – sow that its ever graciously complimented and sustained with its much needed pure aims that are devoid of any proclamations or egoistical suppositions.

Because if you are being/doing it for others to know and in that process spending enormous sums of money on publicizing the endeavors; the eventual outcome/result would be the diminishing of your contribution altogether; for that publicity resources could instead be invested towards feeding millions of souls earnest needs.

However the choice is yours, wh’ether’ to know thyself better as well as better now true itself or just in reflecting upon some momentary announcements that will elapse swiftly but the blessing that you will receive from those noteworthy causes that helped sustain yet another noble soul’s faith in God through provision of that much needed nutrition/shelter…. as well as other dignified means of being/living will be infinitely abundant-for its not measured or treasured, but is intending to bless you and yours light/right true and through the very essence of your pure divine worthiness of being God’s ever gracious testament that does/thus not need to be showcased or exhibited for others to momentarily applaud-but rather the noteworthy cause that the very integral essence of thy true nature’s awareness disciplined regimen’s gloriousness infinitely applauds-that self recognition/that self esteem/that self respectfulness and that self acceptance of thy oneness of being true thy calling as it was always meant true be would keep on consonantly beaming its radiance far much more longer across even upon completion of thy earthly sojourn when you most needed the shone/the shine/the illuminating radiance of your soul’s divya prana shakti=pure divine life force soul’s infinite energetic consciousness embodiment of priceless virtues.\

Meaning at that point in time, you could not be able to undo/rewind or come back true this realm of our earthly paradise to reenact the precise moment or aspects or configurations or karmic cycle or sow and reap process or….. for that matter, every moment as we very well know, comes only once in a lifetime; sow well in this as well as each and every moment, for its infinite graciousness is what/worth will see us light/right true and through-for God know-eth-er very good willingly and pure divine=defined intentionally-sow well when we are sharing God’s perspective encompassing our pure divine-defined moral principles/values/virtues and likewise characteristics/disciplines orientation; every m’om’ent will infinitely bloss’om’ as its pure divine/defined kaleidoscope panorama of heaven on earth-oft the worth-worthiness of having true be us/thus true life divine light insight right/light true and through-ever sow pure divine authentically, c’om’passionately, conscientiously, devotionally, meritoriously, vigilantly, wisely and note worthily; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi


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