W’here’ are we taking our brains?


Its not always taking – but un/taking; fr’om’ time to time, when possible, its essential to also ensure true respect the natural rhythm/evolution of our brains devotionality towards the practice of taking off a few precious minutes in just being only us with our pure stillness; no anxieties, no commitments, no schedules, no priorities,no worries, no contemplation, no expectations…….

and so on and sow forth except only one and its oneness purely/namely-the essence of observing down time-meaning a few minutes purely towards rejuvenating our brain and completeness of being – by realizing that we are not mechanical/technical or analytical only-but rather we are the essential harmoniousness of the pure divine graciousness’s elements of pure wonderfulness that also need to heed to the wisd’om’ of taking care instead of being taken care of.

Remember the few minutes that you allocate fr’om’ time to time exclusively for honoring/fulfilling that esteemed devoted space of well being is bound to compensate and replenish you with an enormous sets of the wealthiest rewards that no money could ever buy.

Especially nowadays with the pace of evolving trends and the greater extent of accountabilities demanding ever yet greater determined sets of efforts/initiatives, we have got to train our brains in being its well entrusted care takers where we do not need supplements or other tonics or boosters to help fortify for well adequate rest/intervals fr’om’ time to time/as-when relevantly needed must be essentially availed of, not that only in our break time-but also in our time brakes-meaning that we know how to drive our life’s vehicles and are well versed with the gears but if we have our foot extremely pressing the accelerator pedal as well as on the brakes as well as on the gears intermittent shifting/ then the clutches and the processes would all tend to get extremely jammed up and then we might be experiencing enormous burn out, fatigue, overwhelming depression? lack of confidence? resentment? suppressing our emotionali-ties altogether?… the list could keep augmenting whereby we are always somehow or the other falling into that victim hood of the statement that even before being taken care of, we are overtaking our very ownselves with myriad complexities? confounding perplexities? mysterious wading’s through intricate platforms and vehemently treading on all along the unconventional avenues….. well, if we are even driving a vehicle or operating machinery or for that matter in some sensitive environment that seeks our unstinting continued focus/attendance- we could request someone to deputize and take over in between fr’om’ time to time as/when possible, because our train of strains will keep coming back and whereas its the train of our well disciplined retraining that would be more appropriate-however that is only possible, when we have availed of adequate rest/breaks in between by applying the brakes well in time; sow well, be observant of your being’s good willed/pure intentionality wellness etiquette and strive to know yourself better/greater as life does/thus; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi


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