Wh’ether’ our Brain Cells Development/Improvement or C’om’plete Essence of Being – When Nature Steps in, We’re Marching/Matching Sow Very Much More Energetically……..

Admirably Reflecting Upon the 5 Great Tattvas/Elements – Pancha Mahabhutas – Growth of our Brain Cells – S’om’ething’s are Creatively Bloss’om’ing/Sustained Enhanced by All-Call of Nature’s Infinite Oneness…………..

With Utmost Gratitude to the 5 Great Tattvas/Elements – Pancha Mahabhutas – Reverentially C’om’muning/Convening with our Wisd’om’s Unified Faculties…………


The five great elements enc’om’passed in our sacred breaths essence emerges with their sixth eminent competence of priceless virtues orientated graciousness-namely-our wisd’om’s essence with its ever amazingly creative exponential envisioning potentialities.

When our note worthy works well disciplined initiatives observant orientatedness seeks to ever focusedly expand our brain’s functionalities/competencies- it bec’om’es essential to re instill/re channelize the amazing/remarkable sets of immaculate capabilities/faculties that we have been ever sow fortunately bestowed/endowed with-for here its not about any mechanical/technical and neither any techniques or shortcuts, but rather very most humbly/modestly about invoking the pure defined/divine essence of our worthiness-this is integrally our true nature’s wisdom where its nature enshrined within our higher consciousness plays its instrumental roles in facilitating our unique interpretation and progression within/across each and every step/stage of our lives.

How much do we earnestly core align with the c’om’pleteness/totality consciousness of our wholes’om’e being? What is the level of respectfulness that we behold of our higher consciousness’s wisd’om’/virtues?

For knowledge can help to take us upto a certain extent and when our wisd’om’ /virtues step into the picture, there is an infinite pitcher that keeps flowing/growing unabatedly with astoundingly scintillating reams of informational data/insightfulness that would leave us full of awe/utmost humility for the graciousness of what’s-of worth’s-the ever priceless worthiness of God’s divine light enshrined insight each and every living being.

Have we ever devoted a few m’om’ents everyday morning towards our pure mindfulness mediation practice acc’om’panied with basic breathing exercises as well as ensuring to observe a well calibrated exercise physical exercise regimen with also some of the puzzle solving and likewise characteristical/disciplines orientated hobbies inter activeness/engagements?

The point is whether insight or outside, its nature’s graciousness that’s defining far much more than we might have ever realized and as we seek to keep improving our credentials in its honorable acknowledgement/alignment/reciprocity …. and so on and sow forth, we will be able to experience and realize sow much more of ourselves as we may never have ever imagined that indeed we could be able to be enc’om’passed with such amazing/uniquely proficient-talented capabilities after all; well that’s nature, nurture that wellness that’s enshrined within your higher consciousness/true nature light/right true and through as life does/thus; Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi


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