Brains Map-ping of the Universe; Cosmic Web of our Genetic Sequencing; Brain @ Work? Its Every Grain at Worth/Noteworthy Meritoriousness/Wisd’om’s Evolutionary Infinitude

Indeed, what? Its worth-yes precisely, the worth-the essence of what we are consuming is intending to affect us in s’om’e way or another.

Now or at any given m’om’ent/instance- its essentially and very most integrally also about the habitual practice of devoting greater degree of pure disciplined awareness not only when we are eating, but also likewise when we are drinking water/juices or even otherwise, when we are breathing; when we are relaxing, when we are working, when we are c’om’muting, when we are intending……. and so on and sow forth; the essence of it all is exemplifying the very greatest/grandest need for converging/consolidating and assimilating each and every elements-tattvas unifying totality that strives to c’om’e together to provide us with the much needed energetic resolve through-ought which we are able to thereby perform and evolve….. and well/will it keeps growing onwards with its on-worth/worthiness.

Its which the focus was attributed towards the grain-the nutritiousness-the roots as well as the seeds of each and every aspect of the universe is contained well within itself-it appears to us as if its all separate and disconnected, whereas in essence; its all well interconnected and defining the uniqueness of each and every aspect conceptualizing the greater goodwill, harmoniousness and unanimous sustainable welfare of all that ever was, is and will ever be.

There’s enormous scope of purposefulness when we devote greater degree of respectfulness towards-true worth’s the very echelons/realms of our pure divine consciousness’s oneness of being; for in being sow, we tend to reverentially transcend across through-ought the auspices of our collective consciousness as one of its humblest testaments-that only seeks the ever greater/gracious and grander goodness of one and all; whether in thought, deed or bhava/attitude-intentionality.

The point also emerges to seek and keep evoking our ever conscientious realization regarding the focus that we keep on prioritizing and infinitely c’om’mitting more towards all that’s outside as well as far beyond?

How/Vow about our insight? Where’s our pure awareness being devoted fr’om’ time to time on a daily basis? Are we replenishing the corridors of our soulful consciousness?

Are we just going onwards or even growing on worth-worthiness of our erstwhile creative evolutionary essence whose elements-tattvas have brought us altogether and whether its our DNA Divine Nature’s Awareness sequencing or any other exploration; what is the purpose that is enc’om’passing our venturing into? in true? in through-ought?

We start each day just like any other day with the ever admirable aspirations and devotional attitude to contribute our very greatest sets of efforts/initiatives towards enhancing the meritorious/note worthy contributions we could  be able to realize…..however/vow ever-its the degree of our pure awareness that begins with the root/the seed structure that will tend to either train or strain or even further yet restraint us in likewise characteristics/disciplines oneness of being/evolving……and so on and sow forth precisely on a merit orientated basis.

The point being that between not just what-but worth, for-its fr’om’ the essence of the realization of the worth that’s enc’om’passed well within the root/seed structure on worth’s – its ever expanding pure awareness’s definition of the note worthiness bloss’om’s and thereby far much more that keeps on evolving with the amazing/remarkable shifts of our evolving consciousness’s tendencies/frequencies/synergies and so on and sow forth….. until we realize that its we who are experiencing a greater degree of uniqueness by a initial mere shift of our perception’s pure awareness’s focusing degree wise-meaning its not measuring and shifting;there is no calibration or any instrumental observant/orientated approach, for where the essence of our wisd’om’ is concerned, its evolves and keeps evolving-far/farther/further most creatively/magnificently.

We tend to invent and keep on creatively evolving well within our being’s first and foremost of all even if we might not actually notice this, and then when we achieve/attain s’om’ething outstanding, its not pampering our bodies that is going to satisfy our soulful consciousness, but rather even the most humblest token of gratitude expressed towards/true worth’s our embodiment is the worthiness of note worthiness that will keep on growing/evolving.

Many might be intending to seek the scientific aspect/angle to be elaborated/expounded upon whereby it could help greater expand our understanding and realization of what we could further publish and then be c’om’mendably awarded and experience a profound sense of joyfulness at having note worthily evolved-however and yes vow ever-its embellished well within/across and amongst each and every one of our cell’s structures and constitutionality of our entire/c’om’plete/totality consciousness’s oneness of being true realize the scene-terrific conceptualization of the phenomenal aspects evolution that’s growing on worth’s-well within each and every echelon/realm of who we are yet to experience/realize and be ever gratuitously the ever proudest testament of/oft.

For s’om’ething’s are not just exclaimed outside but also acclaimed well insight our true nature’s evolving consciousness; for we celebrate a lot outside, however when we seek true liberate and allot/allocate precisely the worth true its note worthiness insight our very own true nature’s oneness of being/evolving, we will thereby be bestowed/conferred and endowed with yet far more uniquely amazing envisioning potentialities that will facilitate our far greater/grander and ever gracious perception/realization and sow very much more essentially about the worth-note worthiness of what/worth was, is and will ever be…. a note of disclaimed and strong reminder, it will not be a prescient faculty or being able to envisage what is foreboding or going to unfold or being a predictive analyst or any such sort/type of ingeniousness whatsoever….but rather, it would be that unique vision’s spectrum that will intend true being us far much more closer true our very ownselves for which we have been yearning-that proximity that’s already there all along-whereby the pure divine consciousness’s oneness of being/beaming is forever unified with our collective consciousenss’s totality  very well all along, but well, its our perception that has not yet elevated and raised or expanded to/true that pedestal’s sanctified altitude of pure divine graciousness’s attitude-that is so close and yet remains/appears to be sow far?

Who and where as well as what as well as so many more questions might emerge whereby we yet again embark on another pathway and c’om’pletely forgetting the redefining/the reorientation and re channelizing of the unique energies that were the essential path of us/thus; meaning to say that there’s far much more true be attained/realized and evolved all along with that’s far beyond any c’om’parison/description or paraphrasing, for there are some words that cannot be able to bespeak the pure divine worthiness of our unique oneness of being and that’s precisely the note worthiness that will unify us with the worthiest realization of our ever greater expeditions wh’ether’/during our worldly or worthily pursuits-all its humbly seeking is to devote a greater degree of thy pure awareness true worth ever you’re being please; Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti Bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi

Our Breath’s Sacred Resonance’s Essence/The Amazing Frequencies of the Divine At’om’ic Structure: i Meet? Its “e-mitting” Pure Divine Graciousness Insightful Wisd’om’s C’om’munion Orientated Energies Envisioning Potentialities Spectrum’s Ordinance………

Cherish the privilege; Expand thy pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness; Fulfill thy duties, due ties, pure divine potential and likewise characteristics/disciplines c’om’mitments/prioritization-ever sow pure divine-defined authentically, conscientiously, meritoriously, moral principles/values/virtues and likewise characteristics/disciplines orientatedly; tenaciously, vigilantly, wisely and note worthily; Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti Bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi