What’s Up? How R Things…………..


Well some respond-how bad things are?

They don’t realize they are succumbing more and more to the intriguing sets of infinite predicaments that will apparently keep beseeching/besieging them-wh’ether’ in th’ought’ or deed/in-deed – if they cling on fervently to the above statement and keep on cultivating that peculiar attitude altog’ether’/all-call the more?

Its like this-how bad things are? Its “how “”””bait”””” thinks are/art! Yes, precisely that’s what it keeps becoming and augmenting/intensifying with its paradoxical sets of statements reverberating when others who are sharing the same perspective-likewise minded individuals join in with their typically exact sets of exclamations and then it becomes a party of bad-bait and all that’s affiliated with its mysterious syndromes.

The point being that if we are going to vehemently exclaim does not mean that some magical superpower or force is going to come and alleviate the process and tender and succor or relief whatsoever.

If things are appearing bad/bleak, we have got our perspective, our amazing/remarkable abilities-faculties; our phenomenal creatively magnificent sets of capabilities and sow very much more that we have been ever preciously bestowed/endowed/equipped with-where are we leading ourselves to please?

Well its also far much more tougher than any words could ever express, but then the reality is that its not going to ever change or improve or transform with our repeated antagonism  at all.

Instead by practicing pure mindfulness/ensuring each and every m’om’ent is instead being devote towards/true worths’s the observance of our pure awareness’s disciplined regimen’s observant orientatedness acc’om’panied with likewise characteristics/disciplines —and of course various other aspects being ever sow authentically, conscientiously, meritoriously, tenaciously, vigilantly, wisely and note worthily upheld with the highest degree of respectfulness and obedient/determined perseverance; s’om’e essential developments/improvements could further ensue on a gradual step by step basis after all./

So next time someone asks – What’s Up? How R Things……… don’t just take the bait of responding with -how bad things are? and neither “how “”””bait”””” thinks are; but rather responding affirmatively as alright/good/great and likewise, but then intending to shift the focus more upon prioritizing the worth of worthiness that’s going/growing true be discussed instead of just going on reflecting upon attitude of disdainfulness or being ignorant/negligent and overlooking what-worth that’s been c’om’mitted true you-for each and every m’om’ent of this life is truly ever precious-do not expend/waste it in just aimlessly squandering your time; seek true be productively efficiently and re orient/re define/re channelize and keep on better developing/improving the very integral essence of your being’s evolutionary nature by i’m-proving your perception as well as note worthy actions/deeds/endeavors/initiatives…. and sow on and sow forth, ever sow pure divine meritoriously/pure defined authentically, conscientiously, vigilantly, wisely and note worthiestly; Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti Bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi

Making our Brains G’row’ Faster? (Personal Perspective) For Who Can take Light Within? Its the Essence of our Insightful Wisd’om’ with our Evolving Consciousness that Uniquely Orientates S’om’e of the Most Amazing Feat(u)s Ever………..



Well, to a certain extent-its integrally, the “re-mark”/”remarks”/”remarking” -inner/in our training that fastens(here, the intended reference of fastens seeks to exemplify not the speed, but the firm binding!).

Restart the above again; Its the remark-ability inner/in our train-in-g that intends to serve as an formidable catalyst/impetus in firmly establishing s’om’e of the most deepest/ingrained learning’s after all.

As h’uma’n beings; we are emerging from our true nature’s oneness of being/beaming; sow, therefore, the essence of our attitudes tends to leave its footprint all across; wh’ether’, this might even tend to refer to/within our brain’s neurons deeper most echelons/realms.

In fact, there is absolutely no space where our emotionali-ties/feelings do not reach-the tend to even affect our training processes to such an extend that we tend to passionately evolve and achieve s’om’e of the most amazing feats ever know-eth-er to h’uma’n kind after all.

In a way/inner way-weight,. its the meritoriousness of our primordial fulfillment that serves as an immaculate GPS, determinably guiding us good willingly/pure defined authentically/intentionally along the bright/righteousness pathways.

The point of the above is humbly seeking to yet again re focus the greater degree of our pure awareness’s disciplined regimen’s observant orientatedness into-in true the essence of our emotional intelligence’s quotient/our feeling’s paradigm-to/true ensure that we are practicing pure divine self acceptance in all that we’re ever being.

There’s always the divine light of God insight our higher consciousness/true nature, wh’ether’  some of us may tend to disagree as well-for if we defy, then we keep on experiencing the ricocheting/boomeranging process quite considerably-lifetime after lifetime; whereas with realization of the immaculate definition of our purposeful evolutionary renaissance, we keep on growing ever sow amazingly in the pure divine graciousness’s c’om’pleteness true/through-ought the auspices of our infinite wisd’om’ consciousness.

Its not about religion or spirituality that i am intending to venture into since the purpose was specifically to essentially draw the utmost degree of pure disciplined awareness to our creative emotional intelligence competence/feelings matrix respectively.

For we emote-we feel and that is reaching unto a certain point, whereas with fulfilling, we tend to further c;om;pliment the process; for when we were created, we were created c’om’pletely and not just bifurcated into several parts, for us to solve/resolve any jigsaw puzzle.

Sow, we owe it to our creator-the pure divine essence of God’s infinite graciousness to not just let our emotions and feelings go astray anywhere/anyhow, for s’om’e of these emotional tendencies and feelings mysteriousness might be depositing considerable elements of conflicting natured envisioning potentialities deep within even our brain’s chambers/echelons/realms?

Then what? Regardless of our remarkable efforts/initiatives-somewhere/somehow that which is disturbed from within might tend to retard and affect our learning process quite considerably; meaning do not take our emotions and feelings in that accelerated/furious/intensive and insensitive perspective at en-ragingly swearing or just going on resenting/suppressing the very integral definition of our true nature’s oneness of being/evolving.

Some individuals  think there are shortcuts and that supplements of certain kinds will help boost their brains as well as overall endurable capabilities???????? There come’s a time, when the effect wears off and then they are helplessly rushing to consume more of those stimulants-but why please? Why should they keep on becoming addicted to a lifetime of co dependence on externalizing what? Its worth that’s internalized-meaning the note worthiness of our cells/our elements/our neurons amazing-astounding defining capabilities can be phenomenally invoked-evoked far much more c’om’mendably without having to rely on any external interference-yes, there is one aspect from outside that seeks to merge and re emerge insight-which is-namely our “devotional/our bhakti mein shakti” attitude.

The above means that the virtue of our devotion is amazingly empowered with s’om’e of the most magnificent capabilities that tend to awaken our deepest passionate inclinations/pulses impulses which we might have long forgotten altog’ether’?

Never despair for-the “re-mark”/”remarks”/”remarking” -inner/in our training that fastens is essentially intending to humbly refer to the way-“weigh” we speak to/true our very ownselves; there are at times somethings that we keep on unknowingly augmenting in the background and that by itself yet keeps on intensifying and compounding, whereby the aggregate totality becomes far too much/in fact far beyond any reason-ability, in fact far sow much more that it impedes and intervenes in our daily lives as well and then we are left wondering all the more, w’here’ did it all began……?

We might tend to for(e)get, but it does’nt/thus hints by re emerging with one sort of predicament or another? Why not seek to integrate the disciplined practice of observing pure awareness orientatedly each and every m’om’ent of our being’s/life’s evolution all along sow very much that we are absolutely well grounded in our true nature’s oneness of our being at any given time/instance and then wh’ether’ its the realms of our brains or the essence of our training ….. and so on and sow forth, there is a greater degree of expanded awareness that is far much more better regulating the process far more maturely and pure divine authentically, appropriately, conscientiously, meritoriously, moral principles/values/virtues and likewise characteristics/disciplines orientatedly; tenaciously, vigilantly, wisely and note worthily; Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti Bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi