Be the Point of Life’s App-ointment/A-Point-Meant! At Times, in the Fervent Pursuance of What’s Trending, We Tend to Altogether Forget the Very Integral Worth of Our Primordial Intentionalities Essential Purposefulness At/That’s All?

Realize Our Divine Essence Sona Puja

Some of us are always looking for what topic we could broach upon? speak about today? Then also what happened? what’s happening? what’s hot-what’s not-what’s trending? What will we indulge in? Which news snippet we will further disseminate and keep propagating whether online-offline or getting intricately aligned with its agendas/objectives and completely overlooking our very own imperative commitments prioritization?

The point is what’s next so that we could be further ahead of what’s next after all? Meaning being one up on others in frantically rushing to propagate as much information in a piggy back basis?

Many a time, the particular information that we came across essentially emanated and came/beamed forth with its utmost pivotal message of ensuring that we unlearn and unbe all that fallaciousness that we have been  pursuing and making our soulful consciousness endure painstakingly and very most illusively/mistakenly altogether.


In short, its inner formation-that we grow better and not just go bitter since sometimes some sets of information’s that we come across might actually be misleading us quite surreptitiously if we are not well aware enough/t!

Have we qualified? Made ourselves eligible for leading a fulfilling life that is not showbiz or sensationalism orientated? Its not a matter of chasing fleeting shadows and having more followers or likes and dislikes, but rather more about getting to the very core divine essence of our realization of being’s/life’s ever greater purposefulness.

What’s the point in worthlessly spending enormous amounts of our lifetimes in just a hop/skip and jump dance/trance when we are barely hopping, we are barely skipping and we are barely dancing- leave alone trance altogether since that is delusional when we are mysteriously venturing considering that aha we have acquired this information, so well its God’s graciousness that is being conferred especially for me? How foolish and in vain could that ever be-its the egoistical tendencies at times, that tend to make us specialize in focusing far too much on the premise that only we are the ever promising children of God and that others are in seclusion?

That very thought by itself-its very seed/embryonic consciousness that ever reflects on any living being disruptively as being deplorable and untouchable and that other creatures are of lower intelligence so they are looser’s? The point is if and when we indulge in any kind and type of discrimination, we are hurting and harming our very own integral interests the very most and well being in such a manner that there could never be any possibility of making any further amends or being pardoned for several lifetimes and that painfulness starts with/in this very lifetime itself when we start encountering and experiencing enormous sets of ill willed frequent recurrences of most mysterious outcomes/results.

Meaning everything was blossoming very well and then all of a sudden it took a downswing altogether? This frequent repetition of  altogether is essentially a reverential invocation and humblest seeking of forgiveness and  forgiving as well-meaning the al is as follows; al-tog-ether – – -al being the unified consciousness and tog referring to the attiring/dressing/addressing and then ether as we all know-eth-er humbly elucidating and convocating the utmost reverential reference to the akasha tattva-the space element as well as when at each and every instance attributing any reference to the akasha tattva-space element, its essentially including our ever humblest reverential adoration and gratitude to the complete five elements-the pancha mahabhuta’s-five great elements as well as all the creative completeness/totality/wholeness and entirety’s evolution of nature,. as it was, is being and will always continue true be………………

So coming back to where we were about the habitual tendencies of vacillating and aimlessly wandering and indulging far much more in all else that’s taking us all the more away altogether from our very own selves-namely, from our true nature’s oneness of being/evolving.

Then the misguided individuals keep on berating and speaking bad all the more about others? They keep on trying to reform and transform others?  Always its others and ultimately our thus-the essence of the dus mahavidya/the ten commandments covenants remain overlooked altogether?

Those sacred scriptures with their ever greatest teachings seek for us not to isolate ourselves in others so much so that we completely forget who our trust/entrustedness of our thus-our dus/our tenfold immaculate dimensionalities that we are comprised of is/are.

Now i will not venture into any speculative reference regarding expounding of the further elaborate expounding on the ten dimensionalities solely because each of us have to earnestly strive to realize this for ourselves; meaning that as we become unified with the pure divine essence of our true nature, we will keep shedding and letting go off the illusiveness to a certain degree and the frequencies that then thereby emanate from insight us tend to in their own unique way-weigh to contribute towards/true worth’s our overall progress/well being not just here, there and everywhere-but rather even far beyond the echelons and realms we might have never ever imagined or heard of.

Meaning that each dimension’s realization will essentially reunify us with the immaculate completeness of who we’ve always been in our truest essence, where we do not seek any awards/rewards/compensation or recognition or for that matter publicity or fame or being inscribed or etched across some chapters of historical significance or have certain avenues named after us or whatever it is that tends to be incentive orientated in any way-weight whatsoever. Its only the realization of our pure divine completeness that we keep yearning for and seeking to be unified with so that we could meritoriously keep persevering in the light/right directions as our higher consciousness’s immaculate wisd’om’ know-eth-er.

The dus/the ten-the thus is the immaculate entrustedness of our pure divine principles, values and virtues that are far beyond any number for they are infinitely gleaming and providing us unique glimpses of as we tend to clarify our innate perception of being able to then/thereby redefine, re orientate and re channelize that precise purposefulness’s attainment for which we have incarnated in this very ever precious lifetime; remember yet again, its not about overshadowing others, but remaining well within our very own aura’s sanctity whereby being light/right where we are, its essence is being/beaming-convocating through-ought us/thus-whereby we realize that we are a humble emissary that is only playing its intended role/path’s unfoldment as determined by the ever greater/grander totality of the creative competence of God’s graciousness.

Yet again, time and again, never ever should we ever consider that if we know something that we are above others and that they are inferior or discriminate or belittle anyone including our very own selves for the pure divine essence of God’s graciousness is equivalently prevalent/enshrined sow very amazingly all across/within each and every living being’s true nature’s oneness of being/evolving infinitude; this true nature is not just some fancy reference, but is far much more exalted than could ever be put into any words, for when we realize, we will be humbled to  bow in utmost reverentiality to the privilege of being able to yet further avail ourselves of another priceless gem of knowledgeable wisd’om’ with its pricelss virtues symposium.

Wh’ether’ the dus mahavidya/the ten commandments/thus/trust/entrustedness….. and so on and sow forth, the underlying principle/virtue is the immaculate reverentiality of our true nature as/has its natur’se truthfulness; meaning there’s nothing in between-no space-no element-no boundaries-no separateness…… its unifying with the very sheath of our soulful consciousness’s as/has it was always intended true be.

Through our true nature’s realization, we will acquire an ever unique visions envisioning potentiality with its ever expanding pure awareness that will facilitate the perception of the pure divine light insight as/has its always been/beaming-its not some fancy interpretation or inter-locution or speculatively trying to speak/bespeak about it or yet add some more of our own mysterious phrases and connotations or jargon of mere words… for the pure divine light insight cannot be casually described through words, rather its the worth of of ever grandest worthiness that we experience/realize and intend true become one with in its ever expanded oneness which has always been unifying the very integral essence of our collective consciousness to awake in this very lifetime to lead more fulfilling lives that are not spectacular or sensational orientated-but realistic/being practical and very most immaculate duty/due ties/pure divine potential and likewise characteristics/disciplines orientated-this orientated/orientation is not about some regional shift, but rather a disciplined code of our good willed conduct that is embodying its pure divine intentionality in all that we could ever strive true be; its principally about integrally/infinitely being the pure divine essence of who we are insight our higher consciusness’s oneness of being. Sow from being to being, its not becoming or remaining, but rather its purely being, that’s all/that’s it-there is no other reformation or transformation or switching happening, its earnestly the raising of our consciousness to the pedestal of the divine light insight, whereby with our ever expanding pure awareness, we keep on being and being and being precisely the ever gracious noteworthiness of who we have always been/beaming; where we are bathing in our own light and this is not some fancy physical bath, no fantasy or dis respectfulness or indulgence in any mere paraphrasing, but rather the cleaning/the sanctification of what needs to be let go of/abandoning those vices/vicious tendencies and negative orientatedness altogether and unlearning and unbeing as well as earnestly seeking to realize and prepare/pre-pair-well align ourselves for the ever greater/gracious learning that continually further awaits us/thus-for then we will be bestowed/endowed with yet a far greater sets of teaching’s and realizations that we will not be entitled to know beforehand for there are some aspects that we realize manifest when we are first is manifoldness in all that we are being-meaning there is no tricking or just cheating or deceiving our very own soul/supreme consciousness whatsoever through devious pretentiousness, for regardless of whatever we might try to, we will not be shown/shone until we are its shine insight-this radiance is not about boasting or exclaiming or being over proud of, rather its the humblest of states of being, where we are unifying more and far much more with all/the call of our ever greater purposeful completeness in its infinite evolutionary renaissance which yet again will not be  just merely spoken or remain as any hidden surprise, rather it will tend to be far much more invaluably cherished when we earn those precise statures, for there its no degrees or decrees or any other conferments, there are no titles or inferior/superior or any grading/gradation, there is thenceforth and pure stillness equilibrium calibration of some of the most unique sets of pure divine energies emanating and permeating/suffusing each and every elements/atoms and completeness of our being pure mindfulness with its pure awareness disciplined regimen orientatedness to yet keep on expanding forth as it deems/determines our eligibility, as/has it know-eth-er light/right true and through-ought; sow be it, its being sow true thy divine light insiight; Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti Bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi