Why Was the World Created?


Cre-a-shine/shrine as/has the world’s/worth’s vie!

Indeed, with the unique essence of our devotion true worth’s each and every element of evolution, we will tend to acquire a far better and fulfilling response.

To put it in one word/worth-its essentially about being ever creatively/tenaciously c’om’petent and resourcefully evolving; not that we are getting caught with the envy  – but rather the em-vie.

Yes, the emerging potentialities vying, where each and every discerning pulses impulse will release precisely the worth of worthiness that we measure up true.

Sow if we want the answers true so many of our quest-ions, its earnestly seeking wh’ether’ when in this world or even when we further ascend/transcend upon c’om’pletion of our earthly sojourn – to let go of any aimless sets of why’s as well as envy’s and instead embrace the ever expanding pure awareness/divine consciousness’s em-vie.

Meaning that we are already interconnected with the creative competencies of nature/evolution all along and when-if we aimlessly place before it our distorted or disruptive sets of fallacious interpretations – we will thereby tend to remain thus all the more afar – we’re then mostly just gaping and gazing into space and far beyond without earnestly unifying with our introspective contemplative quotient which embodies, enc’om’passes, ensconces and en’shrines’ as well as em-‘shrines’.

The reference to shrine is not about a religious attribution or a spiritual interpretation necessarily since here its about the cosmic architecture of our immaculate consciousness’s devotionality towards/true worth’s reverentially beholding each and every at’om’/element/tattva………. and so on and sow forth as/has its ever worthiest beholder.

We realize that we have been bestowed/endowed and are being continually conferred with ever greater, gracious and grander sets of  capabilities and then we still want more? we want to soar?

But the evolutionary wisd’om’ consciousness of nature determines that if and when we are not being c’om’petent enoug/t with what/worth we already have; then it curtails and restricts the outflow as well as any inflow.

Outflow are the energies contagion and inflow the impulsive tendencies; sow since most of share the similar sets of envisioning paradigms, we keep on confining ourselves for centuries, till another revelation dawns whereby we are not crisscrossing but instead earnestly entreating each and every essence of creation as our ever worthiest em-vie/em-shrine which is not some tricky twist of words of putting aspects out of sensible consideration-but earnestly about fulfilling our pure divine c’om’pleteness’s pure awareness’s disciplined orientatedness yearning to put/input and output each and every aspect not just in its right perspective, but also its en-light perception-the two way/weigh beams that emanate from the cosmic constellations far beyond also tend to at s’om’e point or another-en/ether emerge/merge with the infinitude of our ever worthiest creative c’om’petencies, not because we were the chosen ones; but rather because of our meritorious inclination to unify with each and every aspect of the creative competencies of nature/evolution with an profound degree of utmost respectfulness that cannot be put into words-for its worthiness speaks/bespeaks of the divine consonance that flows through-ought our immaculate veins that have always been/beaming ever good willingly/pure define authentically insight us/thus.

Over the centuries, we have been time and again reminded to accord/confer an ever greater stature/relevance to the insightfulness of the shrine of God’s infinite graciousness whereby its not about just sitting back and being idle-but rather gaining inspiration and an ever renewed evoking of our conscientious energies to keep emerging with a greater essence of devotionality in all that we’re ever being/beaming insight-outside light/right true and through-ought ever sow pure divine vigilantly, wisely and note worthily; Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti Bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi