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Instead of Focusing Solely on What Can Go Wrong, Let’s Grow Along the Essential Focusedness of the Precise Worth of Worthiness of our Immaculate Soulful Envisioning Potentialities that Glow Fr’om’ Well Insight – Light and Right True and Through-Ought 


In all that we’re being, life’s beaming for the greater good of our collective consciousness/world’s oneness of being/evolving; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi

De’vices’? Most of Us Celebrate Our Birthdays, While in Essence its Essentially Seeking True Birth the Radiant Pure Disciplined Consciousness Awareness Rays of Our Envisionary Potentialities Virtues that …………………


.. that  evokes our life’s conscientious intentionality to realize the ever pristine definition of the worthiness that we are acquiring/integrating in every th’ought’ and deed.

The point being that there are so many vices/habits and indulgences that tend to keep on leading us far behind in the grand scheme of evolution’s manifest.

Its not about refraining from celebrating our birthdays, but rather its earnestly seeking that we inculcate and embody not only on our birthday – but also right/light through-ought the year; within each and every m’om’ent a pledge to invoke the astral/cosmic rays of its worthiness of our infinitely creative/intelligent capabilities-faculties that will redefine, re orientate, re channelize as well as re integrate within this very lifetime itself, the spectrum of immaculate kaleidoscopes of ever fulfilling destines right/light across all our lifetimes.

Indeed, the giving birth to the immaculate rays is not s’om’ething that we might be able to experience/witness, but as-when we fulfillingly evolve in aligning with each and every m’om’ent’s unfolding with our  pure divine devotional/meritorious attitude-shuddh bhavana bhakti swabhava; then the ever greater, grander and gracious testaments of infinite worthiness will intend to keep on replenishing and reinvigorating us with precisely the  unique contentedness that we’ve always been ardently yearning for.

Its not some fairy tale or hocus pocus or khul jao sim sim or just about waving any magic wand and lo behold miracles, rather its seriously about taking charge of our lives in a befitting manner that will tend to keep on focusing essentially far much more on each and every element’s/at’om’s utmost c’om’petencies c’om’munion and infinite orchestration.

Yet again with all due respect to the hallmarks and essence of creation; we really do not know what will ensue, how it will unfold, what measure/degree and extent of the remarkable transformations/reformations will take place…… and so on and sow forth, but that is precisely the point; here we are seeking to characterize and unbe-unlearn and let go/liberate ourselves more and more of the negative vices/habits/indulgences and tendencies that might actually be hampering not only our all around growth but also causing enormous sets of anxieties, diseases, misfortunes and unknown maladies with their mysterious symptoms that we are running from one place to another fervently seeking to find healing/solace?

Its not that we will suffer if we don’t let go of the negative vices/habits/indulgences and tendencies right away, but in a way/inner weigh, we might be only wringing and twisting the process all the more-whereby we become so very exasperated that we might be unknowingly retorting and snapping of? getting provoked to backlash at almost everyone including our very own selves very most mysteriously?

This list is not imaginary or researched, its common sense, that if we tend to deviate from our life’s essential norms, then we have to pay the price and contend with the consequences since we cannot say -face/phase off – life and nature will not listen; we will have to either let things happen to us in anyway or we weigh the essence of the “any” as well as the “weigh” and seek to be leading many ways/weighs that are enabling and facilitating our ever greater learning as well as evolving-meaning that it would become not just a lifetime of oh i don’t know and then having that enormous anxiety at the pit/bottom-inner most recesses of our navel/abdomen? Gut feelings-greet the fulfillment so that our instincts are more well geared to guide us in precisely making/taking the light/right choices-the light is about awareness and the right is about immaculateness; meaning in taking/making the light-right choices-decisions that could lead to a better, healthier and ever prouder testament of God’s infinite graciousness.

Sow then, when we celebrate the birth of each and every moment in our lives with a greater sense of our pure disciplined nature’s consciousness’s awareness’s orientatedness regimen, our focus will intend to keep on cultivating that which is for our greater good; for then as well as when-ever, we will celebrate yes =- the seek liberation of any and everything- negative vices/habits/indulgences and tendencies…behaviors, habits……. and so on and sow forth that do not contribute towards/true worth’s our true nature’s oneness self development-self infinite improvement orientatedness of being/evolving; Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti Bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi