Maa/M’om’/Mum/Mamma/Mother’s Priceless Cherished Legacy: Giving Birth-the Ever Note Worthiest Testament; Blissful 9 Months in the W’om’b, Being Born-Borne in Love To/True its Immaculately Infinite Lovingness……

Quantum EntanglementBeing our birth’s true life/true light insight enshrines the pure sacredness of our creative evolution; Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti Bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi

With All Due Respect #Mars Fractal Analysis: How about Our Higher #Consciousness’s Factoring Convol/C’om’mune Thesis? How-Vow Much are We Essentially Taking into-intra(y)/true/through-ought=Pure Mindful Awareness’s Disciplined Fulfillme(a)nt ‘Consideration’? It is ‘Can’t See the Rays Shine-the Insightful Glimpse that’s Infinitely Wisd’om’s Evolving Conscientiousness’s Radiant Envisioning Potentialities Orientatedness………. (5)

There are remarkable efforts being undertaken to embark on innumerable expeditions, which are admirable and c’om’mendable.

The captioned title is in no way intending to question the respective initiatives in any weight whatsoever.

Its humbly seeking to introspectively contemplate and focus upon according?prioritizing an important degree of consideration to our collective consciousness’s symposium/our true nature’s oneness of being/evolving.

For to put it in one word-worth=our consciousness’s has been here, there and everys’here’ else that we could have ever imagined.

Sow, even before embarking on any expedition, we should also welc’om’e the other elements of our spatial realms with an ever greater sense/essence of reverentiality; we might not realize, its all been t’here’ far much more earlier than we arrived and will continue true be t’here; even upon c’om’pletion of our earthly admirably ambitious purposeful sojourn.

Were we invited to Mars? some may wonder, what kind of a question is this-that where’s the logic and sensibility, but here its not about intriguingly wading across with aimless queries, rather earnestly about the quest-ion that emanates from our higher consciousness’s paradigm-which will tend to keep on seeking validation of each and every aspect in its entirety-and not fr;om’ what we just randomly concur; it needs to be absolutely sincere for our conscientious immaculate nature’s wisd’om’ has been testament to sow very much more and continues true be so/sow.

Yet again, this is no some time expending distractional/disruptional and distortional endeavor since we all know time being of the essence in all spheres; however where these aspects are being ruminated, they are solely intending to modestly delve into the essential part/path of our being that’s always ardently yearning for its ever grander c’om’pleteness in all that we are ever being.\

The grandness is not about the might/the power or any extensive knowledge and neither any inferiority/superiority, rather straight-forward/for/worth supplication for ensuring observance of our pure divine principles, values and virtues adherence/synergistic coherence.

Regarding the above, where the how much are we taking into consideration and whether we can see the rays shine that are enshrined, its that angle/triangle that is not about measuring, but rather about aligning-so the how and the vow is all integrally about the pr’om’ise of being the note worthiest testament of God’s pure divine graciousness in all that we are ever being. Sow well, in this -that or anywhere else, just by declaring or professing, God is not going to come in bet-ween, rather its always we have true grow in being-where the ween bec’om’es the wean-we are reinventing, redefining, reoirentiating and re channelizing the re instilling of its unique flow of re integrated pure divine energies; remember, we are not going anyw’here’ – rather we’re being c’om’pletely light here-with right hear-meaning with light here-the pure awareness disciplined orientatedness quotient and right being the virtue of our true self’s righteousness as it know-eth-er.

We look at right and wrong; however our higher consciousness incudes light as well as soar/sow rung; this is not some ladder that we can just find miraculously emanating from space, rather its the ever dedicated/focused/c’om’mitted/prioritized focus of meticulous observance of essentially expanding our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s wisdom’s comprehensible capabilities/faculties; its not that our higher consciousness is not adept enough/t; rather its more about our very own h’uma’n perception that yearns for its pristine elevation of being able to see light/right true and through-ought with the auspices of the divine light’s virtuousness enshrined insiight our true nature’s oneness of being/evolving.

We look at cause and effect, whereas our higher consciousness’s matrix at inclusion of its “cosmic quest”s manifest; put a hand on your heart’s wisd’om’ and seek to honestly acknow’ledge’=-how much/vow much of the “cosmic quest”s manifest’s do we essentially know about? Its not that i know any better than you or others, but the point is we tend to get carried away by the sensational words and announcements, whereas in the pure stillness/in the pure silence of our higher consciousness, since centuries, there continually keeps emerging and still remaining untapped the essential engagement of h’um’an being’s beaming h’um’anity; meaning that there’s a lot of light-awareness insight, however we have got true make ourselves worthy enough sow that it will show/shone itself fr’om’ each and every one of us light/right true and through-ought.

Have we invited Mars in true us? Have we from our true nature’s standpoint of view earnestly sought to welc’om’e it and humbly seek its acceptance? For we are going across and in our going, we are taking ourselves across and in that trekking across,, even before reaching there, let us send the good willed/pure intentionality orientated sets of inclinations/frequencies/vibrational tendencies and so on and sow forth as our true nature’s wisdom and of course sensibility and reasonability deem since we cannot feign or pretend and then enact something irrational whatsoever; everything that is ever th’ought/sought must be honorably respecting the cosmic covenants/ordinances as well as explicitly  abiding/conforming to the respective laws, rules and regulations pertaining to and throughout the jurisdictions of our world/planet/universe.

Mars like other planets is not just a planet, its a plan-hith-upadesh: this is not intending to refer in anyway to hitherto, but rather “hith” s in Sanskrit which exemplifies the ever greater goodwill and “upadesh” referring to the sacred/divine c’om’mentary-the c’om’munion which is bereft of any religious affiliations/references but is solely-soulfully “meritoriously:” orientated for the ever greater plan of our universal harmoniousness; whereby when we reach across to each and every planet, it amazingly/remarkably perceives and experiences the ever unique sigNature of our ever gracious planet’s oneness of evolving; we are not here just to keep going on just like that-rather we are hear true growing on trust likether-yes the akasha tattva/tattva/space element along with the Pancha Mahabhutas;Five Great Elements; let us seek to honorably and reverentially fulfill the pure divine c’om’pleteness of our being’s oneness by being true our nature at all given times;instances respectfully; Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti Bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi