#GuruPoornima#GuruPurnima Right Now God Resides Within You; L’i’ght Know=thy=Pure Divine Nature’s Awareness, God’s Divine Essence Presides Within Thy Highest Self’s Evolving Consciousness’s Oneness of Being…………

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The h’uma’n anat’om’y’s true nature consciousness’s disciplined orientated awareness seeks-speaks its unique definition/divine vision of its pure divine principles,values and virtues envisioning potentialities of its divine alchemy; ever sow pure divine conscientiously, meritoriously and note worthily.

What is it that makes God infinitely dwell amidst thy solar/soul arch consciousness’s realms please?

Its not mere words but integrally thy shuddh bhavana’s shraddha=pure divine intentionality’s devotional “worthiness” that amazingly sanctifies the c’om’pleteness of thy being as/has itself.

This thereby bec’om’es the exemplified divine symposium of its eternal cosmic graciousness’s cherished vision’s insightful wisd’om’s consance rue/through-ought you, me, us/thus along with all of God’s creations; time and again as/has itself.

So thou art divine as the emissary divinance’s radiance sows true/through-ought thy sacred heart’s virtuousness.

Sab amrita nadi mein upastith hain; the translational definition of this applies to each and every aspect/conceptualization of all of our nature’s creative evolutionary infinitude’s renaissance remains forever enshrined in its channelization of the pure divine nectar; whose picture/pitcher flows through-ought our appearance/aura as/has its ever luminous self insight has/as well as outside; emerging/merging pure divine consciousness infinite.

Elaborating a little more, what this exemplifies is that the worth of the pure divine essence of universal consciousness that permeates/suffuses amidst all of God’s creations is being integrally prevalent at the epi center of the cosmic universes ‘om’niscient/’om’nipotentiality and in this lifetime we have been bestowed/endowed with the priceless intellectual faculties of our divine principles, elements-tattvas; virtues vision/wisd’om’ that keeps on blessedly facilitating an ever expanding pure awareness/cnsciousness’s uniquely greater glimpse/ever gracious provisioning that remains and thereby keeps on earnestly helping us to/true keep on conscientiously/meritoriously/purposefully striving ahead with its primordial ascension enshrined within our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s oneness of being/beaming/be-aim-in-g as/has the ever precious substratum’s esoteric symphony of its cosmic graciousness.

Evolving/Going-Growing/Traversing/Transcending all around the cosmic galaxies/worlds/universes and its ever expanding realms/echelons; exploring infinite planets-stars, as well as far beyond and all across spatial frontiers are admirable objectives whose milestones might take considerable spans of decades/centuries to manifest-yet they will and keep on echonating/resonating the admirable nobility of God’s pure divine will.

Growing within the pure divine essence’s awareness of our sacred heart’s worthiness that is at the amrita nadi=epi center realm of our divine being nature’s will enables us/thus to/true attain far greater envisioning prowess’s wisdom with its eminent divine visions that keep emerging fr’om’ the “i”=individual consciousness – true merge with the “c”=collective consciousness and thereby keep convocating/elucidating with its u=universal consciousness of God’s pure divine light insight – of life true be covetously conferred with experiencing its divya prana shakti’s ehsaas=pure divine life force energies realization of its immaculate channelization = that gloriously flows/resonates true/through-ought the sacred essence of our divya chakras’s chitta shakti=pure divine energies zones natural awareness of its ever conscientious consciousness of our sacredest sustainable elements/tattvas that are each fulfilling us with its pristine divine envisioning potentialities –  ever sow pure divine “worthily” right/light true and through-ought.

S’om’e might wonder that what’s the essence of transcending through myriad sets of definitions/explanations/gist’s/references in order to be able to convey a simplified statement’s connotation?

Well, the pivotal consonance of this is attributively symbolized by the remarkable configuration of our DNA’s molecular structure; what- worth this signifies is that each and every at”om”; each and every cell/element/tattva; each and every neuron; each and every tissue; each and every blood vessel; and absolutely each and every element/particle of our being/and so on and sow forth…. all strive in “worthily” precision/unified vision of its creator’s absolute magnificence in order to/true enable us true fulfill our incarnate visions yet again/again and again…. ever sow pure divine “note worthily”.

We speak so much and when we experience the realization of our pure divine essence’s “worthiness” insight us/thus- then even without a single word being spoken, we would be able to convocate far sow much more as its was intended true be with us as itself ever sow pure divine meritoriously/virtuously/worthily…..;

This could keep on permeating and suffusing each and every layer of our being sow very amazingly that there would be no differentiation/separation or deviation in its alignment; almost as if, we were/wear/are and will always be one with the pure divine cosmic light of God’s divine graciousness in leading a purposeful life that’s forever in conformance with its pure divine ordinance of realizing the pure divine essence’s worthiness of who its being us; thus being the divine tr’us’t of taking each and every breath/endeavor/initiative/intention with the pure awareness of God’s radiant sparkling light ever sow gloriously/meritoriously/virtuously and “worthily”; realize thy pure divine character; characterize thy pure divine nature’s awareness true fulfill thy pure divine potential and this will further unveil and reveal glimpses of some of the most prolific sets of virtues/wisdom’s coveted awareness that will make us realize the pure divine virtuousness/exalted note worthiness of our sacred odyssey/sojourn that embodies, encapsulates, ensconces,enc’om’passes and enshrines its pure divine completeness/totality and wholeness of our being as/has itself’s pristine vision’s envisioning potentialities for the ever greater good of our collective consciousness’s/world/universe: ever sow pure divine “note worthiestly”; cherish thy divine heritage, fulfill thy pure divine potential/duties/due ties and likewise characteristics/disciplines to/true the very best of your pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s disciplined orientatedness’s observant regiment’s capabilities/faculties….ever sow pure divine “note worthy conscientiously/meritoriously” ; Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti Bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi