Prioritize Life, Value Life’s C’om’mitments/Prioritization: Be True Life, Live True Your Beingfulness

Fill? Fulfill Life, Life’s Evolving Fulfillment – Realize What? Re+Ally+Wise With the Essence of Your Immaculate Devotional Disciplined Pure Awareness Orientated Worthiness’s Observant Regimenmarriage-box

Cherish the privilege of being you true yours/yourself; Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti Bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi

World Econ’om’ies; In Essence Its All Essentially About Arch-on-om-izing the Core Values Realization of our Immaculate Worthiness, For/Fore That’s Worth Will See Us Light/Right True and Through-Ought: Pushing Boulders? Bolder Pushing? Go-Grow Onwards/On InSightful Potentialities C’om’munion Unified Evolving Consciousness’s Oneness of Being/Beaming/BE=Aiming Pure Authentic Goodwillingness/Pure Divine Intentionalities Orientatedness………

Be Authentic, Conscientious, Considerate, Determined, Definitive, Diligent, Earnest, Ethical, Envisioning, Faithful, Foreseeing, Genuine, Legitimate, Pragmatic and NOT Progmatic; Prudent, Realistic, Resolute, Resilient, Responsible; Reinstilling and NOT Reinstalling Since Consciousness’s Immaculateness Evolves Fr’om’ Within and With Ought and NOT With Outer/External Cosmetic Integrations…… and So on and Sow Forth……..

Lo and Behold the Pure Divine Wisdom’s Vision of Your Life with its Ever Gracious Potential Thereby Remarkably Strives True Develop/Improves in a Meritorious & Of Course Divine Insight Audit Orientated Absolutely Accountable Manner – Since There’s NO Free Ride/Glide Across Fr’om’ this Word to that World-Its ONLY Worth-Worthiness in its Purest Definable Essence of Divine Principles/Divine Values and Divine Virtues Infinite Vision of its Sanctified Envisioning Potentialities that can Facilitate Even the Merest of Glimpses or Grandness Both Insight and Outside in a Well Uniformed-Good Willed=Pure Intentionality Orientated Disciplined Awareness’s Observant Regimen’s Manner that Enc’om’passes Utmost Respectfulness for Call of Life All Around Including Within Our Higher Consciousness as Well Of Course and NOT Off Course/Perhaps or Maybe Perpetual Speculating – as Well as/has thy Pure Divine Vision’s Sacredest Echelons/Realmss of thy Higher Consciousness Light/Right True and Through-Ought…….. (12)



S’om’e individuals make pushing imaginary boulders an frequent practice whereby they are incessantly/consequently letting the boulder grow more bolder and larger and far more gigantic “than it actually ever was in essence”is or could ever be/come?

It maybe the smallest of miniatures which is barely noticeable but due to the enormous sets of anxieties and consternating habits of sporadic thinking and deliberate lack of awareness towards/true worth’s observing an appropriately well disciplined good willed/pure intentionality attitude conduct that the more they magnify their boulder, the more bolder their determined courageous resolve will be/come? How come? They are juggling with so much that they barely know where they are stepping on at any given time/instance altogether?

Lets c’om’e to the main integral point what life is seeking from us; the respective individuals first kept growing the boulder/s mysteriously; then they assumed that they must go on – keep moving on lest they get caught in the stagnation? and mind you, here its not the going on, but growing on? In order to essentially advent anyw’here’ in our lives, we must focus on our core values realization which exemplifies “growth” in its purest essence that is bereft of aimless wandering; since we can keep going on fr’om’ lifetime to lifetime; but if there is no lift-tie-aim; meaning there is no purposefulness enc’om’passed within our determinable strides/passionate outlook/insightfulness-then we might be vacillating in unfound chambers that are remotely distancing us far away not only fr’om’ our goals/objectives but also peculiarly from our very ownselves true nature’s oneness of being/evolving as well as very most essential primordial criterias ffo which we have sow very fortunately incarnated.

Well life wants them “true” move on but not just the go on way; the “grow” on way; indeed; when there is the going ahead maturely/responsibly please; there is also the integral/insightful growing ahead, for without growing and maturely taking sensible responsibility, it would become a futile uphill trek; where knowing that pushing the boulder no matter how boldly will not provide the impetus or become the pr’om’inent catalyst of any amazing endurable capabilities whatsoever; rather its the virtue of the wisdom that’s enshrined insight our higher consciousenss that will lend towards/true worth’s a better/formidable/sustainable degree of effectiveness and obviously productive efficiency that is solely devoted towards/true worth’s establishing an meticulously good willed/pure intentionality calibrated consistency in all well defined areas, dimensions and hemi-sphere’s of our lives insight as well as outside.

That’s why, when life speaks, strive to essentially listen “intent-pure divine intentionally” for life is always eavesdropping on whatever/worth ever it is that you are integrally intending fr’om’ well within your higher self of its shuddh bhavana=pure intentionality good willed quotient along with its pure divine nature’s disciplined awareness orientatedness’s observant regimen’s oneness of being-evolving; whereby, its pure conscientiousness, its pure focus and its pure mindfulness/virtuousness can create/make/remake/recreate/redefine/reintegrate/re channelize/re orientate as well as sow much more of its remarkably perceptible difference in a far much better/effective management midest what? that “worth” needs “true” be done please; since what will lead to possibly whatever, but well then since life is very strictly well disciplined with its definiteness of purposefulness-sow, its worth and worth ever with further infinite note worthiness in all that we’re ever being/evolving with, both insight as well as outside.

Realize that boldness is not everything; the behold+nice of the “growing” on will unleash its pure divine potentialities for the greater good of our collective consciousness; for its the growing insight with its ever greater pure divine discipline awareness’s observant orientatedness regimen with its clarified perception that en-definably creates-etches-makes-spans/spuns-weaves sow many core aspects/concepts/conceptualizations of life appear very far/farther more envisageable/perceptible, manageable and implementable; realize its your life and not just s’om’e game or pass time or just a experiment please; life always seeks for us true adopt a purely devotionally, well disciplined and true self’s righteousness approach; for every m’om’ent c’om’es only/solely/soulfully one’s/once in a/inner  lifetime and what? it “worth” you true is “worth” life likewise drew! thereby, amazingly empowering your c’om’mendable/note wothy initiatives with its ever amazing empowering vision’s envisioning potentialities insight/outside ever sow pure divine graciously; ingeniously, meritoriously, moral principles/values/virtues and likewise characteristics/disciplines orientatedly; tenaciously, vigilantly, wisely and note worthiestly; Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

Now, here c’om’es the captioned title’s essence; where boulder and boldness is concerned, we can push but realize that the process of pushing is purely an analogical connotation that seeks for our innate endurable capabilities/faculties to earnestly devote our utmost truest in whatever bec’om’ing “worth ever”-yes precisely that; we are entrusted with a project, let us ensure that we do not become its projectile, but rather its guidant emissary that propels its forth through the auspices of our pro active well intentional initiative/endeavors in a well dignified and honest/trustworthy manner that is passionately driven not only by the riches but rather by the core wealthiness of our global econ’om’ies fairoverall/all around-unanimous sustainable progress.

We have got one lifetime, let us not expand it within itself into infinite lifetimes, for in this lifetime, we cannot be able to drag several lifetimes in between it just to suit our personal egoistical agendas-where our karmic/sow and reap celestial agendas are concerned, our higher consciousness and the covenants/dictates of nature know-eth-er very well- the point is, lets nots get too very personal and hoard away or take away from the world its entitlement-namely-that we call it our world because we are meant true be it worth-worthiness and not not word or wordiness; we cannot twist or trick the definitions and terms of nature/evolutions-rather we have to earnestly strive to ensure that we are each fulfilling our respective duties/due ties/pure divine potential and likewise characteristics/disciplines ordinances/ordainments and so on and sow forth true the very best and fullest of our capabilities/faculties instead of just being driven by what’s in it for us? it should essentially be worth’s en/and its fore us/thus; yes this is not some narrative or deviation, away fr’om’ the econ’om’ic spheres and speaking in terms of incoherent dichot’om’y – but rather putting it in a cosmically definable perspective that emanates from well insight-that we have true be wise with wisd’om’s true be=having/behaving/behavior-which is that we have a pure divine disciplined character with its emoluments/endowments of priceless virtues that remains untapped and unused by millions of individuals solely because they feel that the illusions and enticements will rewards them for their smart worldliness?its always been simple-heart-worthiness!

This simplicity is essentially our core authenticity that cannot be imbibed whimsically and only when we deem convenient, rather its the worthiness of leading a fulfilling life true its c’om’pleteness; it begins and c’om’pletes each and every day with our pure divine self acceptance; day in/day out, learn/realize true accept ourselves and then our worthiness and then strive true let this emerge in the performance of our respective endeavors/initiatives, whereby we are forever contributing to our ever worthier world as/has it always has been in essence.

Alright/Allight, let’s c’om’e back to the above which was summarizing the gist of the captioned title’s entitleme(a)nt – we might strive to equate bolders with folders-namely, files/documents and conventional observances of the various formalities and process that need true be legitimately fulfilled and so on and sow forth, which is all absolutely fair and well understandable; however the crux is that we cannot change the folders into fold(L)ingers; indeed, we cannot persuade and protract and keep expanding disputes in a/inner manner that will tend to lead to never ending range of disputes/dilemmas/unprovoked confrontations? or provoking a heated rhetoric of unimaginable proportions?

Its not that this only, but there might be so many more unintended eventualities/outcomes/results that one may have never ever imagined and then to undo all of that, we have to invest another set of enormous capital expenditure to help heal and cool the econ’om’ies and in the process meanwhile, what lesson did we l”earn”?

Its not essentially about teaching each other or pre d’om’inance or any other such aspect, but rather let us own/each and every h’uma’n being strive to shine forth with the immaculate essence of our divine light’s wisd’om’ fr’om’ well insight ourselves since we bec’om’e reliant solely on knowledgeable paradigms and let go of wisd’om’? to a considerable extent?

We have to ensure that we are observing the daily early morning practice of pure mindfulness mediation with basic breathing exercises where its not about any religion, rather its earnestly and very most essentially/integrally our “real allegiance”

This affiliation and alignment is about us bec’om’ing more true our very own selves/our authentic/genuine/legitimate nature’s sigNature; our impeccable credentials of our pure divine nature’s oneness of being-evolving; is returning back true w’here’ we came fr’om’-namely, a few minutes every day being devoted exclusively and ever c’om’mitedly/prioritizonally true worth’s our higher consciousness’s pure stillness of being/observant witnessing the ever gracious flow/rhythm of our breath as well as intuitive conversations during which in that silence, sow very much more is being spoken/bespoken without a single word being expressed-for that engagement is being beamed at our solar/soular consciousness level well insight our higher consciousness amazing echelons/realms-w’here’ we are clarifying our perception on a daily basis through-ought the auspices of our pure mindfulness’s orientatedness-then we are not filling ourselves, rather we are fulfilling itself; meaning that as we get true know ourselves better, we become less bitter towards one another; since the animosity, the negative tendencies, the oppositions and the confrontations and vehement paradoxical dilemmas and perplexed sets of inferences as well as time and again the negational tendencies/frequencies of anger, envy, jealousy, resentment….. and all that is not true us keeps on mysteriously engaging us in complex orientations of becoming someone else altogether, which is very unfair-since if something that belongs to us is taken away from us, we protest, but what are millions of people doing each and everyday by aligning with more and more of their negative behavioral patterns is taking themselves far and farther much away from their true nature’s oneness’s of being/evolving;’when will we realize please? that we have go true be-yes “be this life with its pure divine insight” and not wandering in some other realm??????? that is disconnected from this world’s ever grandest worthiness which is essentially about bringing back ever focusedly our ever greater pure disciplined awareness’s orienatedness’s observant regimen’s essential  good willed/pure divine intentionalities orderliness in all that we’re ever being/beaming-“be”aiming both well insight and outside, for we belong to our world worthiness and not just wordiness; for words can be spoken, whereas worth is the care of bespeaking the worthiness of who we wear/were always meant “true be”; namely in being t’here’ for our world when it most needs us/thus and not just when we deem fit to suit our conveniences; for we have been created for a specific purpose, which is to keep growing in ever greater awareness and realization of our pure divine wisd’om’s observances which always seeks/yearns for us to c’om’e true-gether as our infinite worthiness does/thus; ; we must earnestly live this lifetime c’om’pletely in true/through=ought this life; let’s build a better world some may exclaim-better word? and keep on delving and engaging into yet another intensive sets of debates to press forth their sole points of views? without essentially consulting their soulful standpoint of previews/purviews/pavitra vichar’s vachan’s-sacred pure mindful awareness’s oath’s at all? the world is already better, rather its let’s guild(craftsh’uma’nship=etching our pure divine consciousness architectural prowess) yets, let’s guild a better/worthier us/thus; for as all of creations notices a better us, sow then we behold a better fulfilling world, both insight as well as outside; light/right true and through-ought; ever sow pure defined authentically/genuinely/legitimately/diligently/prudently/tenaciously as well as pure divine conscientiously, devotionally, meritoriously, wisely and ever infinite note worthiestly; Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi