H’uma’n Intelligence? En-Cells-Allegiance H’uma’nity’s Core Values/Virtues/Envisioning Potentialities – Pure Divine Evolving Consciousness Code of Conduct-ive Infinitude: Seek True Bhakti/Devotional Orientatedly Eavesdrop Upon the Cosmic Convocation/Elucidation of the Ever Reverential Dus MahaVidya/Ten C’om’mandment’s Symposium of Pure Divine Wisd’om’……


The pure divine essence of our insightful wisd’om’s amazing c’om’petencies truly deserve their ever gracious re-c’om’mendations across centuries.

Now how/vow are we essentially taking this forward? fore-worth? There’s a lot/allot entrusted upon our shoulders that while we ingeniously strive to fulfill our ardent ambitious aspirations, let us never forget the very en-ergies that we are empowering=-are thereby likewise replenishing with us and then well, we will be meritoriously evolving while equivalently/well calbiratedly attending to our primordial as well as prime orchestational zeals.

Indeed, we are sow very passionate about our lives integrity-however-vowever, we’ve got true realize the integral/the integrated structure of our cells and each and every at’oms’/elements-tattvas/tissues…..and so on nd sow forth of our core being.

There’s been a respectful adherence/conformance that’been c’om’mendably prevalent across the centuries and we need to uphold the emissaries of our cosmic h’ear’ing that eavesdrop even on the most barest/simplest of our th-ought’s/intent’ion’s/emotionali’ties’ and c’om’pleteness/totality/wholeness of our being.

The ever expanding consciousness of our pure divine intelligence is enc’om’passed within the very integral/integrated essence of each and every one of our structural en-cell’s-allegiance.

Meaning that when we tend to defy the very essence of our moral principles, values, virtues and affiliated characteristics/disciplines; s’om’how/s’om’where, we tend to start loosing c’om’plete track and definition of our ever greater sets of possible acc’om’plishments yielding altog’ether.

While we may be brilliant/creative and ever c’om’itted with our amazingly/remarkable prioritization in-light/across each and every aspect of our lives; if there is the element-tattva of bhakti-devotion missing, then all else remains amiss as well.

We will then despite all the phenomenal strides keep experiencing s’om’e sort/typeof emptiness/hollowness and lack of adequacy which cannot be put into words,for its worth/worthiness is what we’re essentially c’om’prised of-namely-the pure divine energies exemplified reverentiality towards/trueworth’s each and every aspect/concept as/has it was-as we wear/were always meant true be.

There maybe s’om’e skeptical contradictions that how could spirituality tend to play such a pre-d’om’inant role; well, that’s how/vow its been assigned/consigned/designed but never confined.

Indeed, we have been bestowed/endowed with that ever precious liberty of our pure divine will that must be exercised/implemented with utmost degree of the very highest reverential consideration in ensuring that it never ever harms/hurts any living being with any malicious intentionalities or for that matter in any way-weigh whatsoever that defies our pure divine principles,values, virtues, visions and envisions potentialities.

The aspect of our envisioning potentialities is a vast array that yet remains to be better understood/realized and while even several lifetimes will not facilitate its more c’om’prehensive understanding, its the ever virtuous essence of our bhakti-devotion that will be able to redefine/reorient/reintegrate and re channelize the very magnificent harvest of the bloss’om’ing revelations to further unfold/unveil the ever greater purposefulness of our lives which encourages us to toe the line of good willed/pure intentionalities and likewise characteristics conduct in all that we’re ever being/intend true be; Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti Bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi