Harnessing Infinitude-Being M’om’entous: ShivaShakti Kalpa Trikonguna Yuk/Yog/Yug/S’om’aSumPuranaSarveshswaramParamAnant-Anandam Sundaram


Being here:Hear being: immersive/emerging resonance oft our primordial awareness’s oneness of evolving renaissance’s humblest/modest c’om’munion.

It’s all an essentially integral matter of the essential realization of converging our pure divine nature’s awareness’s disciplined devotional consciousness’s ever expanding continuum.
T’here’s sow much true reap well insight our higher consciousness’s ekagrata chitta-one pointedness which is not about racing but precisely about elevation-raising of our soulful pulses impulsive tendencies aimed upon c’om’m-unifying with our true nature’s oneness of universality in all that we’ve/we’re as/has well has-as it’ll ever beam fr’om’ us until thus beckoneth the beacon/bec’om’eth of our immaculate spectrum of cosmic radiance……,and sow it con’tri’unes with the perception we behold in its ever defining m’om’ents that’s this m’om’ent that interconnects us with all m’om’ents that ever were, is/are and will ever be-which is why regardless of whatever, its always ultimately and utmost respectfully the worth ever – the pure divine worthiness of its pure stillness/pure disciplined devotional awareness’s ever authentic/conscientious/diligent/meritorious/moral principles-values-virtues and likewise characteristics/disciplined orientatedness; prudent/vigilant/wise and note worthier focusedness aimed upon being each and every m’om’ents ever greater testament/very best-fulfilling version of ourselves as/has our pure divine light insight/outside; Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi