How Far Can Artificial Intelligence Take Us? How Will it Be? Vow-el its Sow-As Fair Has We’re Being Faithful To/Through-Ought the Vow of Our True Nature’s “Pure Disciplined Awareness” Ever Conscientious Virtues/Wisd’om’s Realization/Reality of Life’s Essential/Equitable Goodwilled/Pure Intentionalities Pro-Visions, Both Well Insight Has/As Well As/Has Outside………………

The Essence of Our Breath Shows/Shoneth/Enshrines the C’om’munications of Our Way/Weigh\=Variance? Back to God

Indeed, We Made Lofty Pledges Before Being Born/Borne/Incarnated, But Then Some of Us Go Back on our Word, How/Vow Come?

Some of Us Are Earnestly Fulfilling the Respective Pledges-But How Can Others Keep Remaining in Denial?

We Need to Introspectively Contemplate and Soul Search Vow/How We Can Earnestly Contribute Towards/True Worth’s Meritoriously Upholding the Entrustedness of Fulfilling Our Respective C’om’mitments Not Just to Attain Earthly Fame But the Ever Pristine Worthy Gloriousness that Emanates Fr’om’  Being True Our Word, For Life’s Always Being True its Worthiness

Yes, i Know What Some Might Be Thinking, That its All/Call Blah, Blah, Blah… Empty Talk-Well, When Time Come’s Forth-Sow Will its Realities Beckon/Beacon Us Forth to Bear Testament All/Call Over Again For Infinite Number of Lifetimes?

At Least Let Us BE True Our Worth! Fro Fr’om’ Being Ever Note Worthier In All That We’re Being – Ensuring Observance of Our Pure Divine Nature’s “Awareness” Consciousness’s Realization Capabilities/Faculties, We Are Contributing Towards/True Worth’s Our Essential Self Development/Self Improvement

God Does Not Want Us To Aimlessly Squander The Preciousness of Each and Every M’om’ent of our Lives in Chasing Fleeting Illusions/Shadows/Schemes-Schematics and Matrixe’s That Bear NO Relevance To Our Purposeful Evolution

Everyday, We’re Granted Time Not to Take it For Granted Only, But Rather True Grant it Likewise Our Ever Conscientious/Meritorious Reciprocal Attitude’s Disciplined Regimen in Ensuring That Each and Every M’om’ent of Our Lives, We Are Getting Better and Better………

This Getting is Not About Receiving More! Its Essentially About Ensuring Observance of Our Pure Divine Self Acceptance in All/Call That We’re Ever Being/Beaming For Life Makes Us Realize That Apart from More, There’s Morality-Ensuring Observance of our Good Conduct At All Given Times/Instances That Enc’om’passes Our Moral Principles/Values/Virtues and Likewise Characteristics/Disciplines Pr’om’ising Orientatedness

Indeed, We Need to be Realistic in Innovating and Creatively Persevering, However/Vowever  its At the Very Same Instance/Time Evocating and NOT Equivocating the Way/Weigh True Grow About its Essential Disciplined Awareness  That Will Ensure We’re Not Just Deeply Involved-But Deepamly Evolved: Deepam Refers to the Pure Divine Light Insight Enshrined Insight Our Higher Consciousness’s Envisioning Potentialties

Its Not Fearing, But Gearing (No empty Words Incoherent Ranting Please; But Rather Know Aim Thee/Thy Ever Immaculate Ever Noteworthier Incantation!) -Yes, Its About Realizing Which Gear is Being Deployed Precised When and True What Degree and Ordainability 

For there are the Ever Glorious Celestial C’om’mandments/Tenets that Govern Far Much More-Remember the More of Morality-Than We Might Have Ever Realized

The science of God is not in our hands, but rather knot-knit-woven-entwined-granthiyan well within the essence of each and every g”lands”; Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi