Everyday, We Switch on the C’om’puters; In Every Vein, its Celestial Essence of Our Creative Evolutionary Energies/Shakti’s Swachh’s Sown OnWorth’s its Calm Pure Etheric EngerGenesis………

Swachh’s translational definition refers to absolutely pure/purifying; its neither switching nor swatching

– but earnestly about “unifying”-bec’om’ing/ oneness with our true nature’s oneness of being/evolving; realization of our true self which is far beyond any consumption, assumption or indulgence whatsoever; rather its invoking-evocation of our pure divine nature’s awareness/pure mindfulness consciousness, whose disciplined orientatedness seeks for us to keep growing and cultivating our good willed conduct/intentionalities/practices of sanctified orderliness

-letting go of any aimlessness or vagueness in our lives and striving to define the pure divine worthiness-whereby we make ourselves worthy of all/call that we’re ever being-wh’ether’ well insight or good willingly outside; we are one, let’s truly wear/we’re our oneness, that’s not about any rituals or ambiguous pursuance’s – but with each and every precious breath/divya prana shakti-pure divine life force energies worthiest efforts/initiatives; the pure divine ambitiousness of our pure divine destinies that yearn for us to practice our pure divine self acceptance in all/call that we have ever been-are being and will ever be; sow be it; its being sown with the pure divine light well insight as one of its ever greatest testament’s for we wear/were created for life as life’s creativeness

-so its not belittling or riddling ourselves with mysterious assumptive curiosities that do not serve us or our constitutional/embodiment’s meaningful growth at all; yes essentially about our embodiment, since it all begins/grows fr’om’ well insight awareness/realization of our core values/our moral principles/virtues meritorious consonance in the very totality-meaning, not that we just adopt our own interpretations or mock or shrug our shoulders upon the gloriousness of the renowned civilizations that have been before us;they have done their part’s, let us likewise do/drew/true our pathways as well and yes-time and again, being conscientious of the significant insightfulness factors/cells/elements/neurons….

-our creative intelligent mental faculties/emotional intelligence c’om’petencies, whereby we are not getting carried, swayed or provoked and retaliating and lashing out at any and everything; let us first realize with utmost pure disciplined awareness the essence of what’s being focused upon and then deal with it in a befitting manner that does not ridicule or diminish its worthiness simply because we intend to get even with some defiant sets of presumptions; let’s not just keep getting knotted/entwined into the granthiyan of moving away from our very selves-meaning that the more distanced we become from our very own true nature’s oneness of being, all/call the more, we wonder why we are lacking/missing something? feeling inferior? not liking or accepting ourselves or others well enough? not being able to comprehend/interpret or liaise and get along with others or our very ownselves and being incessantly restless? ……… and so on and sow forth, the point is that when we tend to defy instead of defining the good willed/the pure intentionalities conduct of our pure divine disciplines by harming/hurting others wh’ether’ through our thoughts, feelings, emotions or resentment and suppressive emotionali-ties tendencies, we get all the more fraught and wrapped into enormous sets of self induced dilemmas and complexities that we have to yet all over work upon light/right from source to untie and undid/unbid/unrid ourselves of the malignant disorderliness/disarrays that we so very ignorantly and negligently instill, but why please? When we are well aware that our lives have and will only evolve in a well defined pure divine orderly manner to be able to meritoriously evolve, then why are some of us being reclusive/lazy/least bothered/aimless and challenging our very own true nature’s pure divine essence? For its not someone else who pays the price and penalties, its we who err tend to be accountable and until we make the essential amends, we might keep vacillating, but do you think its worth it? To keep harranguaging ourselves with incessant mental chatter of more and more mysterious characters? entities? Realize you are you and belong true yourself and not someone else mouthpiece or puppet to keep on dancing to the wrong and ill willed practices of others who do not realize the righteousness of life’s divine c’om’mandments that never ever treats or entreats anyone else including themselve in any harmful manner – wh’ether’ in thought/deeds/feelings/emotionali-ties whatsosever and also another significant reminder, never ever covet what belongs to someone else, they have earned all that they have been bestowed/endowed with through their karmic as well as moral/noble deeds; so instead wish them well with all your being and strive to likewise make yourself worthy of what you wish truebec’om’e since unless you make yourself eligible, it will be an emptiness of words-life’s seeks worth not just words; even these or any other words are words; until are unless constructive/meaningful initiatives are meritoriously fulfilled will their respective outcomes/results be attainable-not otherwise, for there is no abracadabra/hocus pocus/khul jao sim sim/no magic/no miracle or any other cheating or defrauding….. whatsoever; for like begets like, when we try to short cut, we are cut/curt far more shorter-meaning that we become entangled in our own deviousness in one weigh/way or another, so let go of any pretensions and only focusing on the incentives and rewards in any way such as i want it anyway mindset; define the want-if you want it, then work for it; strive for it; be deserving and worthy of it and not just angrily and furiously keep on converging your energies on the wanting alone; collate/focus the pure essence of the worth and not the want- for worth with its worthiness transforms whereas want without worthiness cannot be able to qualify.

Furthermore, never ever indulge in any emotional tendencies suppression/belittlement and considering that others are worthier and that you are not – that is fallacious thinking, for you are sprinkling seeds and rekindling the roots with maliciousness, so the harvest and blossoming would be malignant; so whatever/ its not whatever-but worthever-yes precisely worth ever -ever worthiness; its the nip in the bud strategy, where you gently and affectionately/appreciatively nurture and rekindle and cultivate the roots with the immaculate truth of pure divine worthiness that created you, being utmost grateful/thankful and resourcefully striving to lead a purposeful fulfilling life, for each and every m’om’ent truly c’om’es only once in a /one’s inner lifetime; this is essentially about those m(oar)ore m’om’ents that have always been/beaming well insight with you, yearning for you to be more well aware of your true nature’s oneness of being/evolving as one of its ever note worthiest emissaries; so be true your through-oughtness in fulfilling its pure divine worthiness in all-call that you are ever being/beaming/be+aiming……. Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi