Too Many Questions? Declutter the Quest Fr’om’ the ions: Because its Eliciting and not Soliciting…………Emerging With a Better/Well Clarified Perspective Fr’om’ Well Insight…………

The Moor/More Quest-With its Zest/Essential Yearning That Transcends Mere Curiosity/Inquisitiveness W’here’by We are Left/Lifting With All the Most Quest in i=oar/ore-core-Galvanizing; Sharpening thy Intellectual C’om’petencies…………….

Life fulfills us sow very amazingly fr’om’ within insight our higher consciousness at times-when we are ever well aligned with our ever conscientious/meritorious state of being/beaming as well as with-ought in such an impeccable manner of amazing well disciplined awareness that we are all the more well defined and precisely know not just what-but worth is sought to be asked-but true be tasked as well.

Meaning we are not aimlessly engaging in any game of words but rather befittingly responding in an c’om’mendable manner to ensure that we are sensibly as well as essenceifiably evolving for we have been blessed with the truly amazing intelligent sets of virtues/wisd’om consciousness capabilities/faculties; that strive for us true be faithfully/integrally/honestly more in its pure more determinable resolves that we are desiring; for we will not be just handed our endowments for ever on a platter; we have to ever deservingly earn well in making our place-our niche/making ourselves eligible and ever note worthier of all that we were ever meant “true be”-both well insight as well as outside; Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti Bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi

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