#ZeroHunger Fr’om’ Food, Feed Form – Envisioning/Projecting the Essence of Centuries of Ever Greater Cite/Sat(h)ia-tion That Emanates Fr’om’ Our Self Awareness Orientatedness

The Point Being That When Eating, The More The “Awareness” -All the More Our Unique Fulfillment Experienced In Each And Every Grain/Morsel of Food Ever Partaken


Its essential to bring ever greater degree of awareness to all that we are ever consuming-since thereby we are deriving those precise sets of energies, whose appetites might tend to either defy or define reality of realization.

Indeed, facing hunger and starvation calls for far much more consideration being given imminently and at times far more emergently to more salient aspects-by all means, do pivotally accentuate the focus on those respective factors, but ensuring to re-orientating our perception-since its been the manner in which we have been looking at it for centuries far much more from the outside; let’s step insight likewise and devote to focus upon identifying ever better/unique sets of immanent measures that could help to unify the universality of all that ever was, is and will ever be-to keep discovering more of the worthiness in all that’s being/evolving-instead of just accumulating millions and billions of literature and poring through the enormity of statistical indexes/conducting  remarkable surveys and examining ingenuity all around while insight, it remains ever baffled, that when will we each strive to experience/realize the evolving wealthiness of our true nature’s oneness of being;  for fr’om’ that far much more is fed, bred and lead ahead-ventured across eminently towards/true worth’s the universality of who we have always been/beaming, both well insight as well as outside-ever more conscientiously/meritoriously towards fulfilling the c’om’mitments  in an well defined, orderly and prioritized manner-towards/true worth’s an ever better us/thus; Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi