D’own’loading Fr’om’/Up’load’ing to-the Cosmic Server? In Essence-We Merit to First Serve & Focus on Serving Our True Nature’s Oneness of Being to Bec’om’e Deserving Rather than Just Getting Carried Away, For its “Care a Weigh” to be Wearing All That We Could Ever Care For….Be Productively Efficient, Unify Your “Pure Self Disciplined Awareness Orientatedness Capabilities/Faculties”……


Indeed, for all that might be sound good has its acc’om’panying resonance that’s insightful good willingness.

The point being that in order to keep focusing more on elsew’here’ all the time? we away/a weigh far much more fr’om’ this very time/m’om’ent by m’om’ent of our lives due to lack of adequate awareness.

For, if we shift and accentuate our essential focused sets of energies more on not just what-but the worthiness of all that we are ever being in the doing, then we will tend to apparently keep c’om’ing across far much more note worthier concepts/prospects and likewise respectfulness.

Its about ensuring to be precisely right w’here’ we are meant true be at any given m’om’ent of our lives sow that the worthiness of what’s mean is thereby perceptible, since if we are mostly giving space to all else to keep filling ourselves, then when will we ever fulfill that which we have always been pr’om’ising to acc’om’plish ever since time immemorial-namely, our self realization.

It might be interesting to keep ourselves well aware, but that does not mean we have to forever be randomly whiling away most of our lifetime in pursuance of any as well as some sets of things that we might tend to come across.

Like the captioned title was intending  to sound quite unique, but then the point is what-worth-worthiness do we know about our pure divine essence first and foremost of all?

For this is something that is very privileged and entrusted to us insight ourselves, but then when we hear all else outside, the eavesdropping on whats=worth’s=the pure divine worthiness that’s insight ourselves keeps getting overlooked? Till one day in time, when we reach a stage after several decades to realize that all of the creative evolutionary essence of nature is enshrined well insight our higher consciousness but then we want evidence?

That proof will not be manifesting to satisfy our vehement need to qualification of the cosmic credentials, since time and again, until or unless we make ourselves ever deserving/ever worthy and ever reverentially aligned with our true nature’s oneness of being as well as utmost reverential adoration of its pure divine principles,values, virtues and likewise characteristics/disciplines; we will be remaining in an statement instead of state-meant.

The statement would be just whizzing by enormous sets of imaginary  objectives whereas the state-meant would be more of pursuing meritorious objectives that are being well defined-whereby we are more focused upon the essence of our self disciplined awareness in an realistic manner and not just any elusive or illusive process of trying to fetch something out of nowhere; for its sum+think=pure mindfulness awareness that ought of k’now’+here; for when we realize that its not just a lot that’s happening/evolving;then we will be able to allot/allocate and thereby step in between the essence of all that’s ever being to acc’om’pany the creative evolutionary renaissance of nature as its ever better version of realisticness in all that we are ever being; for we were not meant just to be carried away;but cared a weigh-yes, the caring about bring us back true our very ownselves and not just on the slightest pretext getting distracted/fascinated and pursuing myriad sets of imaginary happening while overlooking the have+the being+the image+the vision incarnate of being able to perceive better to be better perceived accordingly; for ultimately upon c’om’pletion of our earthly sojourn, we will realize that its precisely the ever greater “unified sets of our core values awareness” kept leading us towards/true worth’s s’om’e of the most amazing m’om’ent of our lifetime and that/those precious endowments of our noteworthy achievements will intend to infinitely be and keep being/beaming a part/path thenceforth as well for/forth us-thus; for life is not just fooling around, but is fulfilling aground.  Meaning that each and every element/tattvah of nature is and continues to bring forth ever greater sets of arrangements/coordination’s not simply for us to keep on aimlessly pursuing illusive sets of objectives, but instead identifying and striving to realizing ever better, ever more meaningful and purposeful objectives that help us keep growing in the pure divine graciousness of our wisd’om’s c’om’munion with its priceless virtues-that keep helping us lead and fulfill that which we were/wear always meant “true be”; and just in case some of us intend to say we will see later and much later? Then when later comes, we will wish we had awakened to our very own self awareness realization far much more earlier on in our lives, for t’here’s truly sow very much happening whether insight or outside that could help us grow true be ever better h’uma’n beings and thereby lead us to an ever better universality of each of us being an note worthier aspirant of well defined sets of objectives-the point being that its not always out there somewhere, but it all begins and grows fr the sum+wear insight our higher consciousness that’s w\here’ we are being time and again having our ever conscientious awareness being evoked and nudged time and again by the cosmos to wake up/true awaken to our true nature’s oneness of being/evolving and to stop chasing fleeting notions/illusions, for the reality of all that”s ever been/being and will ever be will be ever far more uniquely perceptible through our ever greater degree of “self well disciplined awareness” and not in donning some illusive//elusive sets of costumes and make up’s that will only make us loose sight of our very ownselves; meaning never to loose ourselves in the pursuance of what we barely know anything about; however where our true nature’s oneness of being is concerned, it knows and is ever closest true us/thus-but we have to devotionally undertake the meaningful initiatives that begin with our pure divine self acceptance in all that we are ever being/doing/intending as well as our daily early morning  pure mindful awareness mediation practices as well as realistically defining/realizing that which we have been entrusted whether it be our personal/professional agendas/duties are being dully fulfilled to the very best/fullest of our “good willed/pure intentionality” awareness capabilities; Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi

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