Tendency/Train Dans Oui, Essence True Be/Qualia: Since Centuries, We’re Writing/Enlightening S’om’ething’s, Wh’ether’ Through-ought Our Insight/Look in-Have You Looked? How-Vow About Integrating-Etching-Inscribing Well Within Our Evolving Consciousness Ever More Eminently As/Has its Core Values Perceptibility For its Sharing the Same Ever Note Worthily Immaculate Platform………..



Let the pure divine ever gracious essence of our true nature’s oneness of being with its self awareness ever devoted/disciplined facilitate us with the esteemed privilege of being able to c’om’prehend its inscribing that’s etched within the sacred realms of our higher consciousness; sow that what’s writ-in keeps getting further written with our ever conscientious participation in its evolving process-whereby we merge/emerge with its pristine cognitive uniqueness of being able to realize those immanent aspects of ourselves that we have been longing to/true behold and thenceforth ever pure divine virtuously keep on meritoriously growing in  its pure divine gracious wisd’om’s absolute fulfillment to the very purest of our ever pr’om’ising capabilities/faculties……Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi