Tree of Life: My Me/Your You/We Ours? Life’s Not Just C’om’ing & Going; Its Trust Calm In Growing Well Insight Our Pure Divine Graciousness’s Ever Virtuous Wisd’om’; Its Seeking the Authentic Realization of the Integral Essence of Our True Nature’s Oneness of Being/Evolving……….that’s Devoid/Sans Our Egoistical Tendencies/Whims; Thou Art Unlimited/Unconditional & Boundless W’here’ the Infinitude of Goodwilled/Pure Divine Intentionalities Bloss’om’ Fr’om’ Well Insight……….


Cherish the ever reverential immanence of thy pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness; Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi

Which Side? Where? When? Why? How/Vow About Realizing the Essence of Your Multidimensionalities Core Values Perspective? Envisioning Potentialities Embodiment Emerging/Emanating Fr’om’ Well Insight?

Upside down or down side up? How about upright thou in and insight thou weans.

This weaning is not about us carrying our insight as if it were in its infancy, for its been there since centuries/time immemorial.

Our core values/pure divine insight is endowed with incredible wisd’om’ of God’s graciousness.

Its not just about the fanciness of words or the fanciness of worldliness/allurement alone that life’s all about.

The essence of life starts to appear quite distorted when we are misreading and thereby misleading our very own selves.

At times, there might be no guide; not teacher; no mentor, no family, no friend, no relative, no colleague, no beloved, no, no and no one acc’om’panying you expect your with your very ourselves.

So at and in those times/instances its not a game or right or sight; but precisely the aim of bright; the ever expanding discipline of your self awareness orientatedness that will lead you light/right thorough-ought so that you could establish the essential stability and strive to fulfill you worldly duties as well as ever worthier beatitude.

There’s more to/true life insight than just reading when you need it; for when you read it also when not needed; then you lead well ahead, even when knot weeded-meaning that when there are thorns and weeds; its the essence of the seeds/the roots/your embryonic consciousness of your true nature’s oneness of being that will help you see things as they ought to be perceived and thereby redefined, reorient the very essence of each and every energies potentialities all the more .

Remember that all of life is shown as well as shone and then also enshrined; some of us tend to stay with what’s being seen that when we miss out and focus far too much on one slide of what’s being seen; then that which remains unseen  becomes the seam of a number of unseen altogether unseemingly all the more appropriate, for the reason that when things were here, we wear/as well as were all along being elsewhere?

That’s why regardless of the instance, ensure to devote your absolute focus on the essence and not just the presence of whatever its that you re ever being/intended; for while the presence is read’ the essence of your true nature’s oneness of being is lead/leading quite uniquely fr’om’ well insight-where there’s no favoritism or chance or illusiveness or happenstance or maybe”s or just rand’om’ness…… and so on and sow forth; for as you get to/true k’now’ yourself ever more better fr’om’ well insight your core values/true nature’s oneness of being, you then embark and  keep preparing yourself to advent towards/true worth’s better deciphering the gradual evolving process in a much more better, determined, effective, efficient and fulfillment manner.

For then, we are not just bidding/playing with our time being; we are beaming timelessness  in such a manner that we are uniquely the infinitude of both our presence as well as its core essence; for there’s not a m’om’ent that slips out of sight when we are well insight as much as we are being outside; it sharpens the manner in which we see and are being seen as well in the shown that we are being shone, fr’om’ the ever pure divine worthiness enshrined insight our true nature”s oneness of being/evolving; Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi