Just hushing or shooing things does not make them go away; the weigh of jostling them away makes them grow all the more awry, but the essence of what intends to emerge to the surface to resonate its immaculate credentials precisely as things ought true be; Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi

Evolution; How/Vow Well-Will You Shine What’s/Worth’s Enshrined: Using? Its You “Sync Nature” True Writ’e’ thy Stature; Remember Suture-A Stitch in Time Saves Nine! Vow-How Many More Lifetimes? Life+Tie+Aims=Wake Up/Realize the Uniqueness of Your Evolving Consciousness/True Nature’s Oneness of Being Fr’om’ Well Insight thy Higher Consciousness that Never Indulges itself With any Negative Tendencies!

Cherish/Realize the esteemed privilege of being you true yourself; well insight, outside as well as intermediately/in between or anywhere else; never ever loose track of a single m’om’ent of your evolving pure divine nature’s self awareness ever disciplines orientatedness that devotionally seeks to/true fulfill all/call of life with its infinitude of ever conscientious, meritorious and note worthier aims/objectives/envisioning potentialities right/light true and through-ought; Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi

11.11 Every Number is a Multiple of Itself; In Essence, the Essential Nature of our True Self/True Nature’s Oneness of Being/Evolving Grandness/Supreme Greatness is Infinitely Numberless….Indeed, a Time Will C’om’e/Dawn Forth When the Authenticity/Genuineness/Legitimacy & Core Values Reality’s Realization that the Pure Divine Consciousness is Everyw’here’ Can be Convocated/Expressed/Featured Through the Auspices of Mathematical/Reverential Scientific Astral-Celestially Orientated Formulas As Well=Has Only When God’s Will/Willeth…………

Never Encumbering, But Rather In Compering the ‘Om’niessence/’Om’niscient & ‘Om’nipresence Authenticity of our Being’s Evolving Conscientiousness=That the Pure Divine Consciousness is Everyw’here’

One Day-Era-Epoch in Time/Tie+True Aims that Our Divine Insight Exuberantly Proclaims that All of Life is the Uniqueness of our Pure Divine Consciousness and That There Will Manifest a Time, A Place, A Space of Infinitude Pure Divine Gracious that Elucidates/Exemplifies & Echonates/Resonates its Incredibility Authenticity/Reality that the “Pure Divine Consciousness of God’s Infinite Graciousness is Everyw’here”/Has Always Been/Beamed Ever+Here and Will Continue True Be/Do+True Sow Ever Hear/Here=Eavesdrop on the Essence of thy Pure Divine Soulful Consciousness Infinitude That’s Been Speaking To Thy/Through-Ought Thy Higher Self’s Evolving Consciousness Fr’om’ Well Insight the Essence of thy Pure Divine Virtuousness/Wisd’om’ Consciousness


No(vemb)er; Nu(mb)er: El(even); When we’re even, then sow’s life sieve vein; the precisionality of every being’s destiny is provisionally unfolding in precise accordance/conformance with the core/pure divine essence of their meritoriousness’s shuddh bhavana=pure divine intentionality’s immaculate consonance; ever sow pure divine ordinancely, vigilantly, wisely and worthily; Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi

Th-Ought; Realize thy Brain Waves Unique Quintessentialities Evolving Potentialities Right/Divine Light Insight Fr’om’ its/their Core/Roots/Seeds-Embryonic Structure – Remember the Theta, Alpha, Beta, Delta & Gamma Brain Wave’s Amazing Precisionality; Observe Your Brain=Train, But Never Strain the Essence of Your Immaculate Observationalities……..

Cherish/Realize the sacred essence of your pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness fr’om’ well insight your true nature’s oneness of being/evolving; Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi