Voices or Vous Oasis?

We want our voices to be heard, whereas life yearns for us to “heed our virtues”.

The point being that we expend tremendous energies in expressing whereas with a fraction of those very identical energies, ever more intelligently sequenced/synchronized, we can garner and leverage s’om’e/sum of the most amazing orchestrations and resonances of our beingfulness’s invocation fr’om’ well insight our true nature’s oneness of being/evolving.

But yet again the ever contending point/appointment is whe’ether’ we are leaning more on the egoistical contradistinctionsness or the enlightened conscientiousness?

An entire lifetime goes by where even at the umpteenth moment that the sojourn of life is almost culminating and in those fleeting moments, some of us yet keep getting enticed by those alluring shadows whose illusiveness leads us into a vortex of aimless spirals, whereby we are reincarnating into yet another lifetime full of quests that are not heeding or healing but are ever persistently demanding for their voices to be heard?

Have you “listened” to your very own voices authentically first and foremost of all life’s core c’om’petent intelligent faculties seek to know’eth’-er.

Because hearing is a part, whereas listening its path/pathway; this is essentially about the core values eavesdropping and its meticulous adherence/conformance that brings us ever more closer and in precise alignment with our priceless virtues.

So/Sow while this topic can keep expanding and expounding its aim is not just aimless blabber or some mysterious dichotomy’s rendition but yearning for each and every one of us; as some have uniquely realize and are meritoriously evolving, but how about millions of other noble souls?

Why do they just keep on with their rigid insistence of the typical statement-that-i want my voice to be heard? without heeding to the pure divine essence of their virtues at all?

How/Vow well aware are they? Do they ever realize that there is far much more to life’s fulfillment that just having one’s voice to be heard once in a lifetime; for one’s inner life+tie+aim is an ever pr’om’ising ambitious aspirational quest to better realize/define and re orient one’s ownself precisely in alignment with the ever greater, grander and gracious covetousness which is the ever treasured catalyst/impetus that leads us to ever glorious advent orientated pathways-namely, the identification, discovery, experience, realization and unification with our true nature”s oneness of being; for there’s a tremendous world of difference between the being heard and the be heeding; one just temporarily helps us, whereas the other infinitely and ever most contentiously fulfills us with some of its most unique sets of revelations and ever c’om’mendable achievements and acc’om’plishments……… that yet keep leading us further towards/true worth’s an ever eminent acquaintance with that and those aspects of our c’om’pleteness/our totality/wholes’om’eness…. and far much more than any words could merely express-for its not just words; its trust/the entrusted worth/the pure divine worthiness enshrined insight our higher consciousness that we strive to align with and which has always been emanating from our primordial agenda’s ever cherished fulfillment quest…….so re consider and pay more attentiveness ever sow considerately towards/true worth’s heeding to the pure divine essence of your amazing pure divine virtues instead of repeatedly resonating the momentary impulsiveness to be heard; learn to listen true yourself as life does/thus; for then you can eavesdrop on your soulful consciousness’s ever virtuous transcendence in infinitely evolving with your immaculate growth in pure divine graciousness, pure divine wisd’om’ and pure divine worthiness as it was; as you wear/were always meant “true be”; Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi

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