Yes Ab’Soul’utely! DNA=Divine Nature’s Awareness Consciousness: Its the Ever C’om’mendable Mark of Our Divine Essence’s Uniqueness: Soul/Solar/Astral/Cosmic/Celestial/Quantum… Levitational Dynamics; Our Soul is Trust Entrusted=Our Divine Embodiment’s Essence & Never Thrust Insight Our True Nature’s Oneness of Being/Beaming……

Destiny=Trust in Thee; Y/Our Soul has never been thrust, its essentially been the impeccable entrustedness – the unquestionable faith of our true nature’s oneness of being/evolving ever since time immemorial; wh’ether’ the bio field of our “aura” or the cosmic celestial frontiers of our “quara” whose translational definition from Hebrew refers to recite/read/call-cry out/proclaim=well/good will here, there and everywhere its earnestly invocation/imploring and supplicating the pure divine graciousness insight our higher consciousness-where there is no title, for our soulful convocation/c’om’minique’s/renditions/elucidations is facilitated through-ought/insight the auspices of worth and not words-remember/realize its always been our pure divine worthiness and not wordiness or worldliness.

Sow c’om’ing back to the above – wh’ether’ the bio field of our aura or the cosmic celestial frontiers of our quara-the quantum infinitude as well as “gaurav” whose translation definition from India’s ever glorious dialect connotes the ever exalted exemplification of our pure divine self esteem/honorability/pride/self respectfulness and remarkable prestige that is incomparable-for the pure divine essence of our soul is priceless and how/vow it c’om’es into our body/resides and presides as our ever remarkably amazing embodiment through-ought/insight our lifetime is an esteemed privilege that we need to be ever most gratefully thankful for with each and every swas/sans-breath of our divya prana shakti- impeccably exalted reverential/worship orientated and most devotionally disciplined observance/practice of pure divine self acceptance in all that we are ever being/intending/evolving with, wh’ether’ well insight, outside, ought cite as well as far beyond as our true nature’s oneness of being/beaming with its core values dynamics of levitation and definability yearns for us true acknowledge/reciprocate and profess with utmost gratefulness, for ever since our soul has c’om’e joined/enjoined/aligned/unified with us-how/vow authentically-genuinely-legitimatelly grateful have we ever been please? and wh’ether’ our respective endeavors//initiatives/intentionallities have been purely good willed and note worthy of our of ever conscientious/meritorious soulful consciousness oneness of being/beaming please? There’s sow much more enshrined well insight our true nature’s oneness of being that as we each tend to realize all the ever more beatitude that’s enc’om’passing, all/call the ever more well aware/self realized we will ever bec’om’e with our pure divine celestial essence’s graciousness’s infinitude as its infinite gloriousness that ever was, is and will ever be…….beam fr’om’ well insight our/its true nature’s oneness of being/beaming that’s trust/entrusted but never enthrusted please; Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi


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