#HappyHolidays H’om’ework/worth: Cognifying our Embodification? Its Embodifying our Cognition! We are Entrusted an Sacred Assignment=Our Divine Embodiment, But then/than IF We’re Just Thrusting Around Any Weigh/Any How? L’earn’ True Embrace/Respect the Cultural Diversity of Thy True Nature’s Oneness of Being-Evolving=Realize the Core Values Essence of Our Encultured Body/Brain’s Uniqueness…………. Creating our Bodies? Embodifying Creation!

Let Your Divine Graciousness Glow/Flow Fr’om’ Well Insight Your True Nature’s Oneness of Being……

We cannot rand’om’ly recreate our bodies and brains in such a way-weigh, that we are chiselling away and trying to remold/re sculpt the very essence of our divine embodiment-whose intrinsic unification deserves ever greater acknowledgments with each and every element/tattvah of our divya prana shakti=the breath of our pure divine life force energies.

Its not about racing across creation, but more essentially raising-elevating our consciousness; that is why the captioned title of h’om’ework=worth;; that is why the captioned title of h’om’ework=worth; for its realization of the true worthiness that needs no words; its worth is its ever meritorious ‘om’nitranscendence, ‘om’niscence and ‘om’niprevalence as well as ‘om’nisustenance in all aspects, dimensionalities, facets and spheres of its ever creative magnanimity of nature’s evolutionary renaissance.

For, as we meritoriously observe the divine code of conduct that emanates fr’om’ the very integral echelons/realms of our divine principles, values, virtues and likewise characteristics-disciplines; we are precisely lead to an ever greater cognizance of that and those degrees of our self awareness disciplined/devotional-bhakti bhav realization that is never about over/hover shadowing and twisting words out of their very defintiveness to suit any personal selfish-hidden sets of agendas; for the conduit from which the divine rays spray their ever infinite potential graciousness is orchestrated through-ought/insight and betwe(a)en as well as further beyond on an reciprocity of ever reverentially realizing and fulfilling our pure divine potentialities in a well define and orderly manner; not that we are backbiting and backstabbing the very integrity of our conscience by elucidating any and every sets of words just to whimsically suit our speculative sets of dispositions that are more erratic than even the most unpredictable weather patterns.

For its not just seeing when its the reasons or season but rather infinitely-in all that we ever think/intend and seek to resonate that and those degrees of l’earning’s that we have been enshrining well insight our higher consciousness ever so precariously.

Indeed, there are certain individuals who retort back immediately to first put our house in order and keep rebuking but then each and every one of us are earnestly striving to not just do=but be that; for we are not human doing/dewing;-but obviously human being-so its about bringing an ever greater expanded degree of awareness/realization in all that we are ever being/intending to fulfill that its all the ever more of our beingfulness in the doing, sow that what is achieved is mirroring/reflecting that and those lessons we learnt fr’om” previous lifetime’s and further enriching the wealthiness of its divine repositories by adding/gladdening the values that are attained through meritorious observances/practices earnest fulfillment and not just symbolic replenishment’s by egoistically resonating that what embodiment?

For beyond our mind/body/hear/brain/organs/neurons/veins/blood vesels/tissues…… and so on and sow forth, its the very infinite graciousness of our divine embodiment that yearns for us true grow and keep on ever conscientiously/meritoriously growing in the infinite pure divine graciousness and its ever virtuous wisd’om’ that will not lead us just a part-but a path of ever amazing growth orientatedness that is purposeful in all that is ever being sought and not some aimless renditioning or borrowing passages from here, there and everywhere without ever fulfilling its prestige’s of our time and again our divine credentials that all of nature knows sow very well, but the point being, that why only a handful of individuals tend to devote and honorably revere their divine embodiment=true nature’s oneness of being-intending-fulfilling while other’s keep on deferring this fr’om’ lifetime to lifetime? Why please?

For, as we each tend to bec’om’e ever more well acquainted with the divine beatitudes of our beingfulness that’s emanating fr’om’ well insight our higher consciousness, all that we will tend to experience is an ever greater sense of well being; almost as if after centuries of transcendental expeditions, we are being sow very much at h’om’e well insight ourselves after all-call; this all is about unanimous divine unification and its call resonating its universality’s c’om’munion, where each and every living being/as well as each and every human being earnestly strives true be/do their part in empowering and strengthening in building and ever sustainable sets of envisioning potentialities that ever “worthily” treats the oneness of call/all that they’re ever being/bea(i)ming…. fulfilling pure divine infinitude insight/outside-ought cite/in between/beyond….. taking the cue fr’om’ the ever gracious divine epiphanies that keep on elucidating the wonderful of the universe as we eavesdrop on the universaification’s universality of wonderfulness fr’om’ the minds of our hearts as well as the hearts of our minds=observing/practicing pure mindfulness awareness consciousness/pure divine self acceptance in all that we are ever being in all that we are ever doing/fulfilling.

For, when we truly believe that we are the embodiment’s of the pure evolutionary creation of nature’s greatness; then the ever creative c’om’petencies of evolutionary brilliance ever gracefully flows through from well insight us/thus….. to lead us towards/true worth’s being cognizant of the ever greater meaningful realization of the /purposefulness of our lives/incarnation; we have not just been born, but rather borne trust/entrustedness of our divine heritage, where there still remains sow much of h’om’ework/worth=namely liaising and bec’om’ing all the ever more familiar and well versed with the ab’soul’ute uniqueness of our divine embodiment, where there will c’om’e/dawn a timelessness/whereby fr’om’ nothingness all of it will be representing everythingness that’s divine characteristics/diisciplined orientated… for the lessons will continue…. as we/you earnestly strive to calm true in you/us=that pure divine stillness insight our higher consciousness that yearns for us to realize that there is no separateness from our divine embodiment at all-never ever-our divine embodiment has, is and will always be acc’om’panying us ever sow faithfully/loyally… but then are we-meaning not only some of us, but more and ever more/each and ever one of us earnestly reciprocating this uniqueness of our divine heritage? for the lessons next chapter intends to continue….. with our ever greater degree of awareness-cognizance.. not just for namesake, but the knot/the granthi for k’now’ing our aims-divine aim’s spoketh……… fr’om’ well insight our true nature’s oneness of beingfulness/graciousness and this lessons continuation is not what’s written here/there or anywhere, but rather fr’om’ well insight the ever reverential parchments of each and every cell of our DNA=Divine Nature’s Awareness consciousness’s virtuousness/wisd’om’ that will make us realize that which we have always been/bea(i)ming and intending to fulfill ever sow awes’om’e/bloss’om’ingly………Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi