#BoxingDay Life’s DNA Helix Packaging is Always BioSpherical Structural Evolving Dimensionalities Wise Orientated…….Our Divine Insight Amazingly Oscillates “Wit”h the Ab’Soul’ute C’om’mitted Vision of our Sacred Devotionality=Bhakti Sampoorna Swabhavana………..


…..Unpack the Spherical Celestial Sapphire’s Essence’s Layers of the Cosmic Infinitude of the Immaculate Light Beaming Fr’om’ Well Insight oft our Divine Breath’s-Divya Prana Shakti’s Merger/Emerging Wisd’om’s Virtues Exalted Visions Envisioning Potentialities……..

Its All/Call Essentially Facilitated and Ever Astro/Cosmically  Facilitated-Sustained  Through-ought the Centuries “Wit”h the Auspices of our “Pure Divine Devotionality=Sampoorna Pavitra Shraddha Ridhi, Siddhi Aur Nava Niddhi Bhakti Bhavana’s Paramanand Anant Swabhav”…….


We long for what’s being while worth’s being/beaming fr’om’ well insight our true nature’s oneness of being/good willed intentionalties is wear+we belong light/right true and through-ought – whose core immanence amazingly grows with the self realization of our ever gracious divine virtues pure divine self acceptance=enshrined within our higher consciousness/as well as abounding all/call around us as/has itself; of wh’om’ we are its integral part/path which flows with its consonant echonative resonance that exemplifies being/living each and every m’om’ment of our being/lives with each and every element-tattvah of our utmost pure divine nature’s awareness/pure divine mindfulness awareness/pure divine graciousness/pure divine virtuousness/pure divine creative magnificent intelligence quotient’s ever expanding consciousness’s infinite zenith ………..

And so on and sow forth that makes us realize that within a few m’om’ents the c’om’plete kaleidoscope of our lifetime’s can be remarkably improved-lettting go of any rigid determination to demand transformation-for first c’om’es the the ever meritorious development/then the essential improvement and thereby depending – further being contingent upon the meritoriousness of our respective deeds-which is bound and influenced but not necessarily transformed-for the soul remains the same fr’om’ lifetime to lifetime-the embodiment continues, its only that across each and every lifetime, we keep on acquiring and collating ever more to the contagion of our unique sanskaras-psychological impressions-the karmic deeds/the sow and reap divine matrix indeed… where its ab’soul’ute precisonality.

We have to equip ourselves with being able to perceive/see far beyond what’s being picturized-shown to us quite generally and elevate/raise our sacred vision towards its pure highest divine infinitude’s exalted potential that keeps on unveiling/revealing us with its realization of what’s=worth’s shone and not merely shown.

Meaning, we remove those pre programmed screens and habitual patterns of idly? aimlessly? illusively? reclusively………? going round? around? roundabout? which might defiantly lead to just being between myriad found about’s? finding what? where? why? how?…..

Life is never ever c’om’plete without including your very own self – the pure divine essence the immaculate realization of your pure divine self’s acceptance -which there onwards keeps on embarking/treading and determinably incorporating towards bec’om’ing more inclusively(including our true nature/true self in each and every part/path of whatever it is-the present m’om’ent full of our pure awareness/pure mindfulness/pure graciousness/pure virtuousness and so on and sow forth that we are being/doing-thereby conclusively? no, not conclusively since this is an infinite process whose evolutionary trajectory keeps on amazingly/immaculately/remarkably growing – sow its inclusively that’s primarily and of course continually its immaculate realization of your/our pure divine self’s acceptance, which seeks the totality of your/our primordial fulfillment whose creative intelligent c’om’petencies is/are always truly t’here’ with us/thus whether when most needed or even otherwise; but there is a reminder here that the divine grace cannot be  ordered or just repeatedly called upon casually; it must be y’earned’ through the appropriate observances of our pure divine characteristics/disciplines good willed+pure intentionalities conduct that should seek ab’soul’utely nothign other than divine graciousness, for in its everything else is included and concluded in such a manner that is “befitting” and accordance/conformance with our meritorious deeds repository.

Its like the infinity of our divya prana shakti=pure divine life force energies highest/finest potential that never ever leaves us during our residence/presidency(regarding the presidence-its letting go of the antecedents-precedents and pred’om’inance of any malicious/viciousness/ill will. and likewise repugnant or for that matter anything that is errant/deliberately devious and criminal mindset tendencies-whatever words its not about focusing on its, but it referred to earnestly let go of the bad/worse to let grow the goodness-make space for divine grace.

And thenceforth, embracing the prevalence of the present m’om’ent/m’om’entum full of our pure awareness/pure mindfulness=since its not about a stature in these contexts but about the divya granthi=pure divine knot enc’om’passing its totality’s pure divine nature’s awareness of which our sacred tattvahs-elements oft which we are an integral part/path of) on this ever glorious earthly realm as well as even eternally/infinitude…. far beyond….. or wh’ether’ intermediately in between the evolving spheres……

When we c’om’plete our earthly sojourn and yearn true bec’om’e one with the immaculate oneness of our supreme consciousness and thereby opting/choosing and making far more wiser choices with utmost due diligence/authenticity/genuiness/ab’soul’ute legitimacy/prudence/tenacity/vigilance/wisdom/worthiness of what’s truly deserving of us/meaning we deserve far much more=well, then in order to avail that which we envisage/strive to cherish, we have to make ourselves worthy of it by being/living our lives true its fullest potential=meaning its not solely fulfilling our duties, our due ties and pure divine potential alone=but also essentially acc’om’panied with the core divine essence of our “pure divine self acceptance’s realization’s devotional-bhakti swabhav fulfillment”….. and likewise attributes/associative tendencies that might tend to keep e’merging‘- remember the submerged elements/tattvah’s that are emerging are not just evolving for namesake, but have an innate aim-that is where our live’s ever greater-grander purposefulness inscribed=etched across the parchments of our divine cells unique consciousness.

indeed, for if we may keep achieving and going on adventing, but then IF we do not realize the core fundamentals/foundations/roots divine principles values/virtues, then whatever route that is taken will come to myriad intermittent intersections that keep on criss crossing and ultimately leaving us baffled and yet again expending tremendous energies in resuming all over again….? The point here, there or anywhere is straight-strait for worth=w’here’s the essence of our awareness being focused upon please? Define your priorities, prioritize its  definabilities not just for fancy ryhming words sake to make others impressed, that look aha this individual is smart, but honestly and integrally without any pretentiousness, faithfully for wah wah wah/the vow vow vow…….that’s for worth=divine worth state/stateme(a)nt in all that you are ever being/could ever bec’om’e, for God always wants the very best for you but then you have true keep (a)improving and not going around saying i had a celestial-divine epiphany and was prophesized that i would attain this and that….???????????? Whatever/Worthever evolves insight does not need to be elucidated outside fr’om’ the egoistical flaunting standpoint of view; for that and those unique m’om’ents everyday are especially privilege for your audience with your divine graciousness and no one else needs to know-due to the fact that when you are sincerely fulfilling not just what-but worth, it will show/shone in its own way/vein fr’om’ well insight and always leave you with ever distinctive sets of remarkable insights that will keep leading and fulfilling you ever more further true worth’s your ever better fabulous self that is not about any richness and jewels… but the infinite pure divine wealthiness of your pure divine graciousness’s infinite worthiness that will not only show, but will keep shone/shining and showing pathways and never part ways; for the beatitude of God’s graciousness has, is and will always be with you ab’soul’utely….. however/vowever the integral – ever defining point has/is and will be/beam… vow/how much are you truly/thoroughly being with it? Whether in the pure stillness or at any given instance, its not about going somewhere else, rather its far more earnestly about growing sum+wear+hails; this hailing and elevating/raising the uniqueness of our c’om’prehension to ever grander/more reverential levels, whereby we are able to experience the immaculate oneness with God’s divine graciousness infinitely in each and every breath; all that we ever perceive…. all that we ever intend-seek….. and likewise…. that’s far beyond words, for its pure divine worthiness is emanating infinitude of our pure divine self acceptance makes us realize time and again that God is never ever separate fr’om’ us, except as we are well aware that its only when we tend to indiscriminately/cunningly/wickedly….and likewise maliciousness/negative/discriminatory mindsets orientatedness… hurt/harm other living beings including ourselves that there is no divine grace ever going to be with us ever.

But why please? For ultimately we have to bear accountability, there is no defrauding and evading, its perhaps for a while and not all the while,for when the penalties/punishments unfold-dawn, we will realize that it was putting us back several lifetimes into the oblivion of some of the most painful and unbelievable outcomes ever ….and mind you in those states of consciousness when we have already completed our earthly sojourn, its not possible to just state that amends can be made and being regretful will evoke sympathy, then and thenceforth, its only some of the mos rigid and severest sets of liabilities…. whose paraphrasing itself wi;l make us shudder to the very core…. the point is why? why and why….. why ever betray parts and paths of your very own authentic self? For in misleading and colluding and weaving mystical patterns in trying to cloud others visions and thereby leading to their enormous losses, we are ultimately making space for several times that sets of liabilities to keep on augmenting in our lifetime to lifetime and when something befalls us… .. then we lament, that i did not do this…… to merit this…. but you did it then…. far back then…. and so its come back now to seek firm accountability and well nature knows and sows with precise adeptness and timing that will leave us spellbound, for even if it might be an emperor or the most richest individual, they loose far much more than they might have ever imagined, for when nature strikes back, there is no saying, i am sorry or rushing to just do some charity… there is no way, we can ever mislead nature, which is why its better to devote and focus our energies on treading the righteous path that is embodying our pure divine characteristics/disciplines/virtues…. and likewise immaculate attributes that our sooul-true nature’s oneness of being know’-eth-er sow well/will-divine will-good willed pure intentionalities orientatedness wh’ether’ in th’ought’s or deeds. At certain instances, its being referenced as either your or our but obviously it means we by your very own authentic immaculate self- one by one in its infinite oneness – the true us/our true nature/our true self and not any ambiguity or duality or multiplicity, for we are one true our oneness.

Your roots are the firmest/strongest, but that does not mean they will be perceived sow; for its/their appearance may be imaginably envisioned, but the core essence of your pure divine self acceptance’s realization is the beaming radiance which emanates from each and every one of us/our soulful consciousness; then onwards, we will not just languish/relax and let our tattvas-elements of time/space/principles/values/visions….. just remain anyway and anyhow…….

We would then keep on further expanding our higher consciousness in its pure devotionally disciplined ordinance’s meticulous orderliness’s orientated manner/mannerisms that exemplify the essence of imbuing the greatest/ever gracious disciplines of our being/life’s disciplines ever sow conscientiously/diligently/meritoriously/prudently/tenaciously/divine principles/values orientatedly/tenaciously/vigilantly/wisely and note/divine roots worthiestly.

S’om’e of us long to belong but do not actually belong? We are quite strangely being far/very most further/farthest away fr’om’ our very own authentic selves far too long illusively? eluding our very own true nature/trueselves?

Yet again why please? For its not the just the duration, but the endurable vision of our pure divine self acceptance’s realization and being t’here’ amidst the ever unique growth oriented amazing evolving infinitude’s potentialities as an ever conscientious/meritorious participant and not just a mere spectator who is millions of miles away and going on drifting and remaining adrift without being purposeful towards/truewards our being’s/life’s highest calling of pure divine self acceptance’s realization.

For our soulful consciousness know-eth-er us light/right true and through-ought/insight/in betwee(a)n/far beyond… intermediately…. cal it wherever, however….. our true nature is always precisely yearning for us true c’om’pletely be ab’soul’utely where we are being with ever greater integrity/integratedness of its divine nature’s oneness of being/bea(i)ming….

When have we actually taken ever greater/gracious interest in our being-and why only s’om’e of us and not more and more of us practicing this unifying with our pure divine tendencies please?

Then there are  s’om’e of us who might be fantasized/tantalized and carried away with the becoming without the being? How come, when the mold is there and sow is/are its equipibiities .. but the manner in which some of us tend to misuse that which we have been entrusted tend to diminish and erode away all the ever more than what we have been bestowed; that is our foolish and misguided carelessness with some of us just frantically and fanatically racing? Whereas all it seeks is “raising/elevating” and expansion of our pure divine consciousness to the pedestal of the divine light enshrined well insight our true nature’s oneness of being/intending/fulfilling….

It all begins and grows essentially with the uniqueness of our authentic beingfulness; being+fulfillment- for until or unless we integrally embrace/imbue the essence of our divine practices with observance of its immaculate principles/values/virtues and likewise characteristics-disciplines that emanate fr’om’ our soulful consciousness’s roots/then any route that we embark upon might be intending to vain-fully-folly – egoistic delusionally impress others? and compressing/suppressing the very emergent realization of our true nature/true selves.

But yet again and again, why please? You may impress others how much ever, win and earn how much ever, and keep on achieving and loftily proclaiming the countless awards…. but IF you are not being worthy of your soulful nature’s pure divine self’s acceptance, then you are gradually eroding the pathways that you emerged fr’om’-which is precipitating the dissonance instead of nurturing thy pure divine consonance and where this could lead to might be a vortex/whirlpool-similar to the process of being on a swing that is being swung around-that set of feelings but not actually moving anywhere at all, for the divya granthi=the immaculate knot-our pineal gland’s infinite magnificence as well as the pure divine intelligence’s wisd’om’/virtues with sow very match=remember its not much more=its match more=yes, its about the methodical precisionality=the pure divine element’s alignment where our pure divine self’s acceptance realization plays and prays-sprays forth its pivotal role of crowning us gloriously with the humblest/simplest and yet very most worthiest attainment=namely, us/being with our true nature/our trueselves always beaming/radiating forth with its immaculate vision’s infinite envisioning potential…… ever sow gloriously.

All these words are humbly seeking to earnestly focus time and again is upon our/your=meaning your true yourself/us true ourselves….. pure divine self’s acceptance realization which will then further unveil and convocate-elucidate upon its pure divine wisdom’s eavesdropping and perception true/through the auspices of thy pure divine insight’s exalted visions envisioning further beyond precisely in conformance with our meritorious transcendence.

Its precisely like how/vow we qualify,- make ourselves ever meritorious worthy; sow we will be able to experience and its not just going and buying some experience, rather its earnestly about making=-no, not making, for its an infinite process=sow then its “immaculately=being=” yes, being our pure divine self’s acceptance realization; where its not about two of us, rather its true of us; thus oft truth that we immanently emerge and bec’om’e its one’s oneness of the pure divine light that harmoniously celebrates the pure divine essence of all that was, is and will ever be and for those who might be getting carried away….? noticing mention of celebration, well in essence it is seek+liberation, for its shedding that unwanted baggage of negative energies, sanctifying ourselves-not worried about proving but authentically+genuinely+legitimately focused upon and improving our essential perceptibility of the sacred essence of our pure divine potentialities=our pure divine self’s acceptance realization ever sow pure divine conscientiously, meritoriously, moral principles/values/virtues and likewise characteristics-disciplines orientatedly; tenaciously, vigilantly, wisely and worthily; Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi

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