Smart Phones/Devices Addiction? How about Samarth Sown/Zones Virtues Conviction! We Know How to Dial Phone Numbers; How About the Zone-Sown Slumbers?



The translational definition of samarth refers to capable; but if we are capping instead of coping with our core essential intellectual abilities, then its precisely us who ought to better realize and thereby redefine and reorient ourselves ever more uniquely-for time is not going to come; its growing through becoming ever more realistic of our life’s contentious priorities which can adeptly ever more effectively regulate any practice with an ever greater degree of self disciplined awareness-when our bhavana-intentionalities are ab’soul’utely pure and not being tainted with stretching ourselves to be anywhere and everywhere all of the time.

Its not possible.for its pause+ability knots/granthi’s itself devotionally in being ever more faithfully/honestly in the precise one place-pace-space of time’s spherical evolutionary infinitude. If we remain ignorant and just keep slumbering all the while, then when will we ever wake up and realize since time is not just going, its growing all the ever more with its ever essential commitments/duties… fulfillment prioritization’s and so very much more–that will not be accomplished just by overlooking the actualities/realities of our lives.

The example is that we cannot go back into just wading through enormous chapters of illusiveness.. for then we will get all the ever more embroiled and entangled with a deluge of incessant complexities that will keep taking us all the more away from ourselves and thereby distracting and seducing with just an ever greater degree of emptiness.

To put it in a more definable perspective; everything has its respective time=tie+aim! We cannot just whimsically tend to rewrite all of our lives in anyway that we just feel like for its fulfillment that leads us to an ever better recognition and realization of our ab’soul’ute selves.

We are not going to ever help ourselves in being someone else as well as somewhere else to=true our very own selves as Lord Krishna has always very wisely resonated throughout the centuries-and also that the purpose of life is to live a life of purposefulness as the Srimad Bhagvad Gits ever sow eminently elucidates.

Its a device versus thee virtue=virtuousness; the point being that the device and any addiction is self induced and the science/technology or other such innovations is-are not liable to be blamed; rather is each of us with our individual perspectives-the way we are looking and embracing/imbuing and all the ever more exercising our free will-but is this a free will or a ferris wheel?

Since once some of us get hold of our smart devices, whether we are commuting or attending to our duties…. or for that matter.. just a slight notification of the smart device is enough to jolt some of us to rush to activate the device and yet again step into another sequence of prolific engagements, whereby we are over tiring ourselves or becoming fraught with anxiety/ or filling ourselves with ever more vacuumed state of hollowness in imaginarily living? How come?

Life is meant to be live with ab’soul’ute self disciplined/devotional awareness of our true nature’s oneness of being-intending-fulfilling… and not just fool filling or fool feeling since those aspects will trick us into feeling good for while, but after a while we are all the ever more frantic and wondering, where did the time go?

The time never goes; it grows; and thereby ever firmly demands to know-sow did you grow ever more in grace and virtues and wisd’om’….. ever more today? Make space for divine grace as its graciousness will keep marking and allocating amazing pace for defined gaze-that expanded sets of unique intelligent awareness that will help us to keep on ab’soul’utely growing all the ever more fabulously with our virtuousness, whereby we will then know that its all worth it by exercising optimal degrees of moderation and modesty as well as humility and ab’soul’ute realization of fulfillment of our essential responsibilities in a well defined and orderly manner for time is not going, but growing and when we are growing with time=tie+aims, we are all the ever more fulfilling bloss’om’ing as an keen l’earner’ of all that life’s beaming – the point is that life has got its characteristics-disciplines-regulations-terms and will not bend or twist anything out of context.

Meaning that if we are sincerely devoted to l’earning’ ever more about ourselves and the faithful/honest/truest ab’soul’ute fulfillment of our lives, then sow will it be shown in the form of shone=meaning then we will need to be elevating/raising and expanding our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness to the pedestal of the ever amazing celestial divine light insight our higher consciousness to perceive the diving graciousness that will keep leading us to ever greater, grander, gracious and unique ways/weigh’s of being able to see/define things and envision them precisely as the sacred essence of our life does/thus……..Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi