What’s Up? Let’s Catch Up………… Hmmmmmmm………..Its/Ets Not About Weight’s=But “Wit” and Virtue as Well as the Essence of thy Wisd’om’………….

ts not Just Catching Up With the World, But “Wit” thy Worth-Ab’soul’ute Worthiness; For thy True Nature Enshrined Insight Your Higher Consciousness  Has Always Been the Ever Greatest, Grandest and Gracious Trend After All

By All Means Keep Abreast With the Evolving Trends & Be Smart But Never Overlook or Over Shadow Your Evolutionary Intent Which Exemplifies “Getting to Know Thyself Ever More Better/Fulfillingly…….”=For that Will Help You Score/Encore Ever Better Grades/Perform With Ever Greater Productive Efficiency/Lead Ever More Healthier and Fabulous Lives…. and Sow Very Much More that Cannot be Purchased Online or Offline, For You’ve Got True Align With the Divine Essence of Who You’ve Essentially/Principally Always Been/Beaming the Infinite Radiance of Divine Graciousness

Wh’ether’ this Lifetime/Live+Tie+NoteWorthyAims or Another, its Always Been/Brimming/Beaming the Art/Heart of Your Core Values Self Realization’s Ever Virtuous Wisd’om’ Consciousness That’s Always C’om’e to the Forefront When You Most Needed it

So Make Space for Divine Grace as Much as You Make Pace For Define Placements – You Have Your Priorities, How/Vowever, Your True Nature Always Yearns for You To/True Prioritize Yourself

Yet Again Do Not Just Take My Word or Any Words, But Reckon/Beckon/Beacon With the Essence of Your Very Own “Worth/Worthiness” – this is Not Only About What’s Right, But Precisely About Worth’s Bright As Well – For its Not Just About Shinning, But Ab’soul’utely Enshrining that Degree/Decree of Reverentiality that Speaks to You Insight Your Higher Consciousness’s “Pure Stillness”

Remember its Never About Religion, But the Ardent Rays of Your Divine Light Insight that Can Be Eavesdropped When You Expand/Raise Your Consciousness True the Level of the Divine Light Enshrined Insight and  its Not About Glide or Pride or You Know More or i Know Less or They Know Better…… Rather its Bec’om’ing One With Our Oneness, Where We Shift Our Perception Fr’om’ Just Sensation to Being the Essence of Our Divine Vision

Its Not Easy, But When We Train-Observe Our Brain & Train its Observational Patterns, Our Pure Mindful Awareness Will Help Us Each Bec’om’e That Who We Were/Wear Always Meant “True Be”…… and Sow the Uniqueness of thy Catching Up “Wit” the Caching Up Ever Ingeniously Evolves………………….


Its essentially about worth/worthiness in all that’s being/been looking up for you in your expanded self disciplined/devotional awareness

Forward or backwards? Its fore worth as well as beckon/beacon worth; never overlook what’s-worth’s been learnt fr’om’ the past and likewise ever brook=remember the perennial flow of unique energies ought true be met/welc’om’ed with observance of your divine good willed and reaffirmed faith in your true nature’s oneness of being/fulfilling ab’soul’ute conduct.

For its not just catch, its cache, the repository of your immaculate virtues that will tend to catapult-sustain you towards/true worth’s ever more meaningful achievements/acc’om’plishments ever sow ingeniously; Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi