≡Shiva Mahapuraan, Puran Maha/Sada ShivaShakti Vaibhava Tattvah≡ The M’om’ents ≡ Its PreSent/Pre-Sent/Precedent/Prescience/Prescient M’om’entum ≡ Forever Yours ≡ As/Has ItSelf ≡ Mindfulness Awareness Conscientiousness ≡ ≡ How/Vow Much Ever We May Seek to accept ‘Wit’h Ab’soul’ute Unconditionality ≡ Realize and ≡ Experience Each/Every Moment of our Lives, As/Has Its Unedited Self/In Its Pristine Entirety ≡ That Very Much More we Allow our Lives to Likewise Experience Us/Thus……….. #Shivaratri #MahaShivratri #LordShiva Mahadev ≡ #Shivaratri #MahaShivratri #LordShiva Mahadev ≡ Vedaham ≡

≡ Shiva Parvati Shubh Vivah ≡ Shiva Shakti Yuga ≡ Shiva Tattva, Parvati Paratattva ≡ Shiva Shakti Nataraja ≡ The Cosmic Dance, Unifying its Cosmic Glance ≡ Om ShivaShakti Ki Anant Bhakti Kripa Om ≡

≡ How/Vow Much Ever We May Seek to accept ‘Wit’h Ab’soul’ute Unconditionality ≡ Realize and ≡ Experience Each/Every Moment of our Lives, As/Has Its Unedited Self/In Its Pristine Entirety ≡ That Very Much More we Allow our Lives to Likewise Experience Us/Thus………..
≡ Ever Ardently / Reverentially Reminiscing the Pure Divine Vision’s Envisioning of the Auspiciously Sacred Celestial Divine Ever Gracious Matrimony of Lord Shiva with Goddess Shakti ≡ ShivaShakti Pavitra Kalyanam Satyam Shivam Sundaram ≡ Divya Vishwa Sampoorna SatChitAnanda Ananta VaiBhava  Satyam Shivam Sundaram ≡

≡ Cherish/Realize the Immaculate Consciousness of Evolution’s Definition ≡ Divine Vision and its Evolutionary Renaissance of Y/Our Pure Divine Nature’s Awareness’s Wisd’om’ /Virtuousness & Likewise Ever Meritorious Sets of Characteristics/Disciplines≡ Shiva’s Shakti, Shakti’s Shiva ≡ SatChitParamAnanda Ananta Har Har Mahadeva Mahadevi Bhavani ≡ Jai Shiva Parmeshwar ≡ Jai Shiva Parmeshwari ≡ Jai Shiva Deva ≡ Jai Shiva Devi ≡ Shiva Shiva Shiva Shakti Shakti Shakti ≡ Sada Shiva Shakti Om ≡

The present m’om’ent………its prescient m’om’entum’s infinitude………remember, the present m’om’ent appears and keeps reappearing as its/the pre+sent.

The present represents continuity; the moment by itself well knoweth what/worth was, is and will ever be and yet remain ab’soul’utely impartial-neutral in all of its aesthetic retentiveness.

So by living within the present moment, we are actually strengthening the scope of being able to ever better envisage-mould-redefine-reorient its potential possibilities outcomes/results in an ever remarkable manner that could further unfold in precise alignment with the states of our mindfully conscious awareness, beingfulness and purposefulness respectively.

The past m’om’ent represents its calm unity – which means those retrospective moments were then and continue to remain where then within itself.

Some of the past moments we may wish to recall and reflect upon represent the ardent memories of our lives and are engulfed with divergent sets of sentimental values, where on one hand its the immense poignant reflections of intensity beyond description/as well as those joyous and jubilant moments and sow very much more of each moment that each came/emerged and keeps on re emerging into-in true/through-ought/insight our lives to teach/impart us ever greater degrees of priceless teachings/values/virtuousness/ab’soul’ute wisd’om’ consciousness…………..

However since that was the past, we must seek to cherish worth/what it contributed towards/true worth’s our goodwill/harmonious welfare and ensure that we will likewise honor the legacies of those precious moments by further harnessing, leveraging and disseminating forth likewise set of remarkable contributions back to the universe well insight-within the realms of our higher consciousness – as well as all around us ever more conscientiously/meritoriously and note worthily –  from a perspective of compassion, conscientiousness, detachment, due diligence, prudence, selflessness, sincerity, tenacity, truthfulness as it is ever brilliant creative wisd’om’s fulfillingness ever most ingeniousness.

The future m’om’ent represents the contributory of life; it is the aspect of contribution that the future encompasses and seeks that earnest investment of attentiveness and sacred responsibility that’s entwined “wit”hin the now of our lives for every aspect of life has been created to teach us a/its priceless lessons as well as its true lease/liaisons in our/inner teachings.

So some of us opt for the lease-liaisons in our/inner teaching’s which is ever bhakti bhav-devotional beatitude-attitude orientated through-ought/insight the auspices of our elevating/expanding/raising of our individual consciousness in unison with our collective consciousness’s symposium to emerge and merge with its ever affectionately exalted universal/supreme consciousness ever most adorably/reverentially……….

It is not just about meditationawreness itself, but rather its about mitigation; it is a mature approach towards acknowledging where we are being the ab’soul’ute awareness of any given moment’s momentum at/in/within any given moment of time and where we intend to-true be as its cascading sequence/sequentialites of moments-momentums further unfold and then voila we behold a magnificent set of potential possibilities/potentialities blooming forth with their gracious ascendance towards/true worths the pure divine essence of who we truly are/have ever been in essence all along.

How/Vow much ever we may seek to accept ‘wit’h ab’soul’ute unconditionality –  realize and experience each moment of our lives, as/has itself –  that very much more we allow our lives to likewise experience us/thus………..

Remember yet again,life is neutral and is operating as well as functioning in pristine accordance with the sacred covenants of creation.

If we want to experience a better future, that begins right now, the pre+sent moment; for its not some fancy statement but the very core essence of actuality-practicality-reality beaconing/beckoning us to essentially/efficiently take charge of the respective responsibilities we have been given/entrusted with and ensure that we fulfill our primordial obligations and objectives that relate to living our dharma (duties) in order to fulfill our karma (deeds) ever more meritorious committedly with a vision of graceful virtuous wisdom infinitelyJai Shiva Shankara Nataraja; Jai Shakti Shiva’s Natrajini; Har Saans/Swaas/Sahaas Shiva Shakti ke Sangh, Har Har Har Mahadeva, Hari Om Namaha Shivaya; Om Namaha Shivaya, Shivaya Namaha Om; Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi


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