Oh, What Will They Think? Its, More Essentially About the Core Essence oft Worth Wield You Think/Link…………


As far as you are not doing anything that is improper/illegal or unethical and likewise-then its your life and not someone else life that you are going to live on their terms.

Some of us keep on getting over obsessed with what others think of and thereby start first with the typical statement……

Oh, what will others think and voila at some point in time, they are willing what’s others thinking without wielding worth will they think after all?

They are so empty of themselves or too over full of themselves or others that their entire life is designed and patterned within the perspective of leaning more outwards?

When they realize and become ever more well aware/realize that its insight-that its ought worth, they abandon any of those illusive habits/tendencies of aimlessly falling flat only upon others ways of thinking  and instead start tinkering and fine attuning their thought patterns through the auspices of their pure mindfulness’s self awareness disciplined regimen which helps them devote ever more greater degrees of quality time towards/true worth’s what-worth they might have been waiting for approval from some illusive/mysterious entities who will never grant them any consent, since this is/has been woven through their ambiguous approach?

For there is a proper encoding that is enmeshed in the way we evolve and not just any way whatsoever; we are the priceless masterpieces of God’s evolutionary prowess.

When will some of us re-cognize our worth instead of only chasing more of the what? For that is when we will ultimately start living our very own lives after all and not beckoning to any and every call that might come along attired/costumed in some fancy verbiage.

Stop just repeating to your self that we are habits of creature and instead become ever more creative with every bit you have to ensure that its bite/byte is factual/authentic and not just fantasized-for life happens in real time and not just some reel time where you-you meaning some of us-are still being elsewhere all along? Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

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