Thoughts Affect, But Do Not Let Them Infect Your Thinking; Be More Well Aware/Realize & Take Ever Greater Interest in All That You’re Ever Being- Being Ever More Cognizant “Wit”h Your Ab’soul’ute Code of Conduct……….


The infect aspect is when our thinking patterns become enormously besieged with an intrusive sets of over obsessive compulsive way of disarrayed thinking.

Its more like we are totally unaware of what we are thinking and almost perpetuating the ambiguous sets of thoughts all the ever more.

There is obviously starting point for that circuitous route-so be ever more vigilant with tending to the roots/carpe diem – seize the moment/be completely in charge-realize what/worth is it that you are pondering and do not just let any and every thought to be lavishly spread all across your minds chambers that it/they tend to become enormously gigantic due to any illusive set of anxious bouts or misinterpretation and deliberate negligence.

Start taking care of each and every aspect, no matter how small or trivial since sometimes some of those fragments tends to all silently build up and then revert back as an avalanche of tension orientated moments?

Its you who might tend to entertain certain ways of thinking but then unlinking is not that easy enough; for the ride and glide is definitely note worth it when there is/are lots of things appearing to be far too drastically blown out of proportionality and realisticness.

Why put yourself through being enslaved by some mysterious sets of thoughts? For when you know from others experiences that all of life seeks a well balanced/moderateness orientatedness where overdoing, over indulging or overtaking …. or for that matter ever greedily just swamping and trying to have it all might not be so good after all; for when something happens you have to start all over again?

You were meant true be and not just rue be; rue is about the avenues-for you cannot keep criss crossing and weaving innumerable patterns of thoughts that have no meaningful basis at all and if needing professionally qualified assistance, do so-but do not put yourself through any ordeals or abandon your thoughts to themselves that it keeps becoming inflated with ever more likewise reclusive ways of being, for as you let go, that it tends to let grow and then it becomes all the ever more challenging-so its better you think well-right true and through-ought for your insightfulness deserves an ever better fulfilled you who is being able to adeptly-commendably and ever most responsibly take ever remarkable care of all that you’re ever being entrusted-for as life is worth it, then so are you, cherish yourself as life does/thus………Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

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