On Which Floor Does God’s Divine Grace Preside? Nitya Chitta – Nav Niddhi, Riddhi, Siddhi Shuddh ParamAnanta……………Ab’soul’ute Divine Gracious Virtues Essence/Essential Flow……………Gratia Gratum Faciens, Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah……………

God’s divine grace could never be attributed, categorized or referenced by any floor/level or any other such type of system/referential basis, since it is abundantly boundless and so very phenomenally multidimensionally spectrum orientated……. that we are inspired to shift our focus back upon the very core values principalities to keep on ever growing in the essence of our pure divine grace, virtue and wisdom……meaning that we must first be eligible/quality/be that worthy enough to even reflect in any manner or earnestly elucidate, since we cannot speculate or have any incoherent rhetoric or irrelevant mumbling to sensationalize any aspect-for when we are able to even comprehend one of the most simplest of elements-tattvahs, we will be blossoming with the ab’soul’ute blissfulness that seeks not to know, but ever more true sow-since its not about trying to impress or show off or look down/belittle anyone, but ever more modestly about fulfilling that/those primordial objectives-visions that we have so very fortunately bestowed/entrusted with-so there is no running amok or astray or sensationalizing anything because its improper to speak in any way whatsoever that is just mere illusion.

Our human vision’s perception can only see forth till a certain extent-point; and then are amazed to learn that far beyond as well as insight all of creation and sow very much more.l……. its the uniqueness of the divine vision of nature’s celestial evolutionary capabilities that are able to facilitate the passages/phraseages….. of innumerable aspects since several centuries; we have merely arrived on this planet earth now in this incarnation and previously in another manifestation and  while we earnestly fulfill our respective commitments/priorities in a well defined/orderly and prioritize manner… there will always prevail the ever ardent yearning of our soulful consciousness’s etching to be able to avail/yield a glimpse of the ab’soul’ute divine light that sustains all the infinite radiance of the creative conceptualization of so many amazing aspects of all that’s ever being/beaming…….

A humble attempt to answer the captioned title with utmost reverentiality is that God’s divine grace is the immaculate flow of creation’s pure sacred consciousness’s divine awareness’s infinite well-good willed precisioned potentialities that seek its emerging divine communion with its supreme consciousness enshrined within itself ever sow nobly/gloriously…………Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

Wh@ts the Point? ‘App’oint/Anoint/Anant Life’s Immaculate Worth/Worthiness…………..Messages Across the Centuries; Essence True We, Evoking/Evincing Considerable Interest in Re Orientating/Re Instilling Our Meritorious Evolutionary Sagaciousness’s Re-Cognizance……………


Life has become an ocean of messages. Most of us have time for the messaging, whereas some of us tie+aim fore/forth the beacon/beckoning of their own/sown shine-enshrined sagaciousness.

For then, its listening-eavesdropping true be lead and not just read; for between the virtues and vices, there is a thin/fine line of our core values discretionary prudence that ever remarkably input’s as much as is put in to help establish the unique sustenance of a well calibrated multidimensional balance from well insight one’s core intelligence competencies-most want to read and remain satisfied with the reading, whereas some, set/set still their foresights of leadership, for its not just the reading that’s being facilitate with one’s eyes, but also sow very much from well insight one’s divine vision’s ab’soul’ute envisioning that is able to ever deservingly/eminently carve the niche of remarkably marching across the land, that’s forever hand in gladness with our glands; it’s not just a mere poetic rendition or synchronicity of words, but time/tie+aim and again the ab’soul’ute uniqueness of our worth-worthiness that will help us to be able to see light-right true and through-ought as well as insight and so very much integrally in between and far beyond as well with its leadership’s ever conscientious characteristics/disciplines/qualities/virtues that yearn for us to keep becoming ever more self reliant and keep on fulfilling the respective objectives-tasks fulfillment that we have so very fortunately been entrusted “wit”h…………

For there is no manual or textbook or literature or convocation or guidance or pointers or indications or illustrations or premonitions or divine illusions or imaginary paradigms………. and so on and sow forth until or unless we essentially make ourselves eligible/qualified and worthy enough of what-worth as-has true be lead, since reading is one part-whereas its leadership that is the path of oneness and this spans several lifetimes of ab’soul’ute divine graciousness that’s bereft of any elusive vanity, but embodies and is permeated/suffused “wit”h the essence of one’s indomitable will power’s resonant ever virtuous courageous potentialities that help make-take ever wiser decisions/choices as life always does-thus………Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi