#InternationalDayOfHappiness SakhiRani/Sukhi Dhani/Atma Sakshi Dhvani: Realizing the Evolutionary Empress of Our Life’s Essential True Nature’s Awareness Orientatedness………….


Be earnestly happy for the sake of happiness, as our essential attitude of ever resourcefully have+being/beaming+niceness/nobleness unconditionally has always— integrally been the SakhiRani of our lives in its ever purest definable essence

One of the translational definitions of SakhiRani exemplifies the infinite alliance/bond of ab’soul’ute friendship of the ever reverential accompaniment of our true nature’s immaculate good willingness – shuddh bhavana intentionalities orientatedness in all that we’re ever being/intending/evolving with at any given time/instance fr’om’ our core values cognizance ever sow pure divine authentically, c’om’passionately, conscientiously, determinably, efficaciously, faithfully, genuinely, legitimately, meritoriously, moral principles/values/virtues and likewise characteristics/disciplines orientatedly; nobly, radiantly, responsibly, resonantly, tenaciously, vigilantly, virtuosity, wisely and note worthily.

Sukhi Dhani represents the amazing wealth of happiness that cannot be realized bu just acquiring more and chasing any fleeting illusions but c’om’ing to terms with our life’s true nature as its always been/beaming from well insight our higher consciousness.

Atma Sakshi Dhvani humbly seeks to exemplify the uniqueness of our soul’s remarkable witnessing of its evolutionary rhythms/real themes-so that feeling good factor is not just by filling and filling and feeling incessantly without any awareness…… but so very much more of the essence that enc’om’passes each and every element of our ab’soul’ute fulfillingness that emanates from an ever greater, grander and virtuously gracious equanimity orientated perception of all that’s ever been, is being and will ever be-akin to unifying ever most ardently/devotionally to realize the ever c’om’mendable divine visions of our primordial heritages infinite c’om’munion……….Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

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