The Book/Brook of Life: Inlook/Outlook……….How Do We R’each’ Across/Accept Ourselves? Self Esteem – Realizing the Ab’soul’ute Essence of our Ever Unique Worthiness………………

The book humbly elucidates the essential self study/soulful conduct’s introspective assessment-becoming the one true our oneness/inseparable from the evolutionary breath of life’s pure divine graciousness; while brook exemplifies the amazing flow of the energetic principalities of nature’s evolution, where its never any floor/level but the immaculate flow-loft will-good willed intentionalities.

Reach and acceptance is always yearning for that ardent perception, where we are seeing, but are we being the seer? Or merely looking across but not noticing the divine grace’s radiance whose resplendent luminescence is evoking and evincing our ever conscientious interest/in thoroughest and the trust of our fabulous entrustedness.

Frankly speaking, in one single word of our true nature’s worthiness-we have been well equipped but if we keep cribbing and want more without resourcefully utilizing  what-worth we have sow very fortunately bestowed, then we will be diminishing and belittling all that we already have.

For the divine grace wants us to become ever more self reliant and capable and  worthy and keep qualifying by performing and fulfilling each and every objective/task that we have been/that we are being entrusted with its ab’soul’ute respectful divine etiquette that our soulful consciousness know’eth’-er sow very well/will.

But if we are just getting carried instead of cared a way and more interested in just dashing across, then when will we ever learn life to earn its living please………for if we make time for everything else except for prioritizing ourselves-setting apart some time aside everyday to introspectively contemplate and reflect upon the remarkable accomplishments across each and every moment of our lives and “what/worth” have we earnestly learnt and incorporating/integrating an ever better improvement well insight our being/life please? Amen, Praised be the Lord, Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

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