#Brexit #PeoplesVoteMarch #PutitothePeople #PeoplesMarch #RevokeArticle50march Be Insightful To/True/Wit the Wisdom of Knowing its Difference – The Entire Universe Essentially Evolves in Precise Accordance With its Oneness Aspect’s Principle – Pure Consciousness Potentially Seeks the Acceptance of its Ab’soul’ute Pure Awareness in all That’s Being Us As/Has Itself………

Wisdom and Integrity

Cherish the uniqueness of life’s m’om’ents…………….Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

The Unique Energy Patterns of Our Core Consciousness Acc’om’pany Us B’oath’ Ways…………………..

…………….Upon Birth/C’om’pletion of our Earthly Sojourn, How/Vow ever What or Worth Are We Being-Beaming-Beaconing-Beckoning in the Acc’om’paniment’s Conduits of the Streams of its Evolutionary Shifts oft its Path Insight During this Lifetime/Tie+Aim…Ever Purposeful Meritorious Primordial Objectives Fulfillment/Our True Nature’s Self Realization……………….


The point is that with the essence of such amazing sets of energies being enshrined well ensconced “wit”hin the realms of each and every element of the passages/phrasages of our breath’s divya prana shakti-pure divine life force energies…..why is it that only some of us strive to further sanctify ourselves ever more immaculately by amalgamating and unifying the universality of our soulful consciousness as its ab’soul’ute self and remain ever inclusive of its humility orientated practices in the conduct of our attitude outside as well as its beatitude insight.

The point is that as we tend to become ever  more aligned/one with our essential oneness not because we need something else to go on with, but ever more sow because we are ever ardently/devotionally-bhakti bhav orientated in evolving all along towards/true worth’s being able to be precisely with the completeness of our being where we are at any given instance respectively.

Regarding the b’oath’-its the solemn pr’om’ise that we have been making from one lifetime to another life+tie+aim to further improve ourselves in such a manner that it would make God proud of us.

But then when doing more than being and speaking more than seeking……fill fulling? more than fulfilling……. the point is that the more we tend to deviate from observance of the well defined codes of conduct that govern our soulful orientatedness, that much more we curb and hinder our soulful evolutionary progress.

Then, we tend to experience symptoms of remaining disconnected and not able to identify what is it? It is worth-its always been worth and we in essence always seek ever more worthily to fulfill this life in a well define manner that is bereft of any ostentatiousness and more of ab’soul’utely authentic genuineness that emanates from the core values repository of our infinite echelons of our karmic repositories that come to give and lend us a hand/our glands the much needed succor and sense of principality/directionality in the precise roots routing so that we are ever amazingly growing forth in the uniqueness of our pure divine graciousness, virtuousness, wisd’om’……… and likewise characteristics/disciplines and sow very much more as our c’om’mitted energetic consciousness’s patterns evolve/resolve…………… and of/oft course this will tend to keep continuing and leading to an ever better fulfilled us which keeps discarding those sheaths of layers of ambiguous myths and mis conceptions that we might have mysteriously accumulated and kept harranguing ourselves with……..

The point some might tend to raise is what is the point of all of this after all? Well, the point itself is its appointendness, that most of us keep on conferring entitlements and goals and objectives and milestones and visions and so much more……………. to achieve/to reach/to fulfill………. but do we ever ardently liaise with that uniqueness of the ever immaculate soulful energetic consciousness patterns in a manner that is befitting of it-them all along? Or just consider ourselves to be more haughtily superior and only remember that in the fleeting moments prior to our transcendence/completion of our earthly sojourn.,….. the point is far beyond words and its appointedness will make us cognizant with so many more distinctively unique aspects of all of life that’s ever been, is being and will ever be not from any prescient/prediction standpoint of view, but ever more essentially and respectfully from its sampoorna-c’om’pleteness overstand (remember over is not hover or anything else, but over as its infinite continual evolutionary process…….)so as it was being ever humbly resonated, from its sampoorna-c’om’pleteness overstand pedestal’s perceptibility that will confer us its divine visions foresight to acc’om’modate the l’earning’s of this life time/tie+aim in such a meticulous manner that we are ever more eminently graduating in the school/the university/the principality of life and so very much more to further demonstrate our remarkable c’om’petencies to keep on thereby becoming ever more eligible/worthy of the ab’soul’ute purposefulness for which we ever incarnated……….for its the thread/sutra that has been woven from lifetime to life+tie+aim whose granthi-knot is ever affectionately and yet very most prudently/tenaciously/vigilantly and wisely seeking for us to keep on realizing ever more essentially about the uniqueness of our pure divine note worthiness enshrined insight and l’earn’ ever more instrumentally to become/beacon/beckon the ab’soul’ute uniqueness of those divine energies that will show/shone forth a path of its own/sown upon which we will be able to decipher and comprehend the speech of the divine light as/has our infinitude’s ab’soul’ute self……. and sow very much more……..that’s ever note worthily…………. the ab’soul’ute us/thus……………Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

What/Worth is the Price of Life? Priceless…L”earn” Yourself Fr’om’ All Dimensionalities/Spheres…of Your Life’s Evolutionary Nature As/Has Well Like the Goodwill of God’s Will…/….\…


Now that we know so very well about the essential reality of our lives-why do some of us only keep focusing on earning more and ever more……….at any cost?

Its like when the earning pursuance becomes so much of an obsession and more of an envious nature that in the futile process of trying to catch up with someone far too quickly, some of us forsake far much than our health, wealth and peaceful state of mind……..its more like that brash/stubborn and rigid insistence that no, i want to be like them……. i want to beat them and become more greater………. beat who?

We tend to illusively beat our very ownselves since even if earning more but not learning any principles, values, virtues and likewise characteristics/disciplines adherence-conformance will be leaving us far behind either with some other mysterious sorts of health ailments? or for that matter, something that no one except our true nature can helps us resolve-but then we are at that stage forgetting that we are through nature and are haughtily proclaiming that nature is what is flowing through us an as if we are the one’s who are favoring it by granting it the privilege, how foolish can that be?

Since with that kind of reclusive and elusive mindset of looking down upon nature and treating almost all of life like that is bound to have its repercussive ramifications …. and when something drastic happens, then we are yet again chasing another trail that was actually self induced and until we learn the lessons well enough to ensure that we are not repeating the foolishness never ever…. there come the intercession of far much more ever demanding sets of configurations of yet further unknowing factors that are challenging each and every element of our very own imagination and perception….. and all else as if we have self erected another path of treading against life? We all along means some of us-so the point is that we better learn and apply the prevention is better than cure; that moderation is better than having it in a gluttony/over binging approach of ever selfishly solely for ourselves-for if we do not learn, then we do not earn that which we ought to earn as well-since in life there is not just earning, but its learning as well that must go hand in gland-the insightful ever virtuous wisdom consciousness awareness/awakening of our core values self realization……..

Life encourages to l’earn’ ever more as well, so that when our learning is accompanying our earning, that which we acquire and keep accruing will keep on helping us keep pace with the evolving trends/commitments ever more meticulously/prioritized fulfillment orientatedly as well as so very much more from an ever pure disciplined insightful awareness insightful perspectivethat makes us realize not just to fill full but fulfill as well as the granthi/knot of inputting instead of simply putting in-for what we fill our minds with is not just intended for our information-but ever more uniquely for our inner formation that’s ever more pure mindfulness cultivating/nurturing the seeds of ever essential thought patterns/brilliant and ever creative ideas and likewise characteristics/disciplines realizational meritorious aspirational inclinations………..ever more conscientiously/meritoriously……Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi