≡Infinite≡Finite≡Affinity≡Ever Since Time Immemorial its Been/Beaming/Beaconing/Beckoning and Evoking/Evincing Tremendous Degrees of Ab’soul’ute Interest-Invocation of our “Pure Awareness” of the Unique Prevalence of the Ever Reverential Immanence and its Transcendence & Our Privileged Auton’om’ous Code of Conduct With All of Life-Wh’ether’ Insight/Outside/Beyond…R We Taking Authentic/Genuine Efforts & Meaningful Initiatives in Bridging the Gap & Never Blurring the Distinction That We Were/Wear Meant/Merit to Belong True Our Nature/Nurture our Celestial Belongingness……

How Are We Pre-serving/De-serving/Con-serving-Re-serving the Insightful Perception of the Essence of Certain “Ides=Integrated Development of our Evolutionary Sustenance” Such as/has i-thee-Here=Hear Versus/Along “Wit”h Theories Much has/as Thee Oar/Soar We-Soul We-Expanding & Raising Our Awareness Consciousness Fr’om’ Well Insight Our True Nature’s Ardent Perceptibility…….



Let us earnestly strive to/true cherish the essence of our pure divine consciousness’s universality which enc’om’passes the beej tattvah/the seed element-the pristine embryonic consciousness of our ab’soul’ute true nature’s oneness of being/intending/fulfilling ever sow pure divine authentically, benevolently, c’om’passionately, creatively, devotionally, determinably, diligently, efficaciously, essentially, faithfully, genuinely, good willingly, gratuitously, intelligently, legitimately, meritoriously, moral principles/values/virtues and likewise characteristics-disciplines orientatedly; well disciplined self awareness orderly; radiantly, responsibly, satisfactorily, sincerely, sensibly, tenaciously, vigilantly, virtuously, wisely and note worthily………≡Shiva Shakti Anant≡Shakti Shiva Anantaa≡Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi




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