#GamingAddiction Never Violate the Goodwilled Entrustedness of Time, For Then Life Will Likewise Question Us Back as to Why+You’re+Late? And that, Where Were You, When Life Was Evolving-Happening? For Everything Deserves its Well Defined Limits To Be Honorably Observed+Fulfilled+Respected Please!

Time Alone? In the Games, the Characters Might Change & Temporarily Keep on Evincing Interest??? But At Whose Expense Please?????????

For in Inner Test/Trust oft the Growth of our Noteworthy/Meaningful Life’s Aims, its our Characteristics that Will Challenge our Essential Growth Orientation Paradigms Mindset/Mindful Awareness For the Ever More Instrumentally Better Which is Far More Essential & Paramount For Our Multidimensional Evolution and Sow Very Much More of Being Able to Command and Ever Commendably Fulfill Each and Every Objective of our Life’s Priorities in a Well Defined, Meritorious  and Noteworthiness Manner …………….


There’s more at stake, that keeps taking yet far much more away from ones self than might have ever been imagined with obsessive gaming compulsiveness syndrome…….

Its certainly better that we realize and redefine our priorities ever more promptly, for there’s might always be more to do, but the time might have already elapsed?

And then frantically regretting/rushing through with ever greater fervor is not going to make things change around.

For the scales of time and life’s priorities are impartial and will determine the best and yet ever better when we are realizing and respecting the scope of priories that we have been entrusted.

For if we violate the code of life’s essential etiquette/norms and conventionalities/sensibilities, then we cannot question life when it poses a question to us that why you’r late?

For life is always on time-tie+aim; are some of us authentically-genuinely and legitimately realizing the essence of what/worth that means please? Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

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