Human Genes, Stop Blaming/St”Art” Acclaiming – Realizing the Unique Essence of Your Genetic Code, DNA Divine Nature’s Awareness Consciousness and its Ab’soul’ute Genealogical Heritage’s Conduits Evolutionary Graciousness that Flows/Flourishes Through-ought/Insight Your Essential Self…………………

DNA Divine Nature Awareness

What makes our genes tick? What tracks our genes making? There’s truly far much more greater and gracious sets of aspects/elements/factors that are in ever note worthier synchronization/orchestration of our cells functionalities with remarkable precision that meticulously provides us with the much needed endurance, empowerment, virtuous cognizance, incredible strength “wit”h its ever amazing wisdom.

Our cells amazingly contribute to our remarkable sustenance and graceful evolution.

At any given point in time, never ever make the mistake of even casually remarking sarcastically regarding the structure of your cells for perhaps your cells pick up on that monologue intuitively and then really ensure that you are indeed experiencing particular set of dilemma’s, complexities and maladies; the point is not certain/definite-but the manner in which our conscience can eavesdrop on all that we are ever being-sow well, our cells and its ab’soul’ute essence/essentialities is/are bound to be well aware of all that we are resonating, whether it be consistence, persistence, resistance or abstinence…….

Where it concerns the functionalities of your cells/organs and entire constitutionality – just because of your egoistical tendencies never ever erroneously engage in haughtily or foolishly proclaiming or even blatantly contradicting the wonderful functionality of your genes.

If you do not know what to think, be still. If you do not know what to speak, be still, If you do not know what to do, be still….. observe the pure stillness of your unique beingfulness from well insight your true nature’s perceptibility – but avoid any and every one of the negative chattering and indulgence of any engagement with any sort/type of malicious/ill willed tendencies …. whether this might be any illusive/melodramatic-pretentious self pitying or illusive comfort strategies that’s seeking to gain false sympathy or support may actually be contradicting the very essence of your being – for your insightfulness knows that you are so very fortunately ever more better than millions of other noble souls but are enacting miserably and then misery is bound to follow in the daunting you and not any kind of good willingness please; let go of the aimless pretentionalities and instead devote all your ab’soul’ute energies ever more focused upon fulfilling your respective commitments/objectives in a well defined/orderly manner.

Be alert, be diligent; be tenacious; be vigilant and be wise by ever more resourcefully contributing towards/true worth’s yours ever greater degrees of essential self development/self improvement along with earnestly sustaining the universal visions that belong to the unanimous goodwill, harmony and welfare of the world’s collective consciousness accompanied along with likewise characteristics/disciplines orientatedness respectively……..Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

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