We Cannot, Can Knot? Actually its We Need Not be Gullible/Never Be a Sucker-Live “Wit”h Ab’soul’ute Pure Goodwilled Intentionality – Every Moment is Incredibly Priceless…………


https://shivashaktikripa.files.wordpress.com/2019/05/output_jawzqp.gif?resize=900%2C900Indeed the point is that we cannot be ignorant and keep on overlooking our core interest in just being someone else’s pass time and then being ditched when they find something else to re engage with.

Whatever the situation/relationship/acquaintance/association/habits……. and so on and sow forth……….learn to be better, effective, ever more prudent and wiser but not necessarily bitter please-meaning that our core values remain intact, but then are we remaining on track with observance of the disciplined manner in which we are relinquishing those ill willed behavioral patterns and focusing ever more on our core self development/self improvement? Or just waiting yet for any eventuality to jolt us and then say aha then i will improve the next time? But how about this tie+aim please? For every moment has arrived and keeps arriving with its rivulets of amazing opportunities and whether we strive to ever more resourcefully garner and keep leveraging the matrix of remarkable opportunities/possibilities or trying to merely shift the  blame? is either way going and growing to affect far much more either way-meaning whether we tend to be reclusive/ignorant/negligent or on the contrary, keep on essentially integrating the essential needful implementations of overall improvisations is entirely at our behest but not forever and not luxuriously please. For if we think we can buy moments, then its aimless for we can never be able to grasp the essence of time and its ab’soul’ute values simply through any bartering system or commodity exchange or otherwise-for with time its the price we pay for in a meritorious manner-for time knows the merit scale, where it determines precisely what-worth we are ever being and not just doing please.

For we are not disposables or discardables or just some set of objects that can be used/abused and ill treated in any way, for its we who show others how to treat us and then if we tend to fret and complain there is no one else to listen except we our very ownselves with ever profound sets of regrets.

Its not blowing things out of proportion/context-but an humble and ever gentle reminder to learn to better define our priorities and thereby prioritize its ever better and meritorious definabilities.

The stark reality is that the time that has passed is not ever going to rewind and come back no matter how much we ever try and neither is that strait through which we passed through.

We can re enliven the moments, but cannot be able to re-infuse the element of time as it was meant to be.

Its so ever distinctly unique that we might-we meaning some of us-that we might be just enjoying the gossip, or the chit chatting or the messaging or the conversations that is actually nothing constructive or meaningful at all, but idle talk, but for how long and at whose expense please?

For our pivotal interests that tend to get affected cannot be simply redressed or set straight simply, they might need an complete overhaul and enormous expenditure of time, resources, re training and re allocating……. and ever so much more, but one aspect will peculiarly try to budge in and keep on ever bitterly prevailing ….. that resentfulness of oh, how i wish had had realized…… oh no, why did i not get it…….. oh how foolish/silly and naive could i have been…….. it could keep going and growing on, but nothing would ensue for ones betterment.

However it does not mean that if we have experienced certain sets of irregularities, we are yet again getting entrapped into another disguised sets of agendas all over again, for anything can come by at any time and might be ever more wittily camouflaged, are we being ever more alert and tenacious/vigilant please? Where’s the essence of our pure disciplined awareness focused upon…………..Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

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