What Else? Its Worth Hails……….The Divine Light of our Heart/Dil Ke Divya Aatma Ki Roshini – Cherishing the Breath of our Divine Visions…………


Some of us talk so much of life and an entire life time/tie+aim might evolve and yet the talk continues………

However, where the essence of life is essentially concerned- life soars much-march-mach-match oft what/worth we talk.

The soar is expansion of our consciousness, where we are being able to perceive aspects with relative ease from an ever unique multi dimensional perspective.

Now that is not all about it, its just the periphery-since beyond that will await us to behold the envisaging vistas of ever note worthier ideals/objectives…….

Sow the point imperatively is that regardless of our life’s aspects-there’s always a pact/a tact; the pact being that our true nature’s calm pact and the tact being that our core virtues remain intact through-ought the entire process of our evolutionary renaissance.

Meaning that in so much of talk and energy that is being expended quite remarkably, what tends to emerge and keep bearing fruition is barely a mere fraction of the facts that shine forth from what’s/worth’s enshrined/insight our true nature’s ever creatively intelligent spectrum.

Yes, its kaleidoscope is not about any fancy words/syllables……or for that matter how much ever one might keep on chanting, for its meritoriously orientated and does not know any kind of abbreviations whatsoever.

This is about like how whether our lands or glands, more than decoding life, we ought true learn it’s encoding-its en-core-oath-meant/merit.

That is what it precisely will unveil as much as our core intentionalities are ab”soul’utely pure.

Meaning that if and when we earnestly embody that pristine goodwill of universal values that are unanimously devoted without any elements of absolutely any bias or prejudice towards any living beings, we will be precisely shown/shone that which we make ourselves worthy of-nothing more and nothing less other than what’s meant to be as its worth’s true be meritoriousness.

The point and appointment of all of life is not about venturing into different dimensionalities if we are not being qualified in the vision of our divine heritage, since every ansh-portion of our being seeks its beaconing/beckoning that could help make it ever more note worthier of being an ab’soul’utely ever virtuous conduit of life’s essential accords fulfillment.

Meaning that each and every living being incarnates for a specific purpose which is entwined with creating ever greater good for the universe that we are inhabiting as well as the myriad universes and spatial galaxies that abound far beyond.

Its more like we cannot just treat it simply as something that we can acquire and dominate or make ourselves superior, no and never for sure-since the moment any haughtiness prevails, all of the divine wisdom with its priceless virtues is ever distinctly away altogether.

The encoding or the core oath and its merit orientation will tend to resume when we strive to ever faithfully get true know ourselves ever much more better as life does/thus.

Now its not running with riddles or in circles but more about sanctifying/the sterility and ever divine characteristics/disciplines principles, values and virtues wisdom is ensconced well insight our higher consciousness and no one else can ever be able to opinionate or venture or just randomly speak to try to sensationalize and entice anyone’s attention in any way whatsoever; that is unfair and irresponsible.

Rather, its more of the traditional process-where we ever graciously earn our ever meritorious laurels and keep on persevering “wit”h the uniqueness of our ever fulfilling deeds towards/true worth’s an ever better orderly way of being and conducting ourselves not because we want to yet get some more than others….. but ever more sow that we sum the/we summon thee/we true our higher selves ever more nearer to help decipher those ever commendable inscriptions etched across the realms of our pure divine consciousness-for those are not words/its worth that is in its absolute nature being able to speak forth far much more sensibility than we might have ever come across or ever imagined and in a fraction of the fewest of passages being able to help us envisage an ever remarkable glimpse of ever more note worthier initiatives that we could ever more commendably re instill/re integrate and re weave within the fabric of our comprehension/perception and definability to keep on growing in the uniqueness of our pure divine nature’s grace, virtue and infinite wisdom of ab’soul’ute universality of the creative evolution of nature as its ever note worthier testament of being/beaming/beaconing/beckoning ever more pure divine conscientiously/,meritoriously…………..Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi